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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fake News? Nope.. It's 24/7 Non News

We guess the big news of the day for yesterday is the Republicans in the Senate couldn't get a healthcare bill passed

Or maybe it was Trump and Putin meeting a second time during the G-20

Or maybe the top story should be 'Same Ol' Same Ol'..'

So we'll briefly address both
When we heard about the Senate Republicans' failure to get anything done with healthcare we felt neither happy nor sad nor mad

Really didn't feel anything since we've stated many times Obamacare should be repealed but NOT replaced

Healthcare is not a Right; it is a Choice
The vast majority of Americans who didn't have health care coverage prior to this socialist-communist monstrosity could have afforded to buy coverage but chose not to..

Rather spend their money on cable TV, Internet, alcohol, cigarettes and a hundred other wasteful things that the poor and uneducated usually piss away their paychecks or welfare debit cards on

So if you don't have health care and you get sick, well, 'Dem's de breaks'

It's called being an adult, making choices and living with consequences
But since the US government like all other Western nations are nanny states, no one ever has to be punished for their actions and learn the hard way to prioritize

Health care is like life insurance, fire insurance and just about every other insurance - your choice.  It is not anyone else's responsibility to bankroll it to provide for another

So in a way we're glad it didn't pass and we hope nothing gets done..

Of course ultimately something will get done and everyone will continue to get coverage as it has wrongly become an entitlement but we'll let the scoundrels on Capital Hill worry on it
Now as for Putin and Trump meeting again..

So the fuck what?!

They met.. they had dinner..  We couldn't have cared less if they played Connect 4 , arm-wrestled and compared sexual conquests

What matters most and what those fuck Democrats do not want, is perhaps this will ultimately lead to much better US-Russia relations
Funny how those piece of feces liberals are such war hawks when Trump is in power..

What would they like to do to Putin.. drop the bomb?  

Just worthless fucking idiots.  Liberals..
Incredible how much non-news there is out there..  Absolute bombardment

We can not remember the last time we read or saw anything that was actually Important or affected everyday people's lives

Sure Trump is doing things to make people's lives better but it is not reported because why would those elitist media bastards ever give him credit for anything
Non-News is everywhere..  Politics.. Entertainment.. Sports

Most entertainment headlines are either obituaries or press releases by studios or agents which are re-written to look like real information

And sports..  Gawd!
Yesterday out of curiosity and boredom we checked out ESPN headlines..

There were 4 articles about this ugly mulatto prick basketball player recently drafted by the Lakers named Lonzo Bell

One 'headline' was that he was going to wear a specific brand sneaker for a Summer League game..

Another was his intrusive asshole father Lavar Bell predicting great things for his son..
Two others about how he's mentally preparing for the upcoming season

Does that bi-racial bitch work for the network or what is going on??

Then there was a video of former NBA great Charles Barkley shanking a golf shot and that was 'news-worthy' to a network that repeatedly panders to the inner-city colored population
And of course more Colin Kaepernick shit even though the Malcolm X wanna-be is not signed to play on any NFL roster this year as of this posting

ESPN should be Called Entertainment Sports Programming for Niggers..

One article after another about blacks reported by blacks
Recently the network fired dozens and dozens of reporters and TV personalities..  If you were Caucasian, educated and spoke with articulation, their ass was kicked to the curb

No place for that in a black-centric sports network..

Just really disgraceful how much non-news there is..

How much absolute clutter and crap fills these websites and 24 hour cable because they know if anyone ever talked specific policy or peeled back the veneer to see how truly corrupt and profit-hungry the entertainment industries and sports leagues are, they'd confuse and lose their audience

News simply put, is information that impacts or affects your life in some way..

Information about a road closing on your way to work is News..  Information about what the G-20 talked about and how Trump and Putin got along really isn't

What an ingenious way to keep the masses in a perpetual state of dumbness..  Instead of depriving or censoring, information, just overload everyone with nothingness so people want to cut and detach from it

And you thought the media was dumb..