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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Really Understanding WHY Thursday's Shooting occurred?

We're putting out Thursday's posting early because we're just so angry..

We hate liberals..     Deeply.

After the events of Thurs. morning where a pathetic piece of shit Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican congresspeople practicing at a baseball field for an upcoming charity game injuring 5 people after asking which political party's team was on the field...

Well we guess its possible to despise them even more..
The news will treat this as a closed story especially since the fuckhead loser shooter was shot dead and it does not help the 'remove-Trump' narrative but it is not..

Far from it.

The first question that has to be asked is why?

Now the media will mention he held a lot of Trump anger in him and there will probably be some psychological profile released showing the man to be unhinged or going through personal traumas, etc..

But that's not the 'why' we are talking about?
Why is it a man in his mid 60s felt so violently angry that Trump was President that he felt the need to do what he did, knowing at least in the back of his mind he'd be arrested or shot dead?

The blame for the victims of Thursday's attack lay Squarely on the feet of the Democrat Party and mainstream media because they working in tandem over the last couple years have intentionally spread the continuing lie that Trump is evil, horrible, the devil and he winning would mean essentially the death of freedom and democracy!
They provided the 'food' that perversely nourished the warped, sick liberal minds around the country to cry hysterically when Hillary lost and start protest riots in the streets and embraced the mantra of "Resist.. Resist" as if they were patriots against a fascist leader

Then once the election was over, they've non-stop put out this bullshit lie that Trump colluded with the Russians to manipulate the results in his favor then obstructed justice to stop the 'truth' from coming out and that for the nation to be saved from tyranny, he had to be impeached and removed before Memorial Day.

That's the shit that god-damn political party along with their mainstream media hench-people were feeding their mentally sick left-leaning ilk
And after Thursday, they will never admit they were in any way responsible

Of course not..  It's only a power-grabbing game to them..

Keep whipping their stupid bitch n' bastard commoner supporters into a constant frenzy so they keep donating out of anger and fear and don't forget to vote in midterms in another 15 god-damn months..

Fucker Democrats..
And while most people will not pick up a weapon and literally try to assassinate the people in office they politically disagree with, the left hopes and dreams for it..


You really think Kathy Griffin is the only fuck liberal who ever thought of wished the President was beheaded?  Or said it privately?
You really think those liberal mother fuckers in Central Park were giving standing ovations to Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' where he is depicted as Trump being stabbed to death, because the acting was good?

You really think the NY Times and American Express would defend the right of the company who put on the play to express themselves as they wished if Caesar was played by a black man supposed to be Obama?

Of course not..
The left are deeply Evil, Despicable people

They are so full of hatred and lunacy toward Trump thanks in part to a bitter election where their party poisoned the man in their loyalists' minds, that they need to see/think of him or Republicans in general being killed to feel some kind of mental orgasmic catharsis

And don't you kid yourself for a second otherwise

No coincidence that pieces of cowardly liberal trash went on Twitter after the shooting to cheer it and express hope the President is next
We thought it was so pathetic that after Speaker Paul Ryan spoke in front of Congress, Democrat Minority Leader and cunt Nancy Pelosi expressed that even more than ever she prays for the safety of Obama and his family..

Oh yes, then she mentions the President..  No secret how she ranks priorities

We really do not have the slightest clue why Trump does not go on the warpath against the left and shut them down the way other Presidents in the past have when groups of people show themselves to be a great danger to the safety and security of the State

Just makes no sense how much he tolerates

In this this country you're not allowed to profile by race, ethnicity, etc but there's no law saying you can not profile by political affiliation and that starts with every Hillary or Bernie donor of time or money
We are so glad no victim who was shot Thursday died (as of this writing)

We are happy the shooter was killed by police of course..  His corpse should be fed to dogs

Unless that god-awful Democrat party and its corrupt, morally bankrupt leadership start telling their followers to 'cool it', we fear some other liberal loon will try something else to someone else..

And even more, we fear the President will still hold back striking down the Hammer of Thor and viciously go after that political party and the media that wishes him so much ill..
Just a sad, sick country

Thank God Trump is President..

Just imagine how horrific life would be if those vermin were in power..

Be back Friday with something hopefully more uplifting to write about