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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

When Natural Disasters Have Nothing To Do With Global Warming

~ The Detroit News - Nov. 13, 1913

Whenever there's a seismic natural disaster like a hurricane, tsunami or major snowstorm, the rotten to the core liberals love to instantly bring up the term 'global warming' as if its the fault of all of us..

If we didn't consume so much.. if we didn't recycle more..  if corporations and countries showed more concern for the ecosystem, much if not all the devastation would have been averted

So many gullible people honestly believe this
Here's just one of many examples why its absolutely not true..

On this day in history 104 years ago - November 7, 1913,  began the infamous Great Lakes Storm historically referred to as the "Big Blow," the "Freshwater Fury," or the "White Hurricane,"

It was a blizzard with hurricane-force winds that devastated the Great Lakes Basin in the Midwestern United States and the Ottawa, Canada province for 4 days, being powerful on November 9.  The storm battered and overturned ships on four of the five Great Lakes, particularly Lake Huron.
The Great Lakes Storm was to this day, the deadliest and most destructive natural disaster to hit the lakes in recorded history killing at least 300 people, destroying 19 ships, and leaving stranded 19 others.

The financial loss in vessels alone was nearly $5 million which in today's dollars would be around $121,162,000

The winter cyclone produced 90 mph wind gusts, waves over 35 feet high, and whiteout snow squalls.
During the last day of the storm, it hit Cleveland very hard leaving a 22 inch snowfall which left the city paralyzed for days before snow could be removed from streets and begin some sense of normalcy.

In addition, there were four-foot snowdrifts around Lake Huron and power was out for several days across Cleveland into Michigan and Ontario, cutting off telephone and telegraph communications. Other areas such as Chicago and Milwaukee were hit very hard as well..

Now if something like that happened today, all the liberals would blame global warming.. or Trump..  That's just how they are.. 

But like everything else liberals believe, they're full of garbage
Now let's take a look at hurricanes a moment - the devastation of Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico by 3 separate hurricanes earlier this year has given the political left ammo to try to blame the destruction on corporations and man's gluttony to consume and not recycle thus destroying the ozone, etc..

Did you know the first recorded hurricane report in the Western hemisphere by a European occurred in 1495?  That was 522 years ago..

It came from the great Christopher Columbus, who encountered a tropical storm on one of his voyages to the New World. He later declared that "nothing but the service of God and the extension of the monarchy'' would induce him to expose himself to such danger
The next recorded hurricane took place in 1559 when it wrecked a Spanish expedition sinking practically all of a 74 ship fleet which was sent to recapture Florida from the French. Only one ship survived and founded a colony near Pensacola, Fla.

A few years later in 1565 the French lose their bid to control the Atlantic coast of North America when a hurricane smashes their fleet, allowing the Spanish to capture Fort Carolina, near present-day Jacksonville, Fla.

In 1609 a ship called the Sea Venture was bound for Virginia to relieve the starving Jamestown colonists when a hurricane crippled it and ultimately many of the 150 men, women and children aboard found safety on the Bermuda Islands.
In 1635 there was a massive hurricane recorded in present day Massachusetts where the eye passed between Boston and Plymouth and caused a twenty-foot tide in Boston.   Gov. William Bradford reported, "It blew down many hundred, thousands of trees," and many houses.

Many other hurricanes were recorded as touching down in the colonies and Caribbean from the 1700's onward and they were as scary and devastating them as they are today.
So what's the point? 

Simple..  Acts of God regarding the weather just happen

It is simply part of a never-ending all-encompassing political narrative by liberals that man is at fault and to blame for everything, that we as people and especially as Americans think too highly of ourselves and the only way to save the world is for man (specifically Americans) to humble themselves and submit politically, socially and environmentally to the superiority of the global society.

Thanks but um, No..