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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dems: So Much Noise & Bluster.. Nothing But Failure

Last night there was a congressional run off election in the suburbs of Atlanta. Ga that under normal circumstances, no one outside of that district would have given a darn about or spent 2 seconds following

Of course since those parasitic Democrats dumped millions upon millions of dollars into the race in the desperate hope of giving President Trump his first political defeat, the election took on a life of its own, especially it being the most expensive congressional race ever

Guess who won?
Yep..  The good guys, or in the case of the victor, a good gal.. The Republicans

The Republicans also won a special election in SC so Trump  is now 4 for 4 in post inauguration congressional victories

WSJ described it as "a big blow to Democrats, who were hungry for a victory to demonstrate that grass-roots, anti-Trump energy gives them a shot at taking control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections"

Well of course it is..
Let's put aside the fact that as a party and individuals, they are Losers, what is it that liberals stand for besides political correct fascism, globalism where America is to be brought down a few pegs, and bending over backwards to accommodate every depraved sexual lifestyle and backward archaic fundamentalist Muslim belief?

Sincerely..  What does that rotten party stand for?

And as we've said before, in 6 months, the Democrats in Congress have not defeated Trump once.. Not on anything..
His confirmations and appointments.. Approved.  

His legislation thus far.. Approved..

They couldn't stop Trump from not entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the horrible Paris Climate Accord or correctly re-establishing the travel ban to Cuba as long as its run by a Communist dictatorship

One by one, all that was Obama policy-wise is being eradicated from memory and not a damn thing the Dems can do to stall or stop it

The only road block has been activist judges appointed by Obama and Bill Clinton who have delayed the vetting and blocking of Muslims from entering our country

The assumption is the Supreme Court will agree to hear arguments on it or it could delay deciding until next year..  One of those 'who knows..'  but if that's the only 'victory' the Dems can claim, its pretty pathetic as a petty obstructionist party

We predict that if the Republicans in the Senate can get their act together and unite to overturn Obamacare and if Trump's tax reform bill is passed by next summer, the GOP should hold on to both houses of Congress

If they can not succeed in this, they open the door to a lot of messiness as those verminous Democrats are drooling all over themselves at the opportunity to impeach and remove Trump simply because the man breathes

But for now, last night's results were very positive and will make the Dems even more insanely furious

Which isn't a bad thing..