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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Liberals Are the New Fascists

The rottenness of the political and ideological left is everywhere..

In political saboteurs to Trump's policies like this one activist Circuit Court judge in Hawaii who for the Third time has stated the President's banning of certain illegals from 8 countries is unconstitutional (even though it is)
They are abundant in sports, not only the kneeling black shoeshine boys NFL players who call themselves social justice 'warriors' but in the Commissioner himself who teased everyone for over a week that the owners would meet Tuesday to stop players from kneeling

Instead the liberal bastard who said last year of Trump after he won the election, "Listen, it makes my job harder at home, too. I have twin daughters and a wife and so I have to explain that to them" decided to not only allow the monkeys to kneel but would work with them to do more for their causes

Ugh!  We told you the kneeling continues because Goodell wants it to
Liberal fucks are everywhere.. They dominate late night television, the world of comedy, and all facets of entertainment including that scumbag Harvey Weinstein who only after he's been booted from his company, is the rest of tinseltown now suddenly so "brave" with their stories and accusations..

 Speaking of Weinstein, seems he had a massive crush on his closet-dyke friend Hillary including the following email from 2012 referring to when he guest hosted Piers Morgan's show and interviewed Bill Clinton:

“Do you think calling Secretary Clinton the greatest Secretary of State of all time shows just a touch of my bias?..  Pres. Clinton is incredible. I hope our current president (Obama), who is as busy as can be, gets to see it.”
He also told Hillary that he tried to smear former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Donald Trump in the interview.

“I did my best to flatten Romney in a cool kind of way, and talked about how Donald Trump was uncool was the least I could do,”


Sorry to cuss but no G or PG rated word really applies
Speaking of fuckheads, among the most disgusting, despicable, parasitic liberal of them all is Hillary and it turns out according to the FBI, that through her Clinton Foundation she accepted a pay-for-play with Putin to approve their uranium deal back when she was Secretary of State


"Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.
Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.
The racketeering scheme was conducted “with the consent of higher level officials” in Russia who “shared the proceeds” from the kickbacks, one agent declared in an affidavit years later.

Rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, however, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continued investigating the matter for nearly four more years, essentially leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefiting Putin’s commercial nuclear ambitions."
That is the Obama controlled Department of Justice...

Hillary Clinton’s State Department was one of eight agencies to review and sign off on the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia.

However, the then-Secretary of State Clinton was the only agency head whose family foundation received $145 million in donations from multiple people connected to the uranium deal, as reported by the New York Times.
And this is the same corrupt cunt who has dared for the last year to blame Putin and Russia for her losing to Trump last November while all her worthless gullible Democrat minions gulp up the lie as truth..

The same bitch that refused to return $250,000 in Harvey Weinstein donations to her bullshit Foundation because "the money has already been spent"

The political left is so disgustingly evil, we just don't have the time or energy to express the countless ways they go about trying to destroy this nation from with and middle-fingering everyday people's values and love of nation
They are on a continual non-stop blitzkreig to attack everything from legal gun ownership to traditional heterosexual values to the belief of God to the importance of an America that puts its people and interests before that of the rest of the globe..

And they have infiltrated everything from movies/TV to music to books to sports to magazine content to both visual and print advertising to academia especially on a college/University level

How anyone can avoid all that Goebbels-like propaganda poison is beyond us and if you can still stay true to your convictions in spite of the bombardment, you really deserve a medal because you really are the Resistance