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Monday, June 12, 2017

Isn't it Ironic.. Don't You Think..

~  During a Trump-hate rally back in the spring, one Muslim piece of garbage holds a sign that says 'We are One' and in front is an idiot that has a sign that says only black lives matter..  So which is it, liberal scum? 

When one really takes the time to peel back the veneer and look upon the fact that liberals are vermin, you see they're also disingenuous hypocrites and quite contradictory in everything they believe and supposedly stand for..

For instance a bunch of homosexual liberal idiots (some homosexuals are not politically liberal so we don't want to shit on all of them) spent their entire gay pride weekend hating on Trump on what a monster he is...

And yet not only is Trump going after Muslim scum terrorists who if they had it their way, would murder every homosexual, bi-sexual, pansexual and other 'sexual' they could get their hands on..

But really what has the President ever said or done anti-gay?

He supports equality and said he would not try to reverse gay marriage

Now we personally find it to be pretend and non-legitimate especially that 5 Supreme Court Justices decided for 320 million people, but Trump does not

But their fuck liberals first and foremost so they have to Hate
Then there's all those horrible, rotten national and multinational corporations based in the US that collectively donated hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars to that cunt Hillary

These same rotten entities who disrespect Trump at every opportunity and in the case of mainstream corporate media, make it their mission to destroy and remove the man from office

And yet, guess who will be the main beneficiaries of the massive tax cuts which Trump is proposing?

Hint.. It is not everyday folk
So the President these liberal parasite CEOs and executives want to rid America of is the same man who is going to be lining their soulless pockets with more money so they can buy more cars, boats, mansions and satisfy other hedonistic-selfish wants n' urges

Then you have all those fuck liberals angry that we did not agree to the Paris Climate Accord which would make the US subservient to globalist controls

So many liberals pretend they care about the environment yet they consume and consume and then procreate to make the next generation of consumers
It is said the average person throws away 4.5lbs of trash a day so you take one liberal pro-global warming asshole, that's 1,642.5lbs of trash he/she is causing to be put into wastefills and over 50 years, that is 8,212.5lbs or over 4 Tons!

If liberals really cared that much about climate and the environment, they'd all get together and have a mass kool-aid drinking event

But they really don't care..  They just want America to be second to the UN and environmental issues are as good an excuse as any
Then you have these fuck liberals who can not ever admit Obamacare is a failure like the black bastard who was President and pushed and connived his healthcare plan into law

So they get nutty and say it will hurt the poor and people will be kicked out and people with pre-existing conditions will suffer and children will die..

Of course they completely ignore that Trump has stated on numerous occasions that people with pre-existing conditions can not be kicked off and it will cover not only children but adult children up to 25 yrs old

And they purposely tune out that state after state, insurance companies are leaving because of the high premiums that are kicking in (which that prick Obama knew full well would happy after he left office) and if not for Trump, there'd be tens upon tens of millions with nothing once it completely collapses
So the poor liberals hate Trump even though he's fighting to protect their ability to have healthcare

Yes we know poor liberals are traditionally uneducated with sponge brains who sop up every Democrat propaganda lie directed at them, but still..  Jeez!

And of course we know fuck liberals to be disingenuous pieces of garbage when it comes to James Comey who they despised with a passion and wished the worst on before the election and now are his biggest defenders

The same sewer rat people that keeps 'Hate has no home here' signs on their lawn while deeply Hating Trump and not acknowledging how full of crap they all are
Want to know who these people really are?

They are mostly white PC liberals who possess no friends of a different race or background, would never invite one to their house unless to fix or clean something, and would be sick to their stomachs if a Muslim, Jew or Negro dated their daughter

But the sign looks good and makes these bullshitters appear 'progressive' within their cliquish communities and neighborhoods
You know there used to be a time when we would look at the issues of the day and think, "On this and that, we align with the GOP but on such-n'-such an issue, the Dems have a point.."

Today.. honestly, we can't..

Never seen liberals so 100% wrong on Everything!

Every belief.. Every position.. Every value.. Every worldview..

Just wrong, Wrong, WRONG!
But things of course could be worse..  They could be wrong and have decision making power

So we'll take things as they are but the level of their hypocrisy on everything just knows no bounds

Oh if only the government would see liberals as the true enemies of the state and deal accordingly..

If only..