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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Not A Good Time to Possess a Penis in Hollywood..

For those who bother to follow movie/TV news, celeb gossip and the entertainment industry as a whole, its really a fascinating and amazing time at this moment..

We were not around during era of McCarthyism back in the 1950s that particularly rocked the movie industry with accusations left and right of everyone from actors to directors to costume designers being Communist.

Some were.. Some weren't but all it really took was someone somewhere publicly or privately accusing of such and that person's career was pretty much destroyed
Well that's happening again in Hollywood except instead of some government official leading the charge, its those within the industry itself

The pattern is always the same -  X sexually assaulted or harassed or raped someone many years ago, everyone of course 'knew' about it at the time but kept quiet and never thought of going to the authorities..

And only many years or decades later, when its completely safe, their career was established and zero chance of retribution or ability for accused to prove otherwise, is the accusation flung...
When these 'victims' come forward after expressing how these terrible men hurt them during the Clinton years, the rest of the Hollywood community calls them 'brave' and 'courageous' and 'warriors'

We read the other day how Gwyneth Paltrow was so proud of herself for coming forward and doing her small part..

Um, yes Gwyneth - you made your accusation against Harvey Weinsten 25+ years after it supposedly happened, and after he was personally responsible for giving you nearly every acting role you had during the 1990s including your Oscar for 'Shakespeare in Love', a film he produced..

Now that she is extremely wealthy and famous and he lost all his power and sway in the industry, did the toothpick 'bravely' tell her story..   Yes.. Way to Go, woman!
Are we saying all these women are liars?    No..  not all..   We think many are sincere..

But we do not believe they're all telling the truth or coming out with their stories for sincere motives either

We could accuse some famous person of touching our genitals and there would probably be some media outlet somewhere that would actually give us a venue to give specifics and dish the dirt..

Wouldn't matter that of course this never occurred.. If it gets clicks on Internet to show advertisers people are looking, what does that outlet have to lose?
Every day someone is accused of something..

 A couple weeks ago Adam Sandler was accused of sexual harassment or being inappropriate because on a British talk show, he had his hand on an actress' knee for a couple moments

Jeez!  Really?!   -- The only "crime" he's ever committed is casting every friend and immediate family member in practically every single film he's done..

Dustin Hoffman was also accused of sexual harassment while on set 30 years ago filming the movie version of 'Death of a Salesman'..    That's the Reagan years folks..

When all the Kevin Spacey stuff came out in the press a day or two later, then the focus moved to him
Yep Yep.. sure seems everyone is being accused of something..

Character actor Jeffrey Tambor (Larry Sanders Show, Arrested Development) has recently been accused of sexual harassment; he vehemently denies it

Another character actor Jeremy Piven (Entourage) has been accused to inappropriately touching a Playboy playmate's breast at a Playboy Mansion party many years back and the thigh of an actress on the Entourage set about 10-15years ago

Portia di Rossi, lesbian pretend wife to Ellen Degeneres recently accused former actor Steven Seagal  of unzipping his pants during an audition many years ago; she was so 'traumatized' that she made millions of dollars having a successful career and being partners with a deeply unfunny daytime talk show host/cash cow
Some actor we never heard of named Robert Knepper from a show we never watched called 'Prison Break' was also accused very recently of sexual assault..  We didn't bother to read the particulars

Even Charlie Sheen has been accused of sexual assault which on the surface would elicit no shock or surprise whatsoever

But his alleged victim according to former child actor Corey Feldman, was his best friend, former child actor Corey Haim while he and Sheen working together back in the mid 1980s on a film..  If true (and really who knows) Haim was 13 at the time and Sheen was 19
That's 5 people accused of doing terrible things in the past by people in just the last 48 hours!  And all follow the same pattern - accusers quiet for many many year and Now telling their story

Then add all the people coming out of the woodwork like termites to say they were sexually harassed or assaulted in some way at some point in their career and you just have to shake your head and say 'what the fuck!'

We're still waiting for the first woman or man to have the guts to publicly accuse a woman in a position of power of sexually harassing them or committing assault sexually..
So is it that the entertainment industry is a complete cesspool filled top to bottom with despicable people (which admittedly isn't a stretch to think since 95% of that profession vote Democrat)..

Or there's a lot of liars and bullshitters with axes to grind that may often have more to do with being professionally or personally jilted then genuine criminality against them, and this is the perfect moment to strike back

Honestly its a combination..
Been this way since its inception over 100 years ago..   So why would Hollywood eat their own in this public way now at this moment?

Simple - Its all part of identity power politics..

Many militant leftist-leaning people in that industry particularly women resent that men by and large possess all the power - to hire/fire, negotiate contracts, etc..

This is a golden opportunity for them to force through accusations of misogyny and sexual inappropriateness those 'evil' men to lose their position of dominance and have women take on more of a power presence in the upper echelons of the industry.
A lot of these bitter bitches being the same people still deeply resentful that their gal Hillary didn't break the imaginary non-existent 'glass ceiling' last year and feel Trump got away with demeaning women by winning

So they're taking out their wrath on others when subconsciously or consciously its directed at the President and those they deem like him..

Everything is political to the far left..  Everything is about hurting the white heterosexual man
The only reason people are so angry and furious with Kevin Spacey is in his weak apology, he comes out of the closet as a gay man officially and equates his behavior with being homosexual

In Hollywood, you can rape and kill 100 children then cannibalize their bodies and chances are you will still get work and be defended by all.. 

Remember, this is the same industry that rewarded child rapist director Roman Polanski who fleed the country in the 1970s to avoid facing criminal charges, with an Oscar and long standing ovation..
Recently 5 more women have accused him of sexually assaulting them when minors bringing the official number to 10..

Hollywood like Switzerland which safe-harbors him just shrugs

So the lesson is do what you want but don't do anything to set back a social progressive cause like the LBGTQ movement or black exceptionalism..  Then they will devour you to pieces
White heterosexual men in that industry are scared shitless and as well they should be..  At least the consolation is that these accused men are all liberal Democrats..

See what happens when you allow political correctness and social progressivism to run amok

Hell has no fury like a woman in Hollywood who can't get career advancement simply by flirting and showing some cleavage..