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Friday, June 23, 2017

Ethnic Diversity and Tolerance in the Confederacy

It's Friday.. End of another long week..

Sorry we didn't write anything yesterday but we simply will not write empty fluff filler when there is nothing actually relevant going on in the news to talk about..

And right now there is truly nothing meaningful going on to report, though of course those 24 hour cable news networks do not have the luxury of being particular so they have to report and sensationalize everything to keep the eyeballs glued or the advertisers will be most displeased

Just more filler and fluff from them, so when nothing is worth writing about in the present, one always can go back into the past to find something interesting as we did by looking at what happened in history today June 23rd
Most events occurring today are not very earth-shattering or memorable but one event stood out and well explain why in a moment

Today in Oklahoma back in 1865, Confederate Brigadier General Stand Watie was the last major officer of high rank to surrender to the Union and put down arms

So who is this Stand Watie?  Kind of an odd name for a Caucasian

And that's what make it so interesting and special for Watie wasn't white like all the other Generals on both sides of the Civil War but was a full blooded Cherokee and leader of his people.
And the justified hatred of American Indians toward the bigoted, intolerant northern Union was so intense that he not only took up arms and raised an army of brave Cherokee, Muskogee and Seminole  but was given that very high rank while doing so

The Cherokee and allied warriors under Watie became a potent Confederate fighting force that kept Union troops out of southern Indian Territory and large parts of north Texas throughout the war, but spent most of their time attacking other Cherokee who for no sensible reason sided with the bluecoats.
So many examples where diverse groups of people were given opportunities to succeed in the Confederacy that never ever were allowed in the Union and yet they created that bullshit narrative that the CSA was about hate and the north was about tolerance and equality

For instance, Jewish people served in very high positions in the Confederacy including Sec. of War, Sec. of State, Attorney General  (Judah Benjamin served in all thee capacities at one time or another) and Quartermaster General

The first Jewish person to serve in a US President's cabinet did not take place until 70 years later under FDR

The first two Jewish people to serve in the US Senate also came from Southern states that eventually seceded
We express this not to cast any kind of negative light on Jewish people but just the opposite.. To show that the CSA was a culturally diverse, tolerant society and the Union was not

Nearly 1,000 Hispanics also served in the Confederacy, mostly fighting in Texas while a couple thousand served for the Union

Probably the most famous Hispanic to serve and kill the enemy was a woman!

Loretta Janeta Velazquez, a Cuban woman, claimed to have fought in the war disguised as a Confederate soldier, Lt. Harry Buford. She chronicled her amazing and harrowing adventures in an account called "The Woman in Battle".
Even Chinese Americans served in the Confederacy..

While there were only a few hundred Asians living in the South at the time of the War for Southern Independence, records exist for several of these men becoming Confederate soldiers.

Charles Chon, a Chinese National, was a private in Company K, 24th Texas Dismounted Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A. He was killed at the Battle of Franklin, TN, on Nov. 30, 1864, and is buried on the battlefield at the McGavock Confederate Cemetery.

Another Asian-Confederate was William Henry Kwan of Co. B, 15th (or 12th) Virginia Battalion of Light Artillery.
Another verified Asian Confederate is John Fouenty, a native of China, who was a cigar-maker in Savannah, GA, when the war broke out. He served in the Confederate army for a year, then was released because he was under age.

You will never ever hear of this by those bastards (most white-guilt liberal pieces of shit) who want to treat the Confederate flag like its a hate-filled racist symbol because it contradicts their carefully created lies

They always leave out the historical Fact that over 100,000 blacks willingly served and fought for the Confederacy including some under the direct command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest who historical revisionists love to demonize.
When the war started, Forrest asked 45 of his slaves (which he considered as servants) to join him, offering them their freedom after the war, no matter how it turned out.

They all joined him and although they had numerous opportunities to desert him, 44 stayed by his side until the end of the war.

In fact, part of his special command escort later called "the green berets", consisted of the most elite and best soldiers available, and among them were 8 black men.
We leave you with a diary entry from a  Corporal Robert Watson, 1st Florida Cavalry (parenthesis are ours) which reads:

"Diary: 1862---Feb 23. Sunday.  Truly this is a cosmopolitan company, it is composed of Yankees, Crackers, Conchs (term used back then to describe people from the Florida Keys), Englishmen, Spaniards, Germans, Frenchmen, Italians, Poles, Irishmen, Swedes, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian; but all are good southern men. There are also Scotchmen, Welshmen and some half Indians, surely this is the greatest mixture of nations for a small company that I ever heard of."

Have a good weekend