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Monday, August 7, 2017

Some Economy Realities

We at A&G hate the mainstream media deeply as should you..

It's not simply their axes to grind toward Trump or the fact so much information they present is 'non-news'; something they have done for decades

What bothers us most (as should you) is the decision to fill air time and newspaper columns with Nothing while completely ignoring what matters is all intentional.
So let's talk about the economy as it currently stands..

Trump stated last week that GDP for 2Q 2017 was 2.6% which is up from 1.6% in 1Q but do you know the last time the US had an annual GDP that was over 5% growth?

It was 1984 when GDP was 7.4%

Not only have we not come close since but in the last 33 years, the US has not even reached the annual 5% mark..
There's always ebbs n flows when it comes to economic growth for a nation but its been quite a while since we've seen some flow..

In fact the year 2000 was the last year our GDP was over 4% - that was the year the bubble burst..  We haven't reached 4% again.. Coincidence?

Now let's focus on labor, specifically those considered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be out of he labor force
When Obama became President in January, 2009 the number stood at 80,529,000 people

When he left office, the number was 93,566,000 million, and increase of 13 million people in 8 years while asshole Democrats celebrate his achievements

This past month (July) was the first time in many years where there were LESS out of the labor force than the previous month by nearly 200,000 thanks to Trump's economic policies

Think those fuck Democrats (sorry but no other accurate way to describe them) who control the media will ever tell people that!
So let's get beyond statistics and focus on the bigger picture..

Here’s what you need to know about what’s going on and where we’re headed.

The United States is comprehensively bankrupt.

The government is broke and the citizenry is trapped under inescapable debt burdens and we are never again going to generate the kinds and volumes of “growth” associated with techno-industrial expansion.
That growth came out of energy flows, mainly fossil fuels, that paid for themselves and furnished a surplus for doing other useful things.

That party's over.  Shale oil, for instance, doesn’t pay for itself and the companies engaged in it will eventually run out of accounting hocus-pocus for pretending that it does, and they will go out of business.

When there is a continual absence of growth , it ultimately means the end of borrowing money at all levels.
When you can’t pay back old loans, it’s unlikely that you will be able to arrange new loans. And even if one can get more loans, ultimately without profit, those entities will need new loans to pay the previous ones..

The nation could pretend to be able to borrow more, since it can supposedly “create” money (loan it into existence, print it, add keystrokes to computer records), but eventually those tricks fail, too.

They haven't thus far because new tricks, schemes and ruses are always being devised like the current Trump trumpeting of the Dow at an all time high
It is still based on the same absolute nothing as it was in 2009, and if not for QE providing no-interest liquidity for corporations to buy more and more of their own stock to make it seem to everyday America that people are investing again, things would have gone kaput during the lil brown poop monkey's administration

Honestly we wish Trump would stop taking credit for it because when it collapses, he will be the poster child of blame and his re-election chances are toast
So what happens is this..

Either the “non-performing” loans (loans not being paid off) cause money to disappear, or the authorities “create” so much new money from thin air (money not associated with real things of value like land, food, manufactured goods) that the “money” loses its mojo as a medium of exchange for real things, as a store of value over time (savings), and as a reliable index of pricing
In other words, there are two ways of going broke in this situation:

1)  Money can become scarce as it disappears so that few people have any

2) Or everybody can have plenty of money that has no value and no credibility.
The authorities in this nation, including government, business, and academia, routinely lie about our national financial operations for a couple of reasons.

One is that they know the situation is hopeless but the consequences are so awful to contemplate that resorting to accounting fraud and pretense is preferable to facing reality.

Second, they do it to protect their jobs and reputations — which they will lose anyway as collapse proceeds and their record of feckless dishonesty reveals itself naturally.

The underlying issue is the scale of human activity in our time along with population overgrowth. It has exceeded its limits and we have to tune back a lot of what we do.

Anything organized at the giant scale is headed for failure, so it comes down to a choice between outright collapse or severe re-scaling, which you might think of as managed contraction.

That goes for government programs, military adventures, corporate enterprise, education, transportation, health care, agriculture, urban design, basically everything.
No one wants this of course and if any politician in a real position of power dares to mention it, they will be removed from office one way or another quicker than one removes dirty undies

Even Trump has said he will not make any cuts in Social Security or Medicare (good) while increasing the military budget (bad) and trying to create a replacement for Obamacare that keeps millions of undeserving people on the health care dole (idiotic)

No wonder fiscal Conservatives don't see Trump as a 'true' Republican
There is an unfortunate human inclination to not reform, revise, or re-scale familiar activities.

We’ll use every kind of duct tape and baling wire we can find to keep the current systems operating, and we have, but we’re close to the point where that sort of cob-job maintenance won’t work anymore, especially where money is concerned.

If you want a chance at keeping on keeping on, you’ll have to get with reality
And if you want to survive in the New world (or even this one) you better learn a trade a skill that can not be outsourced or dependent upon computers and technology; something useful to other people

Things like roofing, carpentry, plumbing, fixing cars, handywork, lawn n' gardening maintenance, cooking (we don't mean microwave cooking), small retail of unique or specialized products, farming...

We're not trying to scare you or provide fear porn..
We're trying to show you there is an economic reality beyond yourself, your family and community that is very very bad mainly because no one especially Obama bothered to fix it and for all we like about Trump, we really don't see him fixing anything beyond bringing factories and jobs back (we hope he's successful)

Remember a job is something you are dependent on others for; to be hired and can just as quickly be fired; a skill or trade you take with you and can make a living on your own (or working for others) just about anywhere
Its bad nationally and its bad globally..  No different than 2008 really..

The economic collapse of a person means nothing on the grander scale; the economic collapse even if not a complete one affects all and means everything..

So try to stop worrying about this Trump-media soap opera, the bullshit 'Russia' fake story or how many black men all the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner's daughters are taking inside their filthy bodies
Focus on the economy and National Debt and how no one even Trump is talking how to reduce it, much less the deficit..

Focus on potential trade wars with the rest of the world that we seem to be provoking for no good reason and think how it affects you?  Then investigate other sources to learn all you can how it will affect the nation

And do research what will happen if/when the stock market collapses again like in 2008 because honestly we're still not recovered so if we haven't bounced back from that one, don't assume government can fix things so we quickly bounce back from another
Or you can waste your time focused on black & gay/lesbian/tranny rights, sports scores and what celeb tweeted what about who..

But if you loyally read this blog, we know which direction you'll choose