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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Picking Fight w. Russia For Absolutely No Good Reason

When it comes to Congress, its funny (not 'Ha Ha' funny but pathetically so)..

Only 47 Senators out of 100 can agree that Obamacare needs to be fixed and yet 98 of 100 vote for sanctions against Russia based on the opaque belief of 'meddling' which  God knows the US has done to about every country in the free world over the last 100+ years

In the House, a similar widespread support for trying to hurt Russia and really by extension hurt ourselves economically and geo-politically down the road

Amazing how we continue to vote in such idiots
After a couple days of delaying which seemed to upset people even though legally a President has 10 days to decide whether to sign or veto, Trump very recently signed the sanctions bill

What choice did he have?

He knows its horrible and will hurt us more than them but when so many corrupt people vote 'Yay', it means they have the necessary votes to override a veto so best to just go along
Already, Putin has expelled 755 US diplomats and seizing 2 US compounds, and the European Union  which previously warned of an "imminent response" if European companies are hobbled by sanctions aimed at squeezing Russia’s energy exports, will ultimately reveal their retaliation


To this day we really have no idea why so many are so hell bent on picking a fight with Russia
Maybe its a distraction thing - Get people so focused on escalation and re-creating the Cold War that people are completely distracted by the $19.969 Trillion and climbing National Debt along with the insanely artificial, complete bullshit all time high in the stock market which Will tumble; only when, not if...

And because Trump is foolishly pretending he is the sole reason for this rise, he's unfortunately going to suffer politically and be the poster board when it does crash and Trump cities will mean tents, not skyscrapers

Congress does know that we owe Russia money right?

In 2013, we owed them $162.9 Billion..  We imagine in four years with interest, that amount has grown a bit
Or maybe we want to pick a fight badly with Putin as a hubris thing; one of those 'Do as i say, not as I do' things like when a heavy smoker disciplines their child for lighting a cigarette

There's so many supposed 'bad guys' out there who do what we consider bad things but we only seem to want to confront those whose actions may in some way interfere with or affect us

Sorta like we never cared all that much for the decades upon decades of killing, torture, starvation, etc in various parts of Africa or the genocide in Cambodia in the mid-late 1970s where 2-3 million died under Pol Pot
But we sure don't like Putin taking the Crimea back from Ukraine which was historically Russia's to begin with and we seem very nutty that Russia in some way would try to influence voters through their media outlet and other means which had nothing to do with ballot box tampering

Those same piece of shit liberals didn't have a problem with millions upon millions of dollars being funneled to Hillary's campaign through her bullshit Clinton Foundation from foreign governments whom she made deals with as Secretary of State under the lil black monkey
Maybe its all a big military industrial complex push to have some outlet to use all their new 'toys', much like they arm-twisted LBJ to escalate in Vietnam

They know they have no sway with Trump so perhaps they just use lobbyists to get worthless pieces of shit Republicans like John McCain to get worked up over nothing while knowing those evil Democrats would try to impeach Trump if he wore a tie color they didn't like

So its really a great mystery to us
It is actually kind of amazing we have any power to economically punish any other sovereign nation non-militarily..  

Fines.. Sanctions.. Embargoes..  Freezing bank accounts..

It sort of is like you are a parent who has the power to discipline another neighbor's child by cutting back their allowance if You are displeased
The goal should have been all along to make a sincere effort to forge an alliance with Russia based on common interests and benefits while having open on-going discussions on any areas of disagreement

We don't have to be buddies n' pals with Russia or anyone else but by Congress basically setting Russia foreign policy and superseding the Executive Branch by stating a President can not on his own go against their will, they've greatly overstepped their bounds

And so much of it is hate/fear toward Trump..  Even among Republicans
Do you want to know what newspaper or publication is the most vicious, mean-spirited, evil, rotten and personally vindictive toward Trump?

No, its not the NY Times or Wash Post or CNN or MSNBC..

It's not even Huffington Post.

It is the National Review run by that deeply anti-Trump prick Bill Kristol and every article is with the goal of making Trump look dictatorial, incompetent or devious.
They believe he is a fake-Republican that will destroy their 'brand' and by extension expand the political tent too much by including too many working people and minorities who the 1%-ers, the laissez faire, super wealthy fiscal conservatives see as dirt.

So it wouldn't surprise us one bit if many Republicans in Congress who secretly hate Trump used this bill as political cover to middle-finger him under the guise they were going after Putin

Politics is a brutal business..

Just a bunch of hungry rats continually climbing over each other in a big pile to see who is going to be above one another while slipping and sliding as they dig their claws in each others' backs to get there