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Friday, June 2, 2017

"Paris" Est Mort!! Vive Trump!!

Short post since it's Friday and too lovely outside to sit and read something very long...

Thursday was a wonderful day, perhaps the best day of the Trump Presidency..

It wasn't just that he was brave and resolute in keeping his campaign promise to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement which would have been an economic disaster of seismic proportions..

It was all the anger and hate filled hysterics of the evil left that made it so delicious
There's always exceptions of course but by and large liberals hate America and despise its exceptionalism in the world

They hate America's history, in the case of liberal Caucasians, hate themselves and overall are deeply revolted that we are a super-power that leads the world..

This is why so many of them embrace globalism with the same fervent zealousness as they embrace Godless secularism and the fake hysteria which is global warming

They want the US to be subjugated to the will of others.
They didn't embrace 'Paris' because it would help the environment..

Most really don't give two damns about maintaining mother nature's perpetual harmony because if so, they'd stop consuming and stop procreating.

Liberal vermin embraced it because it would take away our autonomy as a nation and decimate the US economy (especially 'red state' America which they hate with a passion)

Most importantly and which few understood, 'Paris' was an elaborate global income redistribution scheme where we give billions and billions to under-developed nations to make them stronger and us weaker
What a traitorous snake that dirt skinned monkey Obama was!

Those cankors loved that had 'Paris' been ratified, our coal production would have been shut down by 80% while India would be allowed to double their production, thus making us dependent upon that country to export the fuel source

And those rotten liberal Democrat parasites had no problem with the fact that China would not have to honor the agreement and make any alterations for 13 years while we make drastic adjustments that would have destroyed our GDP and cost countless jobs and disposable income for everyday people having to pay more for everything
So we take great pleasure seeing them so unhappy; so out of their minds with rage and despair

Sorry bastard liberals.. No Senate filibusters and obstruction tactics at your disposal..

 No biased liberal circuit court judges to stay this decision by the President..

Quite honestly, we find Trump to be Amazing..

Can't remember a President (even a Democrat) who worked so hard and was so determined to keep every single campaign pledge

So used to politicians promising everything to everyone then delivering nothing

Obama is the perfect example of this
That piece of shit promised he would make the lives of everyday people better, that he'd create good paying jobs and sincerely go after Wall Street and the big banks for causing the '08 crash, etc..etc..

And of course he fired his economic team the very next day after he won in 2008, appointed people connected with those responsible for the crash and became their servent boy..

Perhaps the fact that Trump is not a politician is why he is so sincere

Yes he's a Wall Streeter but he never pretended he wasn't,
And yet you can tell Trump genuinely cares about working people and his decisions are all centered around two goals - create jobs and improve the economy

The John McCains and Paul Ryans of the GOP sure don't care..

We wrote about this a week or so ago..  In nearly 5 months as President, the worthless fucking Democrats do not have a single victory outside of some activist judges stalling what the Supreme Court will ultimately approve i.e. Trump's vetting of Muslims
They've tried to create a political tempest with one unsubstantiated accusation after another in hopes to discredit Trump by the midterms but the only ones gulping down the bile are Trump-hating liberals who didn't vote for him and never would

The Trump loyalists know its all bullshit and treat the news accordingly

We still wish Trump would punish the media - stop daily press briefings and don't allow the media to fly on Air Force One on domestic and overseas trips would be a good start

Maybe even another press conference where he spends an hour telling the press to their faces what collective pieces of shit they are..
After Thursday's courageous and correct decision to leave 'Paris', our grade for the President after 4 and a half months climbed to A+

Thank God he won last November and not that rancid Hillary..

Yes, Thank God..