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Friday, August 11, 2017

Kaepernick Crapernick

~ In 2016, this worthless bastard made $11.9 million..  The average US salary is around $46,000..  Yes blacks are so oppressed..

It is funny how so many things in the news are trivial on the micro level, meaning the specific information itself but so important on a macro level i.e. where this nation or society is going

As good an example as any is the ongoing situation involving the former San Francisco 49ers and currently unemployed QB Colin Kaepernick

So many black and liberal white-guilt self-hating pieces of shit feel frustrated that no team wants to retain him which of course to them sends the message that anyone who speaks out or makes demonstrations for what they feel is 'right' will be punished which to them isn't the American way
So let's break this down honestly..

So we'll put aside the fact that Kaepernick in the previous 6 yrs as QB for the 49ers hasn't taken them to the playoffs since 2013 and in the last 2 years, the team went 3-16 in games he started

In other words, let's put aside the Fact that he's a mediocre to poor QB and no owner wanted him because he simply is not good enough or be a team's backup

Why in the world would any employer give someone millions of dollars to be a national distraction and potentially a locker room cancer whenever he wanted to stir the pot with more so-called social justice complaints and protests when others more professional and quiet can do the same job?
Here is a very brief timeline of what happened last year:

Kaepernick kneels during the National Anthem of a preseason game last August.. He's in the background what he assumes is away from cameras, just quietly protesting

The sewer rat sports media start asking him why..  At first Kaepernick gives cliched answers to avoid the topic..  Ultimately he states its to protests how blacks are treated by police i.e. Ferguson, MO and other places
Then what happens?  

Other deeply ignorant blacks start copying him..  They kneel too..

And from groups of players kneeling then holding hands, it becomes team-wide demonstrations like what the Seattle Seahawks did or raising fists in black pride protests like other negroes did on other teams

And now you have a completely needless distraction for a multi-billion dollar business.. the NFL, a distraction that for one reason or another alienates 50% of the fan base while the liberal parasites, most being white guilt self-haters feel happy by the protests

What business wants That?!
If their Commissioner wasn't such a coward and liberal himself, he should have stated any player causing any distraction during the Anthem or injecting political or social views during a game will be suspended without pay 1 game for first offense, 2 games for second offense and season ban for a 3rd..

Think of it this way..  Let's say a player knelt during the Anthem and when asked why, the guy's reason was because he hated a country that would elect a black man President and had no respect for it or just said he can not honor a flag that gives equality to blacks..

Or instead of the fist in air, some player made the Nazi salute..

Think the NFL would quietly let that be?
Think the wretched PC fuck liberals in the media would defend that guy's 1st Amendment free speech rights and stage protests outside NFL's corporate office to show their anger at him being perceived as blackballed?

We know the answer..

This is only a story because it promotes a liberal narrative of minority victimization and goes against all the beliefs and values of Trump supporters like love of country and respecting its institutions

A few years ago a Philadelphia Eagles player name Riley Cooper said 'nigger' and all the blacks on the team wanted to kill him and were so deeply frustrated the team would not release him..
Was his freedom of speech and political expression not to be respected but Kaepernick's is?  Did anyone claim it was unfair that after Cooper was released a few years later by the Eagles, no other team showed interest?

ESPN.. Entertainment Sports Pandering to Negroes constantly talks about how 'disgraceful' it is that Kaepernick is not on a NFL roster and how 'soulless' the owners are..

Of course there's not a single person on ESPN with a conservative point of view to tell the monkeys like stereotypical hyper black Stephen A Smith to shut the hell up in a professional way and state an opposing point of view..
Yep..  Always a double standard when it comes to identity politics and how its covered

Blacks are only 14% of the population and yet they control everything...

Half of white society encouraged this power-flip while the other half kept quiet because they didn't want to be bothered or were scared
NFL ratings and interest were down last year and while the asshole liberals in the media said things like over-saturation (too many games) or they went on too long, the true reason was people completely sickened by Kaepernick's lack of respect for this country and all the black pride bullshit he and others injected into what is supposed to be entertainment and diversion from real life problems

So it is so vital Kaepernick never be allowed to play in the NFL again no matter the reasons whether it be based on this issue or simply he is not a good QB

Because perception is reality among simple people
It is so important they see someone get their day of reckoning when they keep pushing their social-progressive beliefs upon a greater society sick n tired of blacks pretending they're suffering when they're in a horrible position of superiority more than at any time in our country's history

They went from inferior status to complete manipulative control in only a couple decades quickly skipping over the equality status since being equals was never the true goal.

Why have access to half the figurative 'pie' when you can take it all and make the other side feel racist for daring to deny them
So who knows what will happen with him..  QBs get injured all the time so maybe he'll latch on eventually if a team is desperate

Michael Vick got another opportunity and he sadistically beat and killed dogs for fun and sport

Kaepernick could have possibly been considered for the Miami Dolphins after their starting QB went down with an injury had he not gone around last year wearing a T-shirt praising Fidel Castro which is a big no-no for the Hispanic population of South Florida
Such a, stupid ignorant man, isn't he..

So political pro-black and by his own admission the guy didn't even vote in the last election..

He also forgot he's only 50% black..  Why must bi-racial people always shit on the 50% of them that's Caucasian?

That's why to any white person who wants to mate with a black and have children, it is your business but understand your child or children will abandon your background and disavow your color and align with the black parent's history and culture..    So be prepared..
We always supported Kaepernick's right to protest but disagreed with the venue, abhorred his reasons and were disgusted how so many people are copycats devoid of any original thought or action

Anyways, we hope he never plays football in the NFL ever again but one can never say

Just another news story that on a micro level affects nobody but on a macro level it is just so important that the PC social progressives lose