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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Squeaky Wheels Always Get the Grease

We start with something in the news that seems like fake BS but is 100% true..

To be politically "correct" and sensitive to the feelings of loser blacks and white-guilt liberal snowflakes, ESPN which is now Entertainment Sports Programming for Negroes, pulled an announcer of Asian descent off the William and Mary vs. University of Virginia college football game they'll be soon telecasting
So OK.. Why?

Because the man's name is Robert Lee and thus concerned it will offend and hurt those worthless people's feelings

Once again, this is 100% true..

Now this is one of those 'non-news' blurbs that are meant to just make you feel tense and people will shake their heads or say 'Give me a break!' but really, where does the response go beyond that?
The other side, the evil people - they're very organized and ready to protest, boycott and/or go on walk-out strikes the moment anyone in Corporate America does anything to bother their fragile sensibilities and extremely weak self-worth

Where's the other side to put so much pressure that the business community stop caving in?

How did good, decent people get so powerless when they're the majority?
The only groups with a semblance of organization and cohesion are KKK and Neo-Nazis but who wants to be associated with that??

Besides, they believe in violence to obtain their goals and that's never been something A&G supports

We much prefer seeing the countless millions of Trump supporters and fair-minded people sick of political correctness and social progressivism at every turn fight economically and put so much pressure upon entities like ESPN and Target (with their tolerance of transgenders), that they stop pandering or suffer great loss of profit
A week or so ago yours truly went to a local McDonalds for lunch.  Ordered take-out

The black girl behind the counter didn't want to say basic things like what the total the order came to, or 'thank you' or 'you're welcome' or 'enjoy your meal'..

Just stared off so she wouldn't have to look at me while expecting me to just look at the register and give her the money like a robot
She seemed to be able to speak or crack a smile and laugh when the black customer in front of me placed his order..

Maybe they were friends or maybe it was just one of those things; that black attitude - 'if you're black, I'm friendly.. if you're white, I'm not'

So even though I knew nothing sincerely would be done especially because she was black, I complained and as expected got the run-around followed by some phony words to the effect they appreciated bringing it to their attention
This of course is the verbal equivalent of making a fist then shaking it in the air up 'n down quickly a few times..

So I decided I would boycott McDonald's for 6 months...

Does it matter?  Will it change anything?  Will they even care?

Of course not but that isn't the point
My money like my time is precious to me..  Does not matter if its $5 or $55,000..  I value it and every individual should value and respect their own money and time as fiercely

Just like the political left does not tolerate difference of opinion and thought, I do not tolerate businesses that disrespect me in ways I deep inappropriate.

Now imagine if millions of people felt that way about bad treatment in a restaurant or store, or how the entertainment, sports and news media treat their values, then got organized and put the same kind of pressure upon these entities as scum like Jesse Jackson used to do (and probably still does) through organizations like Rainbow Coalition
BTW, for those who don't know what often happened (and probably still does) is a corporation would do something that some colored person would take offense to, so he/she would complain to Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton or some other low form of life

Then they would rally and rile up their base of morons to start protesting, striking, boycotting and essentially making as much noise as possible to the sympathetic liberal media

The corporation at this point would want this to go away so they would concede
But that would not be good enough to niggers like Jackson and Sharpton..

The would want a financial gesture to show how sincerely sorry the corporation was, preferably one under the table to whatever organization(s) were leading the protest

Or sometimes the corporation would be quietly extorted before all the protesting in exchange for their public blessing

So the business would cave and want this all swept under the rug, scum like Jackson and Sharpton would profit and now there would be enough money in the coffer to fund the next protest/extortion
Remember years back Michael Richards, the actor who played 'Kramer' on Seinfeld yelled 'nigger' a few times at audience members during a mental breakdown while doing standup?

So what did he do next?

After apologizing profusely, he ran to Jackson and Sharpton and begged their forgiveness!  They weren't in the audience..  Richards didn't specifically call them niggers

Nope.. Richards needed their support and ultimately got it..  For a price of course

Then he went into some kind of pathetic seclusion for a few years travelling the world, converting to Buddhism and tried to figure who he was

That's all true by the way..
This is the world we live in and its been this way for decades though gotten progressively worse because few to none are willing to stand up in any way, even if does not hurt the other..

How many will stop watching ESPN over this asinine display of sensitivity toward rotten people?


How many protested the NFL by sincerely not watching games as long as they tolerated Colin Kaepernick and other copy-cats injecting political and social protest into the National Anthem?

Maybe a few hard-core lovers of the American flag did but otherwise, none..
After Charlottesville, how many took the time to write or tweet Trump to tell him to defend history and put forward some kind of Executive Order making it against the law to take down Confederate statues, monuments and markers?

Maybe a handful at best..  I know I was one..

And how many will sacrifice any sort of mild inconvenience to boycott when a nobody-nothing common worker at a fast food restaurant or store treats you disrespectfully and you can tell there's no sincere effort on the store's part to discipline him/her?

We know the answer..
Blacks will make a stink and get their way..

Whites will shut up and keep taking it

Squeaky wheels always get the grease folks..    Always..

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What's In a Flag?

The following post we wrote on June 26, 2015 and seems is still relevant when you consider all the deeply despicable people on the left wanting to destroy the CSA battle flag and by extension wipe Southern history off the map, so we're re-posting..

One question that people who are confused on the whole Confederate flag issue and think it is racist like to ask or rather pontificate is this:

'What is the difference between the Confederate flag and the Nazi flag' followed by something like 'since they're both the same..'

Which they are not..
~ Flag of the Confederate Native American Choctaw Brigade

The biggest difference is the Nazi flag of the black swastika in front of a white circle on a blood red flag was the Governmental and Political flag of Nazi Germany from the time Hitler took power until Germany's 1945 surrender.

Its intentions of representing racial and ethnic superiority to all other beings was very clearly demonstrated and the Nazis were quite up front with it.

The Governmental and Political flag of the Confederacy was this:
There were alterations to it during the short life of the Confederacy but this was the first flag, the one hung high in the Confederate capitol of at-first Montgomery, Al, and then Richmond, VA

The 'Stars and Bars' that everyone blames for every racist act from the dawn of man to the present was the military battle flag of the Confederate Army.

Below is another picture of a Confederate flag.. the Bonnie Blue
The flag was first used by the Republic of West Florida, which broke away from Spanish West Florida in September 1810 and was annexed by the United States 90 days later.

When the state of Mississippi seceded from the Union in January 1861, they adopted the Republic of West Florida Flag as many had ties to the West Florida rebellion. A flag bearing a single white star on a blue field was flown from the capitol dome

It was the official flag of the Confederacy for the first few months of 1861.

Now if you saw this decal on the back of a pick up truck would you be bothered?  Would you even have known what it represents if we didn't say so?
You could make an argument that the Stars n' Bars is not a flag of racism but liberation as demonstrated by the above WWII photo of a US Marine liberating Okinawa

And when US forces essentially liberated South Korea from the Communist control from the North, the Confederate flag was there, as seen below
And the beautiful flag was present in Vietnam as good, decent men were led to their graves by American Presidents moving them around, back n forth, to and fro like pawns on a chess board
~ US Marines in Vietnam, 1966

And our brave heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan show support for the flag..

 Even African liberation Armies embrace the CSA flag
So when people talk ignorantly of banning the Confederate flag, what are they really banning?

For 'This' was also a CSA battle flag under Confederate Gen. Van Dorn

And 'This' was the battle flag of Missouri Confederates

And 'This' was the battle flag of the 1st Tennessee, CSA

And 'This' was the Confederate battle flag of the Cherokees

And 'This' is the US Flag vis a vis a 1970s Boston race riot

And 'This' is the US flag decorating a sign in Detroit, 1943

And here's a pic of a black man savagely beaten by two white men, one wearing a sweatshirt of the US Army, not the CSA

And here's the flag that the KKK have for decades sworn allegiance to..

Get the point?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Confederate Flag Pics In A Completely Different Perspective

~ Sophia Loren in 1958.. She looks so beautiful in this photo..

We wrote a lot last week about the evil militant blacks and rotten to the core white-guilt liberals provoking violence in Charlottesville, VA and cowardly people in office afraid of both to the point that Confederate statues and other markers coming down

So this posting is going to be more about pictures as we try as best to demonstrate historical truths that these far left bastards refuse to recognize..

So let's start with black Confederate soldiers

The next two pictures are of Stonewall Jackson's cook who after the General's death still served the CSA in a fighting capacity

The next picture was taken sometime in the early 1930s.. The black man in the middle had served as a Confederate bugler

This photo is of Cherokee Indian veterans who served in the Confederacy

Jewish people also proudly fought for the Confederacy

Hispanics also fought bravely for the Confederacy..

Asians too..  Charles Chon, 24th Texas Dismounted Cavalry

OK.. Now some historical photos of KKK members and notice which flag they are proudly holding and waving..

Sheet music to a Klan song back in the 1920s.. How many Confederate flags do you see?

How did Democrat politicians in the past react to the Confederate flag?


Jimmy Carter

Bill Clinton

President Clinton honoring the Daughters of the Confederacy in a letter in 1994

Signed by Governor Clinton in 1987, "The blue star above the word "Arkansas" is to commemorate the Confederate States of America"

Finally, what do normal black people think of the Confederate flag (we don't mean the extreme leftist marxist scum like BLM)

Bet you'll never ever see this perspective in mainstream media...