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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Real Racism vs LeBron Racism

Yesterday the big sports news was that some idiot(s) vandalized LeBron's LA home with graffiti including that 'no-no' N word that only blacks are allowed to say to one another

So then of course it became another opportunity for un-athletic liberal-minded Caucasian sports reporters to ask a black man with nothing more than a high-school diploma his views on race, social justice and every other non-NBA issue that is more deserving of someone with academic intelligence to respond to

And no matter what words come out of LeBron's mouth on the subject, because he can put a brown ball into a red hoop, all his utterances are treated as profound
Of course truth is LeBron knows little to nothing about Real racism

Yes, he was a victim because even LeBron, as stupid as he is outside of basketball, does not deserve anyone defacing his property or having hurtful words scrawled on his home

But that still is not True racism; it was racist-based vandalism.

True racism which he and pretty much all black people living today under the age of 50 have never experienced is being told to sit at the back of the bus,  that certain restaurant tables or lunch counters are not for you to sit at and you are not allowed access to a toilet because of skin color

Has LeBron ever experienced that?   Doubt it..
True racism is qualified blacks purposely not hired for employment solely based on skin color or steered away by real estate agents from buying real estate in nicer areas

The NBA is 77% black and LeBron lives in a mansion so expensive, most people probably couldn't afford the annual landscaping and pool maintenance bill.

And with a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars, LeBron can not say with a straight face others have held him back from succeeding in life

Whenever an incident like yesterday occurs, a lot of questions are asked and always people saying things like "we've come a long way but still a ways to go.."
But really, what else is there to achieve?  A 'Planet of the Apes' state?

We've had a black President, 2 black Sec of States, 2 black Attorney Generals, black Senators, Congresspeople, Governors, Mayors, CEO's, a black has sat on the Supreme Court since 1967 and currently there are over 35,000 black millionaires in the US

Not bad for a population that only represents 14% of the nation and have only been given a sincere chance to succeed for 53 years

But the hate continues.. black toward white; white toward black...
So why is this?

It is simple..  America absolutely refuses to have an open honest dialogue about race relations because to do so would mean to acknowledge that Both sides are at fault and no way in hell blacks will ever concede they are even partially responsible in action and attitude for the hostility some feel toward them

Whatever 'dialogue' we do have, is controlled and only goes in one direction i.e. "What do Caucasians need to do to make up for their terrible past?"

So every time a non-educated idiot like LeBron talks race, people are in awe because he can slam dunk a ball and no one dares to ask any questions or well, question anything
Race relations are in many ways just as terrible as they were 50 years ago and a lot of it has to do with the tight PC liberal fascist social controls on free speech by blacks and despicable self hating white-guilters

And because no one can say what they sincerely think or feel, or have anything close to a meaningful discussion without fear of losing their livelihood and becoming a social outcast, everyone clams up

It doesn't mean their views of blacks changed.. Only they've been forced to be public phonies and ultimately what do blacks care since it means greater power
We tolerated a piece of shit President for 8 years who only was elected because he was black and no one had the guts to openly state it

We allow the black race to take over the word 'nigger' which while its not a term society should spout off freely, no person or group should ever have absolute power or control of thought or language

We as a society sit back as token blacks are injected into every TV show and film and now the new Hollywood left hard push is multi-racial love/marriage (In fairness British TV is far far worse in their hard-push for fictionalized diversity)
We also pretend bi racial children are 'beautiful' when we know full well it is bullshit and thousands of generations of Caucasian genetic bloodline is forever tainted and destroyed by one interracial child

Within a span of 50 years we went from a society trying to do the right thing to one that is scared to death of the black race and bends over backward to accommodate so not to appear 'racist'

We went from a society striving for black and white to be equal to one where we as a people willingly give up more and more of the proverbial power 'pie' just to appease
So how any black person born in 1967 or later can say they've dealt with True racism like those born and lived through the Jim Crow era is laughable and pathetic!

We fear this country is like the proverbial toothpaste out of the tube and you will continue to see people cry 'racism' when based on the standards of nearly every period of time prior, it wouldn't stand up to scrutiny

From this Caucasians will become even more scared and fearful of losing all they have and seeing their lives destroyed over a word or comment; 'racist' will be worse than rapist and blacks will be even more emboldened to condemn innocents
We see LeBron as a very pathetic person

He may be physically big in stature but inside is nothing more than a little boy who wishes he was something he is not and will never be, no matter how many NBA titles he wins or wealth he achieves..

An intellect.