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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Apologies.. Apologies.. (We mean in General, not Us)

Well as everyone who reads our posts daily knows, we live in a very gutless, cowardly society where people are scared to death to offend anyone's sensibilities on anything and when even accidentally so, are extremely quick to apologize..

Even if apologies are truly not needed..

We thought for 'fun' to show what an epidemic this is, we'd look up the word 'apologizes' under Google news and see which people or entities have demeaned themselves by saying sorry for words uttered or actions expressed..
--  "The city of Hayward (CA) apologized Tuesday for a tweet promoting a City Council meeting to consider sanctuary city status that included a cartoon of a taco and the words, “Let’s Taco Bout It.”

--   Dodgers Minor League Affiliate Apologizes For ‘Hourglass Appreciation Night’ --  "The  promotion "promised fans a chance to pose with “gorgeous women whose curves rival those of any stud pitching prospect!”"  (

--  "Mike Schmidt (Hall of Famer for Philadelphia Phillies) apologizes for saying language barrier limits (Phillies player) Odubel Herrera"  (ESPN)
--  " A Mooresville (NC) town commissioner is apologizing for calling development opponents “a bunch of loudmouths.”"  (

--  "CNN host Reza Aslan apologized Sunday night for calling President Trump “a piece of [expletive]” in a tweet" (BostonGlobe)

--  'Geri Halliwell apologizes for Spice Girls exit'  (CNN Headline)
--  "Nebraska State Soccer Association apologizes to girl DQ'd from tournament... they misjudged the girl as being a boy"  (

--  "White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney on Friday apologized to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyst, saying his criticism of the group should have targeted the director."  (TheHill)

-- 'Greyhound Apologizes After Woman, Service Dog Denied Service'  (
-- "Prince William (VA) County School officials are apologizing after two Muslim students say their school required them to carry signed notes from their mothers giving them permission to wear hijabs."  (AP)

Now doesn't everyone feel much better?

Really pathetic..  Especially apologizing to Muslims..
You wonder if not for all the news blurbs on 'apologies' and the anus-mouthed Trump haters in the media spouting their elitist liberal diarrhea, one wonders would there be anything to report most days in the world at all?