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Friday, June 30, 2017

Dissent at the NY Times..

It's the Friday before the 4th of July 'weekend' which everyone seems to want to start celebrating on June 30th so we'll keep it relatively short

Amid all the hostility and venom in the media toward Trump, the one question that never is really looked at is Why?

Sure the media by and large are disgustingly liberal to the core and yes Trump irritates and sickens them on a personal level that makes objectivity impossible
But let's get beyond that

Why is the media doing a hard-left tilt?

The answer is simple..  It is financially dying, especially newspapers so the new business model is to appeal to niche audiences that tend to subscribe or watch religiously and whenever possible, sensationalize to attract new eyeballs

Let's look at the NY Times situation for a moment..
Exhausted and demoralized after repeated buyouts and cutbacks in the newsroom, it seems the downtrodden journalists at the Times have finally had enough.

In a pair of letters delivered to their executive editor and managing editor respectively, it was expected that yesterday Times editorial staff would leave the newsroom as a demonstration of solidarity as management threatens jobs

Why are jobs being threatened?  Loss of revenue because people aren't going to pay money to read hateful, biased crap and by extension aren't looking at the ads.

The uproar at the times is centered around the repeated pay cuts and cutbacks, which have left the newsroom feeling “demoralized.”

One letter was sent by the organization's copy editors, who are facing dramatic staffing cuts, while the second letter was sent by reporters in an expression of solidarity with the editing staff.

Both letters detailed frustrations with the repeated rounds of buyouts, and the lack of transparency surrounding management’s decision making.

Funny how no one at the Times seem to be up in arms over the decision to be 24/7 anti-Trump
Morale seems to be so low at the NYT that its reporters and editors said they actually feel more respected by readers than by management. The letters referenced an internal report in which the copy editors were compared to dogs urinating on fire hydrants.

As stated a couple paragraphs earlier, the rebellion comes at a time when advertising revenues for print – formerly a powerhouse of the media industry that has been precipitously eroded by the rise of free news on the internet – continue to shrink, and gains in digital advertising are failing to make up the difference.

In the first quarter, print ads declined by 18% while digital ad revenue increased by nearly 19% and accounted for more than 38% of the company’s total ad revenue.
The Times used to be a newspaper that people on all sides of the political ideological spectrum could read, subscribe to and trust; a place where the only opinions were expressed in the op-ed section

Now the paper of record is the toilet paper of record..   Wish we came up with that one but admittedly its not an original one liner, yet still very true.

The mainstream media with very few exceptions are killing themselves with this horrible anti-Conservative bias and abandonment of all journalistic integrity in exchange of the ultimate dream goal of a Trump takedown
They never understood what the 2016 election and Trump victory was all about, and many are going to financially suffer just so they can keep appealing to a small but lunatic leftist fringe.

Oh well..   Have a good weekend folks~