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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Talkin' Tough

There's so much anti-Trump nuttiness out there what seems to grow and grow, we're not sure whether to be annoyed by it or just enjoy it on a sadistic level

We keep going back n' forth on that

So many people who are so emotionally fragile snowflakes who can't seem to figure out how to say 'Fuck Trump' and make it where it will actually care
The late night talk shows keep trying with incessant attacks night after night; show after show but its not like he or his loyal supporters watch that garbage

There was a gathering of TV late show people a month or so and even they were expressing how burnt out they were getting doing non-stop Trump jokes where it didn't matter and how they were so unsuccessful in changing the minds of those who voted for him

Seemed so genuine in their shock that all their personal hatred spewing out as 'jokes' weren't working

Talk about living in an ideological bubble
Then we read about people in Europe trying to devise ways to boycott travelling to the US

First of all..  The less foreigners who are not here because they love our country and respect who we elected President, the better

Second, its not like our economy lives or dies by tourism..  People may be able to financially cripple Bermuda, Bahamas or Bali that way but not us

Besides we're $20 Trillion in debt.. What is some tourist going elsewhere to spend a couple thousand on overpriced hotel rooms and airfare in the dead of summer going to matter?
Sure, we know Trump likes to antagonize people; to basically take his thumb and push it in his enemies' eyes (figuratively) but honestly, it is SO needed right now

We watched this briefing at the State Department yesterday where this intelligent and attractive blond woman was skillfully attacking the parasitic members of the media who wanted to do nothing but attack, attack on Trump's word choices toward North Korea..

All the Presidents before spoke so pleasantly and in such flower-soft words

Where did that get us?  At one time North Korea did not have the bomb and now it does..
We always think back to all those years and acts of passivity by Europe toward Hitler in the 1930s.. Concession after concession..  Yes WWI was horrific and no one wanted another but how did pre-WWII diplomacy work out for everyone back then?

You can't talk nice to assholes and sneaks who will do what they want..

Neighbors.. Co-Workers.. World Leaders

All need to be dealt with the same way but only a President can deal with a Kim properly; to deal with a neighbor, co-worker or other in the same fashion means you suffer too
Speaking of words, you know how all these pieces of shit in the media keep making mountains out of mouse droppings about how Presidents do not use that kind of language i.e. 'Trump is a kook and unfit mentally'

Harry Truman said this after he made the decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan:

"If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth." Source:  'Public Papers of the Presidents, Harry S. Truman'

He also said later in his Presidency, "The atom bomb was no 'great decision.' It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness."

We're not saying dropping nuclear bombs is a good thing.. That's like.. 'Duh!' lol

Just saying how the media conveniently forgets what a tough talker Democrat President Truman was when its convenient for their anti-Trump narrative

We almost kinda sorta feel sorry for liberals.. Keywords being Almost, Kinda and Sorta
They really believed all the evil lies of the Clinton campaign during the Election; they really see him as a monster and unhinged and a Hitler

And absolutely nothing Trump says or does will alter it

The same worthless idiots will vote for whoever the next sewer rat Democrat nominee for President is simply because of the 'D' connected to their name

OJ Simpson could run for President in 2020 and we honestly believe he'd receive just as many votes as Hillary did..
Mostly simply don't have brains.. They are too branded.

And we honestly believe this.. Had Trump been the Democrat nominee and Hillary the Republican, the same bitches and bastards who daily try to destroy Trump would be showering him with love and adoration.

Since there are so many neo-con, profit-first fiscal Conservatives like those who work at the National Review that seem to despise Trump even more personally than the left, at least they'd be consistent no matter what party or principles Trump aligned himself with.
So ultimately we guess you just have to enjoy their suffering since Trump is going to stay President for the next 3.5 years whether they like it or not

And all this talk of impeachment..  Here's the reality..

You can impeach someone and they still stay in office because you need Both houses of Congress to agree..
The Democrats have none so unless they win both back in 2018 midterms, it is all a fantasy and pipe dream conjured up by desperate people unwilling to accept Hillary was a rancid cunt who did treated the 2016 campaign as a given and people unwilling to give Trump a chance

Bill Clinton was impeached by the House and saved by the Senate..  Ever see it bother him?
North Korea is a real problem but liberals have been and will always be a greater threat to this nation than any foreign entity

And unlike nutty world leaders, these irrational, unstable people don't go away