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Friday, June 16, 2017

Where is the 'Bastard' Trump We Love & Need?!

Overall, we at A&G have pretty much consistently supported Trump

However it does not mean there are not times he deeply frustrates and irritates us with what seems total imbecility and/or naivety

For example, as we stated yesterday after being constantly attacked and wished dead by every piece of shit Hillary supporter over the last 6 months, he had a golden opportunity thanks to the shooting of that Congressman the other day to finally go on the attack a la Godfather and just deal all his enemies a severe strike:
To shut down that Central Park "play" depicting his killing..

To severely punish and impede the mainstream media who are his enemies

To get SNL and shows like that to curb its content or get taken off air

To get a law passed where any depiction of the hurting or killing of a President even under the guise of 'art' is a felony and you will be arrested and put in jail for a very long time..

Instead we get Nothing...  Nothing!
We get 'let us all come together..'

Sorry but Fuck that!

When you deal with bullies, you have to beat them down swiftly and roughly

Remember how everyone on the evil left kept calling him 'Hitler.. Hitler' during the campaign..

Well sometimes you need a little bit of that mindset
We don't advocate or seek violence but it was the policy of Hitler and the Nazis that among civilian populations they interacted with, for every one of theirs that got hurt or killed, they would punish 100..

That '100 for 1' mindset needs to be incorporated into the war (and there is a war) with the mentally sick liberal left to shut them down by all legal means necessary at a President's disposal..

Turn the other cheek just is not acceptable..

They're going to hate and despise Trump no matter what so why this 'Mr Nice Guy' routine?
Then yesterday afternoon he unleashes a bunch of tweets about that cunt Hillary and how crooked n' corrupt both she and the rest of the Dems are concerning the email scandal and mentions this continuing 'witch hunt'

And yet what did the Donald say almost immediately after he won?

He's not going to go after Hillary and direct the Attorney General or Justice Department to prosecute her even though he kept saying he would on the campaign trail -- repeatedly!

Sorry but can't have it both ways..
If the closet dyke bitch is 'corrupt' and did criminal needs, then do whatever is needed to start an investigation and prosecute her!  Otherwise, stop bringing the deeply ugly looking woman up!

And if its a witch hunt, which it certainly is, why did you Trump agree to a special prosecutor?

And if the guy handling it, Robert Mueller is a Dem who was Comey's mentor and is filling his staff with Democrat attorneys, why are you not requesting someone else be appointed?

And yet complain, complain in tweets..  Jesus!
He's the most powerful man in the free world.. He dropped the 'Mother of All Bombs' on Syria and holds the nuclear codes..  And yet such a fucking weakling where it counts..

Like Trump bitches n' bitches about how unfair the mainstream news treats him..

OK, then why do you let those fuckers on-board Air Force One when you travel domestic or abroad?

Why do you still have daily press briefings and take questions from them?

Why do you do exclusive one-on-one sit down interviews with those networks?
It really makes absolutely no sense why Trump who seems to love to go on the offensive when it comes to stupid tweets, does not go on the offensive where it counts

He keeps calling the Democrats 'obstructionists' as if that word means anything to them

Well they are..

So cut them out of the political loop..  Stop being respectful and civil toward them..  Stop showing the Democrats deference and making conciliatory gestures..

Can't have your cake and eat it too when dealing with vermin.
On policy, we've been more than happy with the President thus far but we have to say in some areas like this, he just makes us sick to our stomachs

Why is the only person on the evil left to suffer in any way for treating Trump and conservatives like trash is 4th tier D-list so-called comedian Kathy Griffith?

Why has everyone else escaped payback?
We wrote on this before..  We supported and voted for 'Bastard' Trump; the vengeful man who went for the proverbial 'kill' toward Megyn Kelly, the Bushes, Marco Rubio, McCain, Ted Cruz and rotten Hillary

And Eviscerated them..

Where the Hell is that man!