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Monday, July 10, 2017

$50M Tax Dollars Wasted to Benefit One Gender vs Another

~ 'You see this cleavage?  That means I deserve stuff..'

Hope everyone had a good weekend

Sorry about no post for Friday..  We've said this often and we mean it -  we do not write for the sake of filling up space with words like mainstream news and so many other blogs do

And frankly the news the last six months has been so god-awful repetitive that what else can one say..
Trump does something good.. Media twists into negative or ignores and then fixates on Russia

Trump does another thing even better... See above


Only Trump can do what is really needed; he has historical Presidential precedent on his side..

But he doesn't so..
Really that's on him and if he doesn't think its worth the time and trouble to put the media in their place and that place is a jail cell, why should any of us get tense over it

Now over the weekend Trump was in Europe to give a speech in Poland and then the G-20 summit where he met Putin and that was supposed to be a big deal

One thing which happened over the weekend that really was not talked about which deeply bothered us was Trump at the behest of his daughter Ivanka agreed to give $50 million in US tax dollars to promote and reward female entrepreneurship

Could have sworn we lived in a nation where we're all supposed to be 100% equal under God and look at one another as the same irregardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender

So why do some people who were born with two breasts and a vagina get financially rewarded and propped up so they can create a business easier and succeed in life while those born with a penis, testicles and white skin are meant to suffer for their sins of being male?

Are we to assume that in 2017 we live in a society where its easy as pie for a white Caucasian to come up with the capital needed to start a business because they have this special 'pass' in the "boys' club" they show the bank lending officers so they get free money no questions asked??

Must people still think so idiotically
Trump won the 2016 election because white males, mostly high school educated who have felt completely disenfranchised and left out of the American dream felt hopeful again and decided to vote again for the first time in decades if not ever

Women overall voted for Hillary

But Trump's biggest fault so far is he is a god damn vote panderer who is just as willing to play identity politics as any rotten Democrat
Women historically have been Empresses and Queens and even Martyrs (Joan of Arc);  They've ruled empires as vast as the globe itself with in the case of Victoria, a vast empire in the 19th century where it was said the sun never set

In modern times, globally women are Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chancellors..

A European woman heads the US controlled International Monetary Fund, another woman runs the Federal Reserve and two rotten to the core liberal females are currently Supreme Court Judges

In the last 30 years, the US has had 3 female Secretaries of State.. Also lots of female Senators, House Representatives, British and Canadian Ministers of Parliament, etc.. So many female entrepreneurs and CEOs...

So when the fuck is this Lie of gender inequality and the need for assistance to succeed going to Stop?!
When is this society going to stop pretending women are suffering and slaving away in kitchens while their overbearing, abusive husbands keep them perpetually pregnant, or whatever the fiction is that pseudo-Feminists spout?

Sorry but there is not inequity like some want you to believe so you keep feeling guilt and shame

Just makes us sick to our stomachs every time Trump does this crap because it is completely unnecessary and its not like these groups are ever going to appreciate it or him later on
Even more so, we wonder how long will people keep tolerating the contradictions and double-standards?

We're a society that judges people as individuals based on content of character or we're one that embraces the collective belief that some groups, in this case women deserve to be treated as 'exceptional'

That they are to be handed special benefits or financial considerations so they can enjoy advantages that males are not allowed to receive because they're just not capable of succeeding on their own
If we accept women can succeed in the highest positions of power in business, law and politics; accept them as our employers and are capable of making as much or more money than a man, why does society keep embracing this antiquated notion that the man always pays for the woman on dates?

Shouldn't she be paying for the dinner, drinks and movie if she is wealthier?

If we're truly equal as genders why can't a woman accept being called 'sweetie' or 'hun' by a co-worker and not treat it as harassment in the way a man can easily ignore when a female says it to him?
Women historically were the more mature gender; the more responsible, organized and task-oriented..

Today most females are completely lost; they want so desperately to be like men - to drink under the table like a man; to smoke and fuck, curse, party, recreational drug and dirty their skins up with tattooes like the male

All the while decades of the continual societal emasculating of males..

Really sad.
Trump overall is a great President and he's already accomplished many solid achievements policy wise with we believe more to come

But his worst quality thus far in office is he's as disgusting and pathetic a panderer to political groups as any piece of shit Democrat leader

We blame Ivanka, the little rich girl who had everything handed to her and never had a day of financial struggle in her life, for that $50 million endowment but daddy Trump had to sign off on it...
How much is Trump going to bend over backward to make up for the 'pussy grab' comment and how many of our tax dollars are going to have to be pissed away to do so?

Oh well..  No one's perfect.. Even the Donald.