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Friday, July 14, 2017

Another Obstructionist Liberal Judge Manipulating the Law

There's just something about Democrats in any position of power..

You just want to close fist them in the face a few times then repeatedly hit them with a stick

And that's when you don't feel tense.
With Trump out of the country, joining French President Macron at a Bastille Day parade in Paris, A federal judge in Hawaii has ordered a temporary loosening of the Trump administration’s travel ban

The bastard judge decided or 'found' that the administration’s strict interpretation of the Supreme Court’s decision isn’t justified.

The ruling was issued by US District Judge Derrick Watson – a longtime Obama ally and the same judge who blocked the second “watered down” Trump travel ban back in March.

Cocksucker Democrat
So even when the highest court in the land says by unanimous 9-0 decision that the Trump ban on people entering the country is legally valid, there's also some worthless lower court judge from the infamous 9th District who will think of any trick or scheme to manipulate law to their way of thinking

Specifically, the judge’s ruling strikes down one of the key “clarifications” issued by the State Department following the SC ruling: That a “bonda fide” family relationship was limited to immediate family only.
From Wall Street Journal:

“Judge Watson said the Trump administration’s ban implementation after the high court ruling tilted the scale too far in its favor and against those travelers with US family connections. 

He ordered that the ban not apply to “grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins of persons in the United States.”

The judge also ruled that the US can’t turn away refugees who have already been granted formal resettlement agreements."
Does lesbian and gay pretend marriage count?

Oh that's right - people from those countries which Trump blocked visas to hate homosexuals and wouldn't hesitate to kill one on sight because the sexual perversity goes against Islam

But hey.. let them in..  They mean us no harm.
There is only two reasons this society functions and not quickly turn to chaos and lawless bloodshed at every turn:

1)  People believe that piece of paper with the pretty pictures on it (money) or that colorful piece of plastic (credit card) has actual worth..

They believe it will grant them goods and services and if/when for any reason cards are declined en masse or no one values cash as currency preferring other tender, then you have Max Max world
2)  People believe in the law

They know its not always fair and sometimes in court, the baddie does not always get what is coming to him/her but overall people believe in it

People respect and fear Federal secular law far more than God's law - that's for certain

But when any person in any position of power on a bench can decide for him/herself that an Executive Order or decision from a Department isn't to their liking then alter it, you have chaos
Don't think for a second, this liberal fuck judge did not know the Supreme Court is recessed until October..

Good thing for him that wishing and praying does not actually translate to anything

Here's a little secret you may or may not already know..

There is no 'law'..  It is constantly manipulated, stretched and if need be ignored to benefit whoever is the ones in power who want their policies or worldviews implemented

This goes for both parties but especially Democrats
I'll never forget something an attorney friend once told yours truly..

He said, 'Do you know why there is full integration at places like restaurants, hotels, etc?' and being naive at the time I responded 'The Civil Rights Act of 1964, of course'

He shook his head..  'No..'

He then explained that there was this case that went up to the Supreme Court in the mid 1960s where blacks from Georgia were denied being served at a restaurant in Georgia and thus were sued (we're specifying this for a reason...)
The restaurant responded that they were a private business and had a right to refuse service to anyone just as they would if someone came in without a shirt and shoes or visibly intoxicated

So how could the Court manipulate the law to accommodate the newly passed Act and side with the blacks?

Simple..  Being skillful former attorneys themselves, the Justices basically pulled law out of their Ivy League anuses and sided with the black couple based on the Interstate Commerce Clause to the Constitution
Their weak argument was if you prevent blacks from eating in restaurants or sleeping in hotels, then you prevent people from travelling across state lines and since it is a business transaction taking place, that impacts and hurts Interstate commerce..

Thus the restaurant was going against the Constitution -  Didn't matter that both parties were from the same state..  Besides, did you think the negro Thorogood Marshall would ever side with the restaurant?

And now this is a case taught to every wanna-be attorney in 1st year Constitutional Law
That's what law is.. manipulation

X kills Y.. But was it self defense?  Were there extenuating circumstances?  Was killer of sound mind..

President is a 'R',,  Judge is a 'D' so do everything to fuck with an Order so to stall, delay and play political games..

And that's all it is..  A game

America is a beautiful country but it is also such a rotten one.

And a far too tolerant one, especially of people of liberal belief