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Friday, May 19, 2017

When the 'Swamp' Fights Back

Normally we don't hold any information that comes from any NBC connected network with any sort of value or regard but someone yesterday at CNBC wrote a an article which we pretty much agreed  with (highlighted areas are by us):

"There is, indeed, a bombshell of a story coming out of the news that President Donald Trump revealed sensitive information during his White House meeting with Russian officials last week. 

But it’s not that President Trump committed any crime. The really alarming news is that the duly-elected President of the United States appears to be the target of a political coup.

First, let’s be clear: President Trump has been sloppy, arrogant, and just plain misguided plenty of times during his short tenure in office — including the way he handled the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the hiring and firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. 

And if he did unnecessarily compromise the source of the sensitive information he shared with the Russians, shame on him.

But a president cannot be removed from office for arrogance and sloppiness

Here’s the kicker: None of this is actually working where it counts. 

Again, we have not one piece of evidence of any impeachable act. And it’s not even truly working in the polls. President Trump’s approval ratings may be lower than any modern president this early in his tenure, but they’re still higher than they were throughout the election. 

If anything, these constant attacks coming from this obviously angry and potentially illegal place are only strengthening the resolve of Trump’s base of supporters
They elected a guy they believed was truly the enemy of the established political class. And right on cue, the established political class is stopping at nothing to prove them right...

The bottom line is that we have some very powerful people in Washington who really don’t like how democracy played out this time around and what they do to attack it next isn’t going to be any better than what they’re doing now."

Well written and well said..
Trump said he would drain the swamp and so the swamp is not going to go into the cesspool without a major fight

The President is being attacked by the deep state intelligence community, the liberal corporate media is salivating at the leaks as a means to rid themselves of a man they despise and Congressional Republicans, most who didn't really want Trump during the primaries, are keeping quiet like spineless, impotent cuckold cowards..  
We've seen this played out many times before in our country's history..  

When the powerful elite do not like the results of an election or find out they can not control the person sitting in the Oval Office, they will do anything and everything possible to take that person out including defamation of character, Impeachment and in some cases (JFK) kill that leader outright..

Every time a President has dealt with the threat of impeachment, whether the cause was warranted or not, it was motivated by political hate and the desire to re-acquire power, whether it be the opposition party of those of the same party in Congress wanting to control the nation
We explained in great detail the other day how Whigs & Democrats of the 1840s did everything possible to try to destroy President John Tyler

Back in 1867, the god-awful Radical Republicans desperately tried to impeach Andrew Johnson because he wanted to fire a member of his Cabinet who was appointed originally by Lincoln..  He survived by one vote.

But deeper than that, the Radicals hated that Johnson was not a blood thirsty abolitionist fucker wanting to make the Reconstruction South howl like the Radicals wanted so they did everything they could to destroy him, then backed the anti-Semitic drunkard US Grant to be their nominee in 1868
And when it came to Nixon, the shit Democrats deeply despised the man since the early 1950s when he went after Alger Hiss so impeachment was a payback..

Of course Nixon resigned before they could do it but the Democrats were salivating like rabid, lice ridden dogs

And even though Bill Clinton as a despicable lying piece of backwoods trailer trash who wanted to put his penis in any woman not named Hillary as long as she had a heartbeat and committed perjury during his testimony on the Paula Jones sexual assault case, there was malice in Republicans to finally 'get him'
So when even the mere suggestion of impeachment rears its ugly head about a sitting President, it is always based on hatred

And you have to remember the US power base behind the scenes have a long history of sabotaging Presidents and manipulating events for their own nefarious purposes..

The sinking of the USS Maine which pushed us into a needless (albeit short) war with Spain in 1898.. and The Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 giving political cover for LBJ to expand military involvement in Vietnam as just two of many incidents
Those low-life soulless piece of shit Democrat losers wanted Trump impeached before he was inaugurated and that is all that has been driving those mindless animals since their rancid closet dyke lost the election

Just saying how it is folks..   Want it sugar coated in G rated corporate friendly language, go read the National Review..

And all this nonsense swirling is coming from illegal leaks from inside the intelligence community..
Remember, and this is important, according to a Breitbart article written on Oct 26, 2016, 97% of political donations by people working in the Department of Justice went to that cunt Hillary..

97 percent!   And we're talking career employees who stay in their jobs no matter who is President

According to, written on the same day, "Of the roughly $2 million that federal workers from 14 agencies spent on presidential politics by the end of September, about $1.9 million, or 95 percent, went to the Democratic nominee’s campaign"

So this is what the President has to deal with
There is no greater enemy to the State right now than liberals..  Not ISIS.. not Al Qaeda..  not any Mexican gang, not Russia or the North Koreans

And because so many of them are still working in the intelligence apparatus of our nation and able to divulge classified top-secret info to the media at will without repercussion, it puts our entire nation at grave risk

Not that they care

To liberals, its the war cry of "Impeachment by Christmas" so by whatever means necessary and let the sky fall

So if you see a Democrat, give them a good hard sock to the mouth..   Um.. figuratively..