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Thursday, May 25, 2017

When Will the Western World Experience their 'Pearl Harbor' Moment?

~ How many Western people here and abroad have died at the hands of Islam since 9/11 and we still can not bring ourselves as a society or civilization to declare war on them?

Yesterday we posed a bunch of questions for you the reader to privately ponder and answer regarding what seems to be this never-ending barrage of Islamic extremist terror upon innocents

So today we ask one more question:

How does Western society go about combating it?
Obviously we believe in military force but we're not talking about an army of a nation wearing bright colored uniforms with flashy brevets and chevrons whom you can easily target as they march in perfectly aligned columns like in the days of yore..

A military response in itself is just not enough

Now the prevailing sentiment among many European nations and Democrats here at home is that of preaching, love, tolerance, acceptance, and glorifying Islam in a most propagandistic positive light while shaming or branding racist or xenophobic who challenge this narrative

So how has 'Hate has no home here' been working out?
Others believe the only way to truly protect one's community or nation from the Muslim threat is to simply expel them.  And if that's no feasible, have the government create some sort of database to track their movements, etc..

It would take a seismic attack or a lot of continual hitting of soft targets for any government to have the guts to go to that extreme so for right now, those options are just fiction

We honestly do not see any genuine way that Western society can effectively combat the scourge because in the minds of the terrorist organizations like ISIS the fight is not against meddling in Middle East affairs or any specific government or anything economic or political

The fight is against Western society itself
We have become a very homogenized planet over the last 100 years..   The vast majority of people around the globe dress like Westerners, watch our movies and TV shows and listen to our music..

There's Pizza Huts in Saudi Arabia and KFC in Kuwait and from Indonesia to Iran, they wear blue jeans, watch dubbed versions of The Simpsons on TV and drink Coke or Pepsi..

This is what the terrorists are against; the continual infiltration of Western consumerism, capitalism and social-cultural beliefs injected in a nonstop barrage into their world

We're not defending it..  Just explaining it..
We could give a lot of specific examples but at its root, you have people living in the 21st century still living through the prism of the 11th century..

Their holy book is Literal..   Word for word..   No nuance..   No interpretation..

No room for any Muslim altering the Quran to adapt to their modern life;  To them, you adapt your life to the Quran or you deserve to lose it
To many Westerners, there really isn't a strong deep belief in God; with few exceptions the 'God' which the 21st century man and woman respects most is government; They bow down to the alter of secularism

Most Westerners have more respect in obeying traffic laws then the Ten Commandments..

Extremists deeply hate secularism; the laws of man mean nothing when they come in conflict with the laws of their Prophet
So how do you go about fighting That?    With hashtag tweets about love and insipid yard signs?

Or is the way to pacify them is by going overboard glorifying their beliefs; by saying Sharia Law is valid and realistic in the 21st century or blaming all women who don't wear head coverings and concealing clothes for any sexual attacks and rapes perpetrated on them?

America in the 1930's was an extremely confused nation..  It was overly tolerant and excessively embracing of fascism, totalitarianism and Nazism in many quarters and simply did not want to get involved in fighting evil on other shores

It took Pearl Harbor and the slap in the face shock of it for Americans to wake the fuck up..
9/11 should have been that event in terms of dealing aggressively with Muslims

But thanks to that asshole George Bush and others repeating the lying mantra that 'Islam is Peace', telling everyone to go back to business as usual and the government going out of its way to protect Islamic communities from revenge attacks, the American people were declawed, made impotent and ultimately complacent

So if 3,000 dead couldn't trigger America and the West to unleash hell upon the Islamic world, why should anyone expect it when 25 or so died in Manchester?
And if God forbid an attack by Islamic animals occurred on US soil killing 20,000 people would that really change anything?

Call us cynical, but we still would expect the same cast of characters to cry out that most Muslims are good, decent people and to not blame all for actions of a select few or one and we need to be even more tolerant and understanding..

And really disgusting that we would need an act of severe barbarity 5x as bad as 9/11 to even hope people would stop accepting the as-is and unite as a society to go after them; to alienate and ostracize this cult-faith
 We all know what is going to happen...   nothing..

Americans are going to forget the Manchester attack by the weekend if not already, just like they forgot the Paris attacks or Orlando or San Bernandino and focus on picnics, beach BBQs and NASCAR

Maybe it will take Britons another week; everyone will go back to normal and those liberal fuckers here and abroad who preach tolerance and acceptance will keep winning

We may never 'forget' 9/11 but it no longer angers us into any call of action for revenge and retribution..   It should but it doesn't..
You can not compromise, negotiate or accept n' embrace those who hate every single thing about your existence and want you wiped off the Earth

It took the Jews of the 1930s and 40's a very long time to get this through their heads and by the time they came around to this reality, the Nazis killed off 2/3 of their total European population

The Muslims are worse..  They don't wear easily identifiable uniforms and their target is everyone who do not look at the world and believe Exactly like them

When will the Western world experience their 'Pearl Harbor' moment?