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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Importance of Keeping Momentum

Yesterday President Trump gave a very profound speech in front of about 45,000 Boy Scouts and their families; the kind of speech those worthless worms on the left will mock him for but really was quite inspiring.

We really recommend you go on YouTube and watch it..  Its 38 minutes in length for those who have the time

While he mentioned political things here and there, the main theme was about success and the importance of doing what you love because if you are doing something you truly enjoy, you will happily commit all the time in the world to it and it won't feel like work

We've heard this from others as well and it's still very true
Of course it is not always easy to achieve this because if your passions are not entrepreneurial, then its pretty difficult to create your own livelihood as a historian, philosopher or an expert linguist in the dead languages

Still, it is the correct mindset to have in life.

He stated basically that people need to find something that makes them feel excited or motivated to wake up go to work each day

Even putting the work part aside, that is such an accurate statement
Every day a person should have at least one thing to look forward to..  Big or small..  watching a TV program or movie.. A special meal to cook (or cooked for you)..  Meeting a friend/family member..

Once more, this was something we heard others say to us but it just seemed to resonate a bit more when Trump said it

It is so important for one to learn to create their own sunshine
Trump also spoke to the massive crowd about the importance of momentum which is an interesting word most don't talk about

He told a story of a man named William Levitt, who after WWII created all the various 'Levittowns' that sprung up in places around New York, Philadelphia, etc..

Very briefly..  The man had high standards, was extremely successful and as such was extremely wealthy..  He then sold his business to a corporation and basically retired to live on a yacht

Eventually the business the corporation bought floundered because they didn't put the same care into it so they sold it back to Levitt but because he was out of the business 'game' for so long, he could not make it a success again and lived the rest of his life a wealthy but dispirited man
Nearly 7 years ago (Sept. 6, 2010 to be exact), we created 'Ants & Grasshoppers' with no idea how many if any would read it..

We just felt like we had no voice in the rotten stench which was Obama's America and was sick and tired of the continual lies about how the economy was improving simply because he was President

And we saw a speech on YouTube - we wish we could remember who it was - and he said essentially the best way to fight an oppressive media is to create your own.

Doesn't have to be a TV network or a metropolitan newspaper..  The 21st century is about the Internet and you do not need to be rich to create your media..  Only have something to say that means something to others.
The only things that were set in stone was we would talk about finance, politics & the world with a blunt honesty that no one else seems to do anymore even if it occasionally offended and we would never advertise or seek subscriptions..

This enterprise had to remain free.

So the fact that so many loyal readers keep visiting and the viewership keeps growing is all the momentum and motivation we need to continue
We hope we inform and educate, or at least to stimulate thought

But we also hope we can inspire you the reader in some way to not feel you are ideologically alone and know you too can create a voice & be heard too

There is a lot of badness from the left - in particular the need for social thought control so you conform to their way of thinking without even realizing it

And by extension taking away your spark to want to get up every morning and fight it
Just gotta stay strong..

Say motivated..

Stay excited about life..

And keep your momentum.