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Friday, June 9, 2017

Trump Keeps Winning & It Feels Good...

Involving the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday, we believe we can declare it a big victory for Trump..

Senator Burr: "Director Comey, did the President at any time ask you to stop the FBI investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. elections?"
Comey:  "Not to my understanding, no."
Burr:  "Did any individual working for this administration, including the Justice Department, ask you to stop the Russian investigation?"
Comey:  "No."
You've all by now know the main points of the Comey testimony..  

That Trump was not under investigation, he did not obstruct anything or threaten or bully Comey in any way, and that Comey was a coward who did Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch's bidding..

So let's move beyond that and advance the story as far as the left is concerned.
It really was a disaster for all the black-soul evil Trump haters who desperately hoped Comey would be the catalyst for eventual impeachment charges on Russia collusion and/or obstruction of justice

We thought the left was more intelligent but its as good an example as any of what happens when blind hatred clouds clear thinking

The rotten Democratic Party is on the verge of blowing itself up in a mushroom cloud of Russia conspiracy theorizing. 
So much time and energy Wasted by deeply bitter parasites who couldn't accept their Presidential candidate was a corrupt crooked and deeply flawed person who did not deserve party anointment..

Many high profile Democrats, corporate media hacks and partisans of all shapes and sizes have spent Trump’s first six months screeching about how the President is a Russian agent who conspired with Putin to rig the election against Hillary Clinton. 


You can already see Democrats trying to pivot to, “but Trump tried to obstruct justice.” 

Once again..  Nope..
The public’s expectations have been far too intentionally and incessantly inflated by Democratic politicians and corporate media pundits. 

So desperate they were to excite the liberal everyday vermin who are probably still depressed over last November, that prior to Trump's foreign trip they tried to make it seem like the President would be impeached and removed within a couple business days..

We're sure some idiots really thought that, especially millennials
So now anything less than proof of collusion between Trump and Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election will likely be seen as a win for Trump. 

This is what happens when you’re really stupid strategically, can't motivate and excite your base through issues, and decide to put all your eggs in the Russia conspiracy theory basket.

We don't expect the investigation frenzy to cease though..

The fuck Democrats will never let this go because it would force them to talk about real issues and come face to face with all their failures politically and policy-wise as a party over the last 8 years...
Let's really look objectively at the state of the Democrat Party..

1)  They lost an election to a man in Trump they look at as nothing more than a TV reality show host/clown even though cunt Hillary massively outspent him thanks to all the corporate PACs and Clinton Foundation money

2)  In 2008, they had the Presidency and both Houses of Congress...  First the House went Republican in 2010 midterms, then the GOP retained it in '12, '14 and '16, and the last election, the Dems lost the Presidency and the Senate..

Now they're out in the political wilderness...  Oh yes, the majority of US states now have Republican governors and Republican State Assemblies too
3)  They are experiencing a coup d'etat from within by ultra-leftist socialist-communist radical socialist progressives that believe that America is an rotten country, wealth is evil, all sufferings here and abroad are due to whites, and the US needs to be knocked down a few pegs so they accept the superiority of the UN and globalist economic forces..

Doesn't sound like a platform to win back the Rust Belt does it?
4)  The Dems in Congress have not defeated Trump in Anything in 5 months.. They haven't vetoed a bill or overturned a nomination..  Nothing.   

They stall and obstruct..  Just like the donkeys they are..  Mules.. Asses..

The judicial activists gave them a small victory by blocking Muslim vetting..  We'll see if the Supreme Court picks up the case..  Otherwise its been defeat upon defeat.. 

5)  Comey's testimony showed clearer than ever that all the Democrat's hard-push for Trump's removal was baseless and teetered on Witch Trial-like
6)  In spite of everything they say or do or wish or think, they are completely powerless to stop Trump from at the very least being President another 43 months.

This one is most important

Now if all that can't bring a smile to your face as you go into the weekend, we don't know what will..