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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wish Political Media was like Sports Media

We like so many others have written and pointed out the absolutely disgusting anti-Trump bias in the mainstream media to such an extent, it would be absolutely tiring by now if they didn't continue to do it nonstop

For instance the Crap News Network (CNN) the other day had a panel discussion to talk about Trump's successful temporary ban of Muslims in light of the unanimous 9-0 Supreme Court ruling which basically middle fingered the liberal lower courts

So there were three people on the panel - two humans and Elmo..

Yes..  the muppet.
And the interviewer was asking Elmo the Sesame Street hand puppet his thoughts on the Trump travel ban and 'he' responded he no like it (Elmo speaks in terrible broken English like most foreigners)

Are you serious!

What was the goal of this?  To convince adults that Trump is bad?  Of course not - it is to try to poison children's minds in the same propaganda style that many middle east countries' children programming poisons their future terrorists that Jewish people are evil

Ironic since Jewish people like Christians are creative, industrious, successful people throughout history and Muslims are perpetual bottom feeders
So you have pretty much the entirety of mainstream TV and print media absolutely desperate to tear our President to pieces and you know many of these fuckers are secretly wishing and praying for more than impeachment if you get our drift

Now let's compare this to the sports media

We are located in a city with some of the worst sports teams imaginable..  Four professional sports franchises that are basically varying degrees of Loser
We can not speak for other cities and how their sports is covered but here it works like this:  If the team is very good, the local media and sports talk radio will nitpick on every single inconsequential thing and be bitter bastards til' the end unless the season ends in a championship

When the team is terrible, the media back off and give a total free pass much in the way they did when that prick Obama was in the White House

Doesn't matter how bad the record or how terrible the play on the field, court or ice..  The players and coaches get a free pass and are given the opportunity to cover their asses with endless cliches
If the cause of a miserable, pathetic team having a dreadful season is ownership not spending money to acquire talent, etc. the local media here also gives a free pass.

No investigative journalism of any kind..  No one questions anything.. How much money is being taken in?  How much is being put into the product?  How much goes into ownership's pockets?

The media work in cahoots with the sports team owners to continually perpetuate the con that the future is bright and never-ending rebuilding is a good thing

The GM tells the media everything is on schedule..  OK.. good enough
We've always felt the most intelligent sports fans in the nation are in places like Arizona, Miami and Jacksonville because if a team is terrible, they will turn on them instantly, not bother to show and force change

In our neck of the woods, 25,000 idiot morons attend every home game even though the local baseball team is minor league quality

But its not just the local sports which are so emotionally detached and always take the side of management in everything
There was an incident the other day where a Chicago Cubs pitcher played horribly and allowed the opponent to steal a lot of bases

So the catcher was pissed off about it because it ultimately cost the team a win and instead of the usual cliche-ridden bullshit you hear players spout, the guy spoke honestly and correctly blamed the pitcher publicly

Because the Cubs like all professional franchises are run by men with fragile egos and small penises, the GM decided to release the catcher the very next day as punishment and to scare the hell out of the rest of the clubhouse that basically you shut the fuck up, do as your told and don't make waves publicly
We feel great respect and empathy for that now out of work catcher because he refused to lie to people to cover a teammate who cost them the game.

How did the national sports media respond?  Were they angered and offended like they were when Trump fired James Comey to basically send a similar message?

Nope - They all took the side of management..  'Can't have people popping off and saying what they want', yadda yadda..

Of course the sports-related hypocrisy of it is had the tables been reversed and the star player be the catcher and the pitcher be a journeyman, the GM would have probably fined the catcher a couple hundred dollars and sent the pitcher down to the minors
The greater hypocrisy is whether it be sports or politics, if the pieces of crap who write the stories like you or believe in the cause, they will either detach or write the most biased fluff pieces to defend

And if they hate and despise you, then you better have a Trump-like toughness to you or you're going to be destroyed.

Sports is supposed to be recreation and diversion from everyday life and politics on a day to day level is just supposed to be little pieces of information you share with friends and family for a fleeting moment or so

But its not like that anymore
No one in sports bothers to write how its a socialist-Communist enterprise (revenue sharing, game receipts divided 60/40 between home and away teams, luxury tax punishments for teams who try too hard to win, etc) and how if you're local team is bad, its pretty much because that owner is not trying.

In politics, CNN and the other slime are desperate for ratings

As internal leaked videos show, they knew from the start the whole Russia-Trump thing was crap but the everyday viewer didn't know so they all got played for months as fools

Thank goodness Trump has been 100% victorious in everything he's done thus far (tax reform and repealing Obamacare will take time) or it would really be depressing looking at news
Of course if he was a failure, these verminous creatures would quietly sit back and watch the GOP go after their own even more than they do

It is very difficult to find truth in anything..  Pretty much everything is spoon fed with no honesty or blunt sincerity

We don't ever ask or need our readers to agree with us on anything we present but we promise as we've always done that you will never leave our site and ask yourself 'Hmm, what did they really mean?'