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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Understanding How News is Created

For today's posting, we're going to look at news..

No, not a specific story or media outlet or express our continual disgust at how untrustworthy they are..

Nope.. we're just going to focus on how news is created in relation to how Trump is covered by 99% of the media across the country.
To keep things simple, we'll stick to large newspapers rather than small local papers and visual news like 24hr cable even though in many ways its all basically the same blueprint

So the typical weekday starts with a staff meeting in the morning which is attended by the paper's writers or 'journalists' and at the head of the table sits the editor in chief

He or she will usually spend 10-15 minutes going over the news of the previous day and what happened (if anything) early in the morning regarding Trump and then direct different writers to come up with X number of words and what the tone will be (usually an anti-Trump hit piece)
Whatever print space in the is not filled by advertisers or news from Reuters or Associated Press is filled by the paper's writers..  

Since those news agencies have anti-Trump bias as well, the editor will select the most aggressively stated news items to go into the paper

So next the writers get to work at their desks to create their subtle and not-so-subtle attacks..
Usually they will have 'sources' who they can go to to assist in getting quick quotes and have career employees who work in the various government departments who are happy to divulge rumors and innuendo to try to hurt the man they basically work for

Sometimes if the writer has an ax to grind, he/she can just make something up from scratch and use clever words and terms to cloak the fact the entire story is a complete fabrication..

For instance if there's articles written on how housing is doing, the writer will spend 5 seconds doing actual research..  Instead the spokesperson for the National Association of Realtors is called, a couple quotes are given and then a 1000 word article is created from it.

We'll give you an example of how this continual fake and non-news is formulated purposely using a silly/stupid 'incident' that never took place so not to confuse what we're trying to do with 'real' fake news..
'Sources: Trump Gave British PM May "Sensual" Backrub after NATO meeting'  --  "Two highly placed sources who were part of President Trump's convoy during his meeting with NATO leaders last week, stated that after the meeting concluded, they saw the President give a backrub, described as "lengthy" and "sensual" to British Prime Minister Teresa May

According to one source, Ms. May did not seem very responsive at first to the act but ultimately relaxed and expressed enjoyment.

When asked for a response, President Trump's Press Secretary had no comment.

President Trump has a long history of verbal and sexual harassment of women including the Access Hollywood video during the campaign where he expressed in typical crudeness..  '

You get the idea.
So you have an 'article' of complete made up bullshit like the mainstream news has created over the last few months to try to get him impeached..

The article is based on unnamed, anonymous sources which the writer is only legally forced to divulge in a court of law, and often will be held in contempt rather than reveal when they're actually real people.

He/she then gets to put Trump in a very negative light and  and attack his dignity wherever possible.
Usually if a real person wrote this kind of crap, it would be followed by 10 paragraphs of a history of all Trump has done or allegedly done

You take this type of article and add another dozen or so, and you have the A section of the NY Times or Washington Post

There's a saying about politics in Washington DC..  If you're not offense, you're defense and that is the goal:  to always put Trump on the defense and continually paint him as either a monster, troglodyte, a law breaker or someone mentally unfit to be President and thus needs to be removed immediately

This is what the mainstream news does day after day..
And all these waste of time investigations and hearings over the last few months have been based on complete fabrications and lies intentionally put out by the media working with political Democrats as cohorts

These rotten bastards in the newsroom get paid to do hatchet pieces and lie through their anuses, and since pretty much all of them are disgusting liberals, they don't feel any guilt

We're sure these common rats feel patriotic in a warped way.
It has never been harder for normal everyday people to get real news because everyone has bias..  The left.. The right...

Even we have bias though we're pretty open in terms of who n' what we support and who n' what we're against

Used to be for most media it was reserved to the Op-Ed section but not anymore.
The best way to approach news as credible or not is to first look at the source..  

First off, what is that paper or TV outlet's historical bias?   Has this entity treated Trump fair or not in the past?

Second,  listen or look for language..  What is the tone?  Does the article or visual news story seem like the goal is to just get you tense and angry or is there substance there?

What word-choice is used?   Words that are flattering or critical?
Third, what is that media outlet's agenda?   Does it want to destroy Trump or is it impartial?  Or a cheerleader?  

Then go to other sources..  Even the shittiest of shit liberal media source may possess a nugget of truth and honesty on occasion..

We know this can be tiring but that really is what mainstream news is counting on..

To be informed and educated takes time and it takes work but trust us, in the end it is well worth it vs being one of the common sheep

'A-Ha!' is always better than 'Baaaa!'