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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trump on Immigration & Trade

Today we're going to touch on two topics - immigration and trade

We will look at immigration because of the proposal that Trump mentioned yesterday and talk about trade because it is expected that tomorrow (Friday) he will be expressing something important on international trade and China
First.. Immigration..

If we are to understand what he said, Trump wants to see the immigration policy changed so we allow more educated, skilled workers while preventing those at the bottom of the economic and academic rung from entering..

He also wants to prevent anyone who can't speak English from entering and stop new immigrants from immediately being able to get on welfare
The very last part is the only thing we really fully agree with..

Everything else, we admit we're in this constant inner-debate, bouncing back n forth from 'good' to feeling ill about it

Before we begin let us state we're against illegal immigration but 100% believe in Legal; those rotten Democrats like to make it one and the same but it is not
Except for the American Indians, we're all descendants from immigrants in one form or another and the vast majority of those who stepped foot here outside of Britain and Ireland spoke at best very broken English and most of them, no English at all

We'd hate to imagine what this country would look like today if policy makers back in our nation's beginnings established a English-only rule to reside in the US

It is vital those who do arrive here learn English so we'd strongly support a condition that they must pass a basic English competency test to be a permanent resident but simply to get a temporary green card, we do disagree with.
As for working itself, it does sound great when you imagine stopping all these low-educated, impoverished foreigners coming over and 'stealing' jobs from those who live here but honestly think about the jobs those people do

How many US born citizens are willing to mop floors, clean toilets or stand out in the hot sun all day picking oranges and leaves of lettuce?

So if the goal is to encourage the educated while dissuading those not-so, then you're just encouraging people to come here and take the very good paying jobs away which decimates the middle class even more
We actually would prefer an immigration policy that puts restrictions on foreigners attending US colleges/universities especially on the Masters & Doctorate levels..

You come here to get the education.. You stay here to put it to good use..  Not take the knowledge back to your home country so only they benefit

So on the face of it, Trump's immigration plan sounds severely flawed though established with good intention..

Honestly as-is, we hope its never implemented but in a modified form, possibly we'll agree with it
So now onto trade and the important speech he plans to give tomorrow

The Trump administration is planning to begin a probe of what the U.S. sees as violations of intellectual property by China.

Against a backdrop of Trump’s frustrations with domestic policy, sliding approval ratings and disagreement with China over North Korea, the chances of protectionist action are rising, as is the probability of a "hot", retaliatory trade war.
So Trump is expected to make a speech and sign a memorandum at the White House tomorrow (Friday) that will target China's intellectual property and trade practices, effectively firing the first shot in what could escalate into a major US-China trade war.

This will be the opening salvo to several months of trade actions, and is expected to be followed by actions on steel and aluminum dumping — which could include tariffs and quotas — and subsequent measures to protect services.
This is all coming at a time when he has become increasingly frustrated with the level of support from Beijing (or severe lack thereof) to pressure Pyongyang to give up its nuclear and missile program.

You didn't think he kept saying President Xi was a good man for the last 6 months because he believed it, did you?  

Trump has said in the past that China would get better treatment on trade with the United States if it acted more forcefully against Pyongyang. Beijing has said its influence on North Korea is limited.
China has countered that trade between the two nations benefits both sides, and that Beijing is willing to improve trade ties and they believe there should be no link between North Korea's nuclear program and China-U.S. trade.

Administration officials also say Trump is doing this because of complaints he's heard from Silicon Valley executives saying Chinese IP theft is one of their biggest challenges.

So how to feel about this?

Once again its not a simple 'Yay' or Boo' response
China is a horrible, continual currency manipulators and has done great harm to our economy over the last few decades..

The two countries really hate each other deeply but are forced to need each other - We've borrowed at least $3 Trillion over the years to pay our bills which we're forever on the hook for and without the US who buys more stuff from China than any other nation, their economy crashes hard.

It is ironic though to think we borrow money from China to expand our military budget so we can build more planes, ships and warheads to possibly use against China

So anyways on the face of it, this action seems needed
Then again, the two countries business interests are so intertwined, you can't kill one without killing the other

So many Chinese businesses own what was once US enterprises..   For instance every time you go to the movies at an AMC theater, the money is really flowing up to a Chinese business

Then we have so many corporations in China like Google and Apple which are so lucrative for them, they willingly assist in censoring content to conform to the government while being ultra-liberal assholes in the US hard-pushing political correctness and social progressivism
And when you add the effects of a trade war with China along with the absolute needless antagonism of Russia and the desire of the European Union to seek economic revenge for it (guess they forgot Obama's Treasury Secretary directly bailed out the EU banks for hundreds of billions after the last crash)....

Well it feels like a scary economic future on the horizon for everyone
So we're not sure what to think when it comes to Trump on trade or immigration..

But when it comes to public policy, our outlook never changes no matter who is in office

Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst.