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Monday, July 24, 2017

How Would You Like Your News 'Eggs' - Runny or Sunny...

Its the start of a new week of pretty much non-news as we head into the dead of summer..

Imagine what crap mainstream news has to pull out of its bum-bum to keep the anti-Trump zealots watching and reading..

So as we stated last week, we're going to sift through the sewage, find anything informative or even remotely interesting and comment with the blunt honesty you've grown to expect after nearly 6 years
A complete non-news item caught our eye over the weekend..

A liberal asshole (is there any other kind?) Congressman named Al Green (not to confuse with the very talented 70s singer) after failing to get his bill adopted to impeach Trump is calling for Presidents to be prevented from pardoning themselves

If any of us at A&G were in Congress, we'd push a bill that called for Rep. Al Green to go suck himself

Of course we don't think even in a GOP controlled House it would pass
Makes us think back to something a friend did back during my college years when she served in the student government Senate

During the spring semester of a given year, this one other Senator would like to waste time proposing bills and other nonsense that would delay meetings needlessly so he could have opportunities to speak

They'd never get passed but the goal really wasn't for anything he tried to be supported by the rest of the student Senate but merely to have some attention directed at him since he was pathetic like this Rep Green is..
The final straw was some kind of Amendment honoring JFK even though he had been deceased for decades and it wasn't even to honor the anniversary of his killing

So my friend got sick of it and proposed a bill that March 29th be made ' President John Tyler' Day and there should be cake, ice cream and such after the meeting that given day to celebrate it

Seeing that it was going to pass and fearing embarrassment, the Senate President took her aside and they agreed she would get $50 to fund the party if she agreed to pull the bill so it would never become official and no one outside the room would ever know
She agreed on further condition if that other Senator ever proposed something stupid again, a motion of censure would be voted on to shut him up

So all was agreed and from what she told yours truly, it was quite a fun party they had to celebrate our 10th President.

Now in a college setting, this thing might to some be a complete eye-roller but otherwise harmless

But this is the crap they do to waste time in Congress all the time and so many of them started out in university Student Government
The other 'news' item we wish to briefly cover is rumors that Trump wants to dump Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and replace him with Rudy Giuliani

If this becomes truth, we'd be more than happy

Quite frankly Giuliani should have been chosen from the outset..

He was a successful NYC District Attorney prior to becoming Mayor, was extremely loyal and supportive to Trump during the campaign, is not a pussy like Sessions and no one will forget his leadership during 9/11
When Sessions voluntarily recused himself from involvement in the Russia investigation, it was like backing down from a fight and placing one's second in their place..

Pretty cowardly stuff

So we'll see if this comes about but right now its rumor so has to be treated as more non-news to get people watching and reading

TV news in particular is such garbage, especially how they set it up with "analysts" which are nothing more than paid opinion givers with bias
Imagine if weather was covered like politics - You have a panel of 4 people, 3 of them who love rain and one who prefers sunshine sitting around and talking ' arguing for hours about the weather today in Boston or St Louis

Three panelists doing their best to convince everyone that thunderstorms are better than sunny skies and a token sun-lover there just to give the appearance of weather 'balance'

But that's news today and its not going to change any time soon..

Enjoy your Monday.. Hope it is/was sunny..