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Monday, June 26, 2017

A Lil' Bit Of Healthcare Ranting & Venting

There's so much talk about health care lately..

Will the Republicans in the Senate get their act together and come together to pass something?

Will Democrats continue to be obstructionist cocksuckers to the bitter Trump-hating end?

Will any of them admit Obamacare like that black bastard ex-President himself was a failure?

Etc.. Etc..
It is all just so tiring..

There used to be a time people had health care because they chose to make the decision to pay for it like one would homeowners insurance or car insurance..

It was all optional.

Then at some point, those who run the System decided it wasn't good enough that people had the freedom of choice to decide whether or not they were to purchase any kind of insurance protection
So then it was decided if you have a mortgage, you Must carry insurance whether you want to or not

Then it was decided if you operate an automobile, you Must carry insurance to protect others

And since that black bastard Obama, it was decided everyone Must have health insurance as if it is a natural right, and those who can not afford to pay will have it covered by those who can afford it, like a socialist-Communist nation would do
So now even with all the tweaks and adjustments that Trump has made, you still have this mindset that everyone Deserves coverage and no one can be kicked out for any reason

Really sickening what this nation has become.

The only people who deserve healthcare who do not pay out of pocket are those who are disabled and the elderly..

Everyone else..  Sink or swim.. Up to you..
But that's not how this nation functions..  Everything is a 'Reset' button

Your business goes under because of bad management or bad luck, what happens?

You declare bankruptcy, the creditors take a portion of what is owed them, your personal finances never suffer in any way because you're business is incorporated and then you're allowed to go about continuing your failed business or start another enterprise

The stock market crashes...  Everyone suffers..  Everyone knows the culprits.. The banks, the corporations, the 1%..

They're on their figurative and literal knees, hemorrhaging and pleading n' begging to be kept alive and instead of allowing them to completely collapse as deserved with their CEOs pulled into the streets and beaten with pipes, instead..  You know what Bush & Obama did..

No one is ever allowed to fail..  No one is ever allowed to be punished in any way for the consequence of their actions or in the case of health care, inaction.

Poor people have air-conditioning, cable or satellite TV, and a computer... 47% even own a wide-screen HDTV, and another 40% have Internet access.. 3/4ths of the poor own a car and roughly 1/3 have two or more cars

And yet they can't come up with the money to pay for their God-Damn healthcare on their own without the government creating a program to basically give it to them?!
It is the responsibility of the Individual to get health coverage if he/she chooses and if its a bit pricey, to make the necessary decisions to cut back or deny themselves things like a 55" flat screen or trip to Disney in order to afford it.

Or to choose not to get it and whatever reason(s) are that person's own but when that person gets ill, that consequences are entirely on him/her

That is called personal accountability and real Choice (unlike the murder of children in a woman's womb for selfish reasons which uses that phrase)
We at A&G hate and despise Collectivism and forced Altrism, two tenets of what is known as Ayn Randism

The government's primary responsibilities is to provide safety and protection from threats domestic and abroad, and to get out of the way as much as possible from an Individual's pursuit of happiness

Everything is just handed out like candy and no one's gentle delicate feelings are ever allowed to be hurt so you can't tell anyone their life choices and economic decisions are irresponsible

Instead its, 'Here ya go.. Healthcare'
We wish Obamacare would just be allowed to crash and die and nothing take its place.  Let it be like it was before that prick took office

Once this happens you allow the insurance companies to compete with each other nationally while offering tiered plans for a whole range of benefits and coverage that just about everyone can afford

And those who don't want to pay to be protected, well..  if you get ill, then tough shit!

But it is not the obligation or burden of anyone to pay for the healthcare of another, Especially that of a stranger if that person does not want to
This is a big reason why we deeply Despise liberals so much..

They really believe they (or others) are owed something because they're colored or poor or because whites are so evil historically and guilty of every terrible thing in life, that minorities are owed continued economic and social reparations including health care

That's why they hate Trump supporters so much..  We basically told social progressive liberals in the last election to go fuck themselves and we would not let them be in control of things anymore
Wish Trump pushed for a health care plan where anyone who was registered Democrat would be denied health coverage of any kind even if they could afford it and have to pay full out of pocket costs for everything

It's Monday.. Let' us dream a bit..