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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Protected Freedom to Say Anything from A to Z, even 'N'

For today's posting, yours truly had to gulp down a lot of Pepto Bismol to keep the nausea under control as I go about defending a very rotten piece of crap named Bill Maher

Trust me, its not easy to defend someone I deeply despise and whose every single belief and world view he holds is 100% wrong

But this hypocrisy to get him off HBO's 'Real Time' because he said the word 'Nigger' as a cheap means to elicit a laugh from his audience of ignorant, leftist sputum, is something we can't sit back and tolerate
He should never have had to apologize and anyone who tried to get him fired for it was wrong

So many other things that fuckhead should have gotten him canned for like defending terrorists after 9/11 when his show was on ABC..

But not this..

Besides how can Maher hate blacks when he Only dates and has sex with black women which in a way is another reason to feel sick defending him...

But anyways..
Let's get this out of the way because this is a very Important point:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying 'Nigger'..    None!

It is a word..  As gutteral and classless as 'shit', 'fuck' or 'cunt' but its just a word and yet you never hear HBO say they will delete those words from a 'Real Time with Bill Maher' broadcast..

Whatever 'power' to offend or bother another a word has does not come from the word itself but from the intent of the one saying it and the sensitivity of the person hearing it

A person always has the right to request another not say a word or term in their presence..  No person(s) ever have the right to control word choice of others
In South Africa, whites often used the word 'Kaffir'..

Even Gandhi referred to blacks by that term when he lived there..

Read:  "Gandhi Was No Fan of Blacks":
If someone called a black in America that word, more likely than not, he/she would not even know what the hell you were talking about!

Same with the Jewish slang word 'Schvartze' which sounds like "schvatza"..  The yiddish translation may simply be black but the intent was always a secret code way to call blacks 'Niggers'

Which is fine

What do you think 'Honky' and 'Cracker' are when blacks say it to whites?
'Honky' refers to 'Honky-Tonk' which many whites in the south and west enjoy and 'Cracker' refers to poor white Southerners

Pretty weak, yes?  But blacks were desperate to try to offend white people so they clung on to whatever they could think of

I read very recently that in LA, over 75% of black teen students can not read at anything close to a standard proficiency

So pretty much you could say anything but 'Nigger' and they wouldn't have a clue..
It's like the old saying..  You can call a dumb person just about any 25 cent word in a thesaurus that means 'stupid' and evoke get a reaction unless you actually say the word directly..  Then they'll want to fight you..

Everyone is so scared of offending..  So scared of hurt feelings..

So scared of repercussions by bad people..
At some point in the last 10 years it was decided that black people would possess exclusive control of 'Nigger' and no one else was allowed to ever say it unless well they were black..

Then they could say it morning, noon and night

And all media would censor the word and prevent people from typing it in comment boxes because of course they knew best.   This was right around the time they all decided blacks were to always be called that pathetic BS hyphenated name to promote where they came from before where they currently reside..
And if you were white and said it, they along with white-guilt pieces of shit would go on the warpath to destroy your livelihood, your finances, your reputation and if possible tear you apart literally

Well.. Except if you're famous and a deeply disturbed Trump hater..  Then you're cut some slack

Bill Maher..  Chevy Chase..  etc..

Or black..     Gotta love double standards..

And the rest of non-black America voluntarily acquiesced like good children to a parent's admonishment..
People have no fucking idea how absolutely Dangerous when you allow any person or group to have any control of language or individual expression of thought!!

Everything in this world is a slippery slope..    Everything

So when you give up control of 'Nigger', it sets the stage where you ultimately give up other words or expressions based on who?  The majority?  The minority?

A minority that is Only 14% of the country??!!
Even with Trump as President, this has become a truly rotten world to live in; a deeply evil, despicable society where everyone is out to destroy each other for nothing more than political belief or word choice

Democrats have become Fascist Socialist Nazis and they won't even admit it!

No one likes being called names. it is not fun..
No one wants to be referred to negatively by skin color, ethnicity, weight, height, disability or really anything else...

But where is the line drawn where one's sensitivity to a word does not trample on another's 1st Amendment protection to express unpopular or undesired speech..

And do blacks and white-guilt self haters still possess that power in 2017?
Understand that we don't enjoy saying 'Nigger' or take any kind of perverse or sadistic pleasure in it..

We just will not be told what we can and can not say..   Not by a government and certainly not by our fellow citizens!

We will not be censored and sure as shit will not voluntarily censor ourselves..   Not in a free country..  

So why do you?