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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Big Ehh.. or 'More Trump-Russia' Collusion Accusations

Perhaps it should have been pretty obvious since after the election victory but it is clear that for anyone who supports Trump in any way, this is going to be a most aggravating, tense 4 to 8 years for anyone who bothers to read/watch news or participate in any way as a spectator in popular culture

So many hit pieces and attacks..

Most of it based on anger and vindictiveness on the part of liberals but unfortunately a certain degree by Trump himself or those close to him
This Russia collusion story should have been forever buried last month but because it was confirmed by Trump Jr. that he received an email from Russia showing their government wanted to help Trump during the election, all this crap is going to start up again

What did Trump know if anything?  Who in his inner circle knew what and when and how and why and what not...

So how do we feel about it?

1)  We're not hypocrites.. What is good for the goose is good for the gander..

The US has constantly meddled and injected itself behind the scenes in foreign elections from sending handlers & political operatives to assist leaders and candidates we liked to propping up dictators to pricks like Obama outwardly trying his best to force Israel's President Netanyahu to lose (he failed)
Sometimes we directly involved ourselves in the policy making of sovereign nations when it hurt US business interests (remember Hillary did that in Haiti as Secretary of State preventing them from raising minimum wage to $5 a day)

We've done this especially to the countries of our hemisphere as far back as the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 which basically stated to the world 'Keep out of our domain because these countries are ours to play with'

Sometimes via the CIA we staged coups to violently throw out or kill leaders we didn't like

So really, what's all the hubbub, bub?
2)  Very rarely that a Presidential election is not meddled with, manipulated or rigged in some way by someone

Back in the 'good ol' days' of horse n' buggy & Model T, Democrat operatives would gather hobos and riffraff with beards, register them with false addresses then get them to vote in the morning, then off to the barber for a shave so they kept moustaches, vote again, shave the 'stache and vote a third time in late afternoon

Numerous elections like in 1960 which got Kennedy elected, Democrats (in this specific case mobsters) got him over the hump by having the dead vote repeatedly
It still happens today

All that bullshit in 2000 about hanging and dangling chads..   When they did recounts, in many Florida counties, then candidate W Bush ended up with More votes then had it not been counted

In Virginia during the last election, their governor allowed 60,000 former felons the right to vote..  Guess how many votes Trump lost the state by?   Yep..
3)  We always look to the other option had Trump lost and it was a scary, frightful one..

Hillary wasn't just a horrible, soulless, power-hungry woman but represented better than even Obama what that god-awful Democrat party and those who vote that way are all about

So the axiom of 'End justifying the means' applies where the President is concerned and unless something truly scandalous or criminal occurs, it is how we at A&G feel
Now we're not saying or even implying Trump and Russia worked together in some way or that there was even official discussions or a coordination of effort, etc

We are saying if everything the Dems have accused Russia of doing was true, we still wouldn't care because frankly the US does not have the moral high ground to bitch and complain in this area

Historically, we just do not have a leg to stand..
And what is 'meddling' as applies to this?

Were any voting machines tampered with?  No

Was there any hanky-panky as to tabulating the votes?  No
Did Russia maybe try to sway people through propaganda i.e. TV commercials and coverage on their network Russia Today?  

Who knows but let's say so, how is that any different than what the Clinton News Network (CNN), MSNBC and all the other overt Trump-hating media apparatuses did?

Don't forget CNN actually had a woman, Donna Brazile working for them who was working as a high up operative for the Clinton campaign who gave the closet dyke debate questions ahead of time so she could prepare and when it came to light, CNN still did not fire her for the transgression
It is all so tiring

We support Trump overall -  the worst thing he's done as we're concerned is the constant pathetic identity politics pandering to every voting bloc other than the one that actually got him elected (white men) which is shameful

But we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes so we're careful not to be blind loyalists either

If Trump actually did something wrong..  Big IF..  None of us - you or we - were responsible or involved so none of us should allow anything to make us feel sick or have ulcers
Best thing we recommend is to really work to control the amount of news you allow to filter into your brain and know the source you're getting it from

Even pro-Trump media have one goal - keep you reading/watching

If you are happy with Trump's policies as we are then just do your best to focus on that, and not the constant circus

And take comfort we don't have a President or political party in power who when it comes to dealing with the world, chooses to do this: