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Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Yawker Trump Doin' Things 'The Chicago Way'

~ You want to get CNN.. OK, here's how you get them..."

We're posting this Sunday evening for Monday and will be back again Wed, July 5th..

We don't know if we're in the majority or minority saying this (and honestly we don't care either way) but we absolutely Love that Trump is going after the media with such intense venom

The latest attack is a funny video from 10 years ago when Trump was involved with professional wrestling and he takes down to the ground a wrestler except in the current video which he posted on Twitter, the wrestler's face is covered by a CNN logo

Love it!
Of course the media is freaking out big time...  'How dare he?!'..  'Trump is inciting violence on the press'.. yadda.. yadda..

These liberal bitches and bastards in the mainstream media have made us sick to our stomachs for a long time..  Always cozying up to the Democrat President and looking to destroy whoever is the Republican

They seem to feel only they possess the right to have unlimited freedom of speech and expression especially when its critical and mean spirited toward Trump, but the President is supposed to be this dummy punching bag who quietly takes it for 4 to 8 years..

Um, No.
Thank God not this President.

Trump is not dealing with people; he is dealing with parasites..

Imagine you want to do something good for your community or make a positive difference in the lives of others and do so in a public way but whatever media there is in your community has a personal hatred of you and resents that you live

So every word expressed about you is pure rottenness and deeply personal.. About your looks, your voice, the way you breathe, your family including small children..
No matter what you do that is positive, you're called a 'pig' or 'racist' or 'xenophobic' and 1000 other vicious lies to try to permanently smear your character and demean your humanity

What are you going to do -- take it?   Gonna curl up into a ball and suck your thumb or cry to a therapist that no one likes you?

That's not Trump's way thank God..
Remember that little speech Sean Connery's character said to Kevin Costner's character Eliot Ness in 'The Untouchables'?

"You want to get Capone? Here's how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone!"

Now replace the word 'Capone' with CNN, MSNBC, NY Times or any of the other fucks (no other G rated word for them) who absolutely Refuse to cover Trump with any objectivity or fairness and treat it like an obsession
As stated before, the media is absolutely nuts because they are not used to anyone standing up to them or putting them down..

You or we write in a comment box pen or 'letter to editor' and instantly ignored or into the trash our thoughts n' feelings go

Those fucks can't do that to the President and gawd how that irks them

And as much as they wish him you-know-what (though will never publicly utter it), they need Trump both for press access and he sells papers & keeps eyeballs glued to these cesspool news apparatuses
People like to say you can't control the press.. its bad for democracy..

Sorry but that's an academic discussion over tea and lady fingers with no basis in reality

As we've stated numerous times, Lincoln would literally have members of the press arrested and incarcerated for long periods without due process who dared to criticize too harshly how he was conducting the Civil War effort

He also directed publishers of such papers arrested as well and their printing houses burnt down by soldiers
President Woodrow Wilson felt Lincoln did not go far enough and clamped down even harsher on the press during World War I along with anyone who publicly spoke out against the war.

So there's a lot of precedent and Trump has a lot of legal leeway

In addition there is precedent to show that when the media is physically threatened or in fear of their lives, they clam up instantly

We're not advocating this or saying Trump would/should.. Just giving a factual historical example here..
Notice that no media ever publishes any photo, artwork or really anything that makes fun of or degrades Mohammad but won't hesitate to celebrate Jesus covered in urine or feces or mocked in editorial cartoons

That's because in France, when a comic newspaper the equivalent of the Onion in the US mocked the Muslims' "prophet", many people who worked for the publication were outright murdered by Muslim nuts with automatic weapons

Other media outlets globally were also threatened that great harm would come to whoever showed those anti-Mohammad caricatures

Thus.. the entire Western media caved like the cowards they are
Remember while some westerners may say 'Islam is Peace' because they sincerely believe the lie, the rest say it out of a combination of fear and/or political correctness

And lets be frank -- It is really horrible that it takes that kind of savage violence or threat of such from twisted, mentally sick dirt people to get those smug, arrogant, elitists liberal fuckers in the media to be taught to use discretion and self-censor when disrespect is intended

So how can the relationship between Trump and the media ever heal (assuming either party really wants it to, which neither does)?
It has to start with entities like CNN admitting they were in the tank and at times directly working for the Clinton campaign in most unethical ways and then basically apologize to the American people with the promise they will report Trump with fairness, objectivity and political impartiality

And if that ever happened (yeah, as if!) then Trump would treat the media with civility for the most part and the focus for Americans can go back to policy debate

But that is not the media's goal..
They want Trump gone.. impeachment n' removal, ballot box or other box and we all know it but not Kathy Griffin stupid enough to express it

So we hope Trump continues to go after them hard with relentless furiously and no let up

As General Forrest once said when going after a retreating Union cavalry, "Keep up the Scare!"

Yes Mr President..  Keep up the scare!