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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ESPN - Entertainment Sports Pandering to Negroes

ESPN, the supposed sports network that cares far more about advancing the PC social progressive pro-minority narrative came out with a survey list of the 50 greatest black athletes of all time..

Ok..  Why?

Really..  Why?!!
Why do blacks think so low of themselves that they need a list like that?

More honestly, why do white-guilt liberals feel the need to create such a list?

How about a list of top 50 black pornstars or famous black people who died of drugs

What would the point be of such a list degrading them?

What is the point of a list celebrating them?
So the top 3 on the 'list' were Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson and Ali..

So lets' break it down shall we

Since the NBA is 75% negro, it is impossible for any Caucasian to be on a list of best players ever so whether its Jordan or Magic or LeBron is better, who really cares
Jackie Robinson is not even among the top 50 all time best baseball players if you base it on stats rather than skin color..

He played 10 seasons.. He averaged under 14 homers and about 73 RBIs per season.. He stole about 20 bags a season and had a good career average of .311

Those are NOT Hall of Fame worthy numbers by any stretch and certainly not worthy of every April 15 the entire league being Forced to wear his #42 on their jerseys

But when you're black and the MLB is desperate to get minorities to not turn off to the national pastime you end up doing desperate PR stunts which we bet if Jackie was alive, he'd be sickened by because he was a quality person..
Onto boxing.. Is Muhammad Ali the greatest?

Greatest fake Muslim prick bastard perhaps...  Fighter.. No

Rocky Marciano, a white man is the greatest and will always be because he was undefeated as a professional going 48-0 and no one in boxing has come close to that many wins with zero losses

And if you're a true Muslim of sincere faith you don't repeatedly cheat on your black wife with white trash like Ali did
Are blacks among the best in football?   No..  The best players are the QBs..  names like Brady, Montana, Aikman, Bradshaw, Unitas, Marino, Elway, Favre...

Are blacks the best in hockey?  Too funny.. Next?

Women's tennis..  Williams sisters right?   No.. Martina Navratilova was far superior.. She was #1 for 332 consecutive weeks at one time.. that's over 5 years

Golf?  Fuck Tiger Woods..  Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were better
So other than the NBA what sports are blacks the best in?    Nothing!

Now try to come up with a list of the most brilliant people in history..  Philosophers, composers, inventors, sculptors and painters, brilliant military tacticians and greatest world leaders..

Who if any that is black would seriously be on or near the top of those lists?

So what's the point?

Exactly.. That is the point..  What is the point?
What is the point of 50 top blacks, top women, top Hispanics, top homosexuals or bisexuals, or top 50 Anything..

What is the point of this continued pathetic non-stop identity politics?

Newsflash:  If you succeed or fail in something it had nothing to do with your skin color or gender or your ethnic or religious background..

It is all because of you and by extension good parents.. That's it
Your skin color doesn't mean shit unless you use it as a crutch or take irrational pride in something you had nothing to do with

When will anyone else have the guts to stand up and tell these fuck liberals to stop the guilt and stop the minority pandering

Who knows..  We think we're so far gone and its really sad..

Just another bit of slippery slope in a 21st century world where to be white is to be something bad or not worth celebrating