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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sincere Longing For A Return of Trump the 'Bastard'

In today's posting we're going to keep it simple and sweet..

When we voted for President Trump this past November we wanted certain things of him and little of it had to do with actual policy

We did not care one way or another about health care because as stated last week, as long as one person who earns a living is obligated to get insurance whether he/she wishes so to pay for someone else, that is socialism-communism

So as long as that aspect remains, any and all other adjustments mean nothing to us
We also did not care about lowering taxes because while it sounds great to pay less, currently the nation spends $591 million more annually than it brings in

So lowering taxes while not lowering spending in kind means greater deficit and that means less $$ to states and local governments who need Federal money to survive..

And we absolutely are against the lowering of corporate taxes because most of those profits will not go to job creation but rather to shareholders.    Plus many corporations today are social-progressive liberal and use their influence to try to mold public policy in that direction
We also didn't care about building a wall..

We're all for keeping illegal immigrants from entering the nation but there's so many illegals still here that also need to be forcibly removed and we're not just speaking of the criminal element

Businesses that are caught using undocumented workers need either harsher penalties imposed or to be forcibly shut down so to discourage others

And we sure as shit did not want a race-panderer as President because we already have had that for decades and all that black ass kissing and ball-licking has not improved race relations one bit

In fact the opposite..  It just emboldened the enemy
So why did we vote for Trump and actively support him over 18 months?

Before we begin to answer that, we hope you the reader ask yourself the same question (assuming you did vote Trump) and then privately assess in an honest way if he's done or seems like he will do what you seek of him

For us, the first thing we wanted out of Trump was for him to be the exact same person as President who strongly and aggressively put down that vile bitch Megyn Kelly during the first GOP candidate debate back in early 2016

An aggressive bastard (we say that in a very positive way)
We got a small glimpse of the Trump we love during that famous press conference dressing down of the press a month ago

But now that he's essentially the most powerful man in the free world, we want to see That specific Trump go after the media, take down SNL and all the entities we've discussed here ad nauseum with sincere Fury, doing everything legally to make those mindless animals come to heel

So all that we've written about often so let's move beyond it..
We also want Trump to crush the Koch Brothers funded establishment wing of the Republican Party.. Garbage like that cadaver John McCain and his butt-buddy Sen Lindsay Graham of SC.. who spew more hate about Trump in interviews than they ever did with that colored bastard who preceded him

Maybe this can not truly happen until mid-terms when he's out on the campaign trail but if Trump does not start getting some political victories under his belt soon, even his most vocal congressional supporters will not seek his endorsement in 2018

And if Trump thinks he can't get anything done now, just wait until those soulless pieces of shit Democrats take back the House and/or Senate
This specific Donald Trump whom we see speak every day in speeches and meet n' greet sessions on CSPAN and online is not the person we excitedly supported all throughout that long, grueling election

We wanted a fighter.  An attack dog..

We wanted a sharp-toothed, acid-tongued, cruel as necessary, vicious, dangerous pitbull who would really fight to 'drain the swamp' and even More importantly, take whatever steps necessary to completely alter this PC social-progressive direction the society continues to be navigating

Once again.. We wanted the same bastard candidate who continually put down Hillary as the rancid corrupt cunt she was/is to be the Same person as President!
If yours truly was President, I would do everything humanly possible to fight political correctness and social liberalism starting with the Supreme Court challenging of the legal validity of gay marriage seeking to forever overturn it and force them back into partnerships

And once and for all decide if we were to be a nation that was pro-life or pro-killing of fetuses, and do so once I got my Supreme Court choice approved to ensure I would get my 5-4 court victories
I as President would also work with Congress to completely dismantle the Telecommunications Act signed by Bill Clinton which allows a few mega-corporations to own dozens of TV channels and hundreds, if not thousands of radio stations across the nation

At the very least, I would make the possibility of such a law passing be so possible that I would get these corporate owners to put their own foots on their news agencies to report my Presidency fairly, and in the case of Comcast which owns NBC among other networks, force them to cancel SNL or at least push its old-fart producer Lorne Michaels into retirement
As a spite move I'd even get personally involved with what looks to ultimately be another writer's strike in Hollywood except I would side with the producers and crush the writers' union (and any other Hollywood union if opportunity presented) like Reagan dealt with the air-traffic controllers when they went on strike in 1981

I would also push for a law that pulls all Federal funding (grants, student loans, endowments, etc) to any public or private college or university that discriminated against people with conservative points of view including hiring of Professors, guest lecturers, etc

On the K-12 level, I'd work hard to do away with specialized history..  There's no 'black' history or women's history or any other group history..  There is Our history as one nation.. one people..  Period
Most importantly I would set up a major Battle Royale with the Treaury to at least start the process of the eventual dismantling of the Federal Reserve which is nothing more than a parasite; a cancer upon our nation killing its host ('we the people') slowly by being the ultimate puppet master pulling our strings to an ultimate globalized One-World where national identity means nothing

We did not vote for Trump so he could be a typical business-as-usual President or panderer of every race, gender, ethnicity, background and sexual identity (He actually wasted his precious time last Friday celebrating Greek culture for fuck sake!)
With all respect and reference meant, we voted for Trump to be a mean, rotten, aggressive bastard who would treat his enemies (which are also the enemies of the nation) in the manner they deserved

To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt who once said 'Speak softly and carry a big stick',  Trump needs to 'Tweet viciously and swing that big stick savagely'

If he doesn't start fighting back, begin to really put a serious hurting to his (and the nation's) domestic enemies and once again become the Trump that millions upon millions passionately voted, his Presidency in terms of it mattering will pretty much be over by the summer

Stop being Mr Nice Guy, President Trump and once again be a Bastard..

Friday, March 24, 2017

A True Understanding of the Hypocritical Left

This post might be a little repetitive especially for those who check in and read us loyally but sometimes it is necessary to really drive important points home

We wanted to take a little time to break down the absolute hypocrisy which are pretty much all liberals, especially in how they treat conservatives and really anyone who does not share their zealous Utopian view of how America should be
They say they want a society that is 'tolerance' toward others yet have none for anyone who thinks their beliefs are wrong

They say they want everyone to 'coexist' and love one another yet feel no love in their heart for those who don't like the direction society is headed and if they had their way, would politically disenfranchise them

They also say they are vehemently against bullying unless of course they are the ones doing it toward someone on the political right or someone of faith
They say through their silly yard signs that 'hate has no home' in their domicile yet deeply Hate and despise Trump with an irrational fury, along with all those who voted for and currently support him

They demand all the protections of the 1st Amendment when they scream how Trump is a Nazi and a fascist dictator during their George Soros-funded protests yet want to censor any and all speech they deem 'hate' based on their limited definition of the word

On and on..
Truth is these people on the left are insincere, disingenuous phonies worthy of a good spitting on the face

Tolerance and the notion of coexistence means you do it for All people, not picking and choosing some vs others..

It means you accept blacks and whites and gays and straight and every other group, and one is not made to be superior or given more power than another

It means you Also accept those who do Not accept blacks and whites and gays, etc..  You treat them with the same respect and dignity as anyone else and tolerate their different points of view as long as they do not cross the line into threats/intimidation, violence or anything infringing upon another's pursuit of happiness
But we don't have honest dialogue anymore on race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else what we all deal with in society day to day

Who knows.. maybe we never have

Not only do we not talk to each other when there's differences, we don't even talk through each other..

We just don't talk...   We don't talk to each other on Anything..
This is because it takes two to tango in a conversation of real depth where those of differing backgrounds and points of view want to make inroads

It means compromises and mutual acknowledgement of being wrong

In this society, when it comes to blacks and white, only whites are wrong and blacks never admit all the areas where they've contributed to the deteriorated state of race relations
Homosexuals never admit or acknowledge their sexual proclivities may be even vile, disgusting and/or immoral to others; there's no desire to try to bridge the divide so straight people can actually stand or understand them instead of this phony-empty PC 'not my concern what two consenting adults do' refrain we all say..

Same with people of different ethnicities and religions who will never admit to the so-called 'WASP' that anything they do has a direct causation to others possibly not liking them

No group is perfect and every group has faults and things about them generally speaking with absolutely irritate the other..

But to use a very crude cliche, liberals seem to think their shit don't stink and that they are morally superior.. Hardly..
Truth is historically speaking, Democrats are the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, anti-Semitism and anti-Immigrants..

It was a Democrat President (James Buchanan) who did absolutely nothing to stop South Carolina and other southern states from seceding and mobilizing an army in the months of 1861 before Lincoln took office

It was the Democrat Party who sold their political souls by agreeing to allow the Republican Presidential nominee in 1876 to win the election as part of a grand compromise to end Reconstruction so they could roll back all the rights blacks had been given since war's end
It was a Democrat President (FDR) that turned back the steamship St Louis carrying hundreds of Jewish people of all ages seeking to flee the Nazis, essentially sending them to their ultimate deaths and the same person who put Japanese people in internment camps during WWII

And as actor Robert Duvall once stated when asked how he could be an actor and yet a Republican, "All the atrocities against blacks in the South were committed by Democratic sheriffs."
These liberal Democrat pieces of crap have no moral high ground to stand on..

They have quite a rotten history actually..

So its important to know thy enemy and when comes to liberals and their hypocritical views and actions, they are really completely full of it..

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Panderer in Chief

~ 'We're here.. We're proud n' defiant.. We control things and if you don't like that, you're a racist..'

We saw today that President Trump met with the Congressional Black Caucus today..

No doubt their message was basically 'We're important and exceptional, and you better coddle to us or we will destroy you..'

And Trump probably responded something like 'Yes you are and yes I will' and the dark people smiled and felt even more smug and superior than when the meeting began
What Trump should have said in a professional way is something like, 'Go fuck yourself.. Stop acting like your race is superior.. You have a lot of problems in your community and pretty much they're All your fault.. So stop acting like your lives matter more.. They don't!'

But instead Trump panders to these bastards

He makes a big deal about MLK in one speech and Black History Month in another; he also attends the opening of some black history museum in Washington, and signs some executive order the Only benefits black colleges

And he keeps calling these god-damn people 'Afr-Amer'!

Any group that needs a hyphenated title that promotes where they came from as more important than where they are currently in order to feel good about themselves is as Pathetic as they come
It is absolutely bile-in-the-throat inducing how much Trump continually panders to a group that only represent about 14% of the population and which probably at best maybe 7% voted for him

Maybe the President is confused.. Maybe he thinks he's the leader of an African nation..

Or maybe Trump forgets that the vast majority who voted for him were white..
They were not racist, black hating whites..

They were Caucasians rightly and justly tired of seeing blacks, browns, reds, yellows and every other shade of grey and gay get special preferential treatment by government, especially from Obama

By and large, his voters did not support him because they wanted to see corporations get massive tax cuts or really care where Harley Davidsons and air-conditioners are made

They wanted good paying jobs and wanted to feel that once again they were important, had a voice and good things were coming to them after decades of being made to feel like outcasts in their own country
Blacks did little to nothing to help Trump win..

They didn't vote for him and sure as shit didn't donate to his campaign..

The absolute last thing blacks collectively-speaking deserve in a Trump administration is to be put upon a pedestal

Admittedly we feel less and less optimistic about Trump by the day..
We certainly know the other option, Hillary would have been horrific but it does not alter the gloom we're feeling right now

We don't care if Obamacare is repealed or replaced or revised..

As long as it is mandatory that you buy healthcare even if you do not want it so others can be covered, that is socialism-communism, so every other particular is salad dressing
We don't care if corporations save taxes or our taxes go down a little bit..

We owe $20 trillion dollars and that number will keep going up until it is so high, that establishment Republicans finally have the excuse and political cover to gut medicare, social security, government worker pensions and every other 'entitlement' they don't think everyday folk are entitled to

Or maybe they'll just pass a law where only non-Caucasians keep their benefits and 'whitey' gets kicked off..  Nothing would surprise us in terms of the direction this nation is going in terms of race pandering
And we really don't care about the wall either..

We've had a wall of sorts with Mexico for over 100 years and those dirt people still keep sneaking through and take advantage of every good thing about our nation from education to healthcare while the middle class continually pays the tab

What is instead needed is using the money to increase border patrol by 5 to 10x whatever is currently there be much more physically aggressive toward those captured so to deter future attempts to cross over illegally

On and on and on..
In America, there are basically two kinds of problems for Trump to deal with

One is the kind that is always there decade after decade no matter who is in office..  The economy, fighting crime, the war on drugs, keeping the nation safe from threats abroad, etc

Then there's the problems that if not created over the last 8 years, have certainly been exaserbated by that former President Oreo cookie

The worst of which being that too many people of certain groups feeling too powerful and influential because the left (and right) has emboldened them and filled their head with constant lies that they 'matter' and too many people of other groups are put into secondary status and everything done to make sure they forever stay there
Trump was Not elected to make the lives of black people better..

Sorry but that is just a fact..   93% of them voted for rancid bitch Hillary

Trump was elected to make the lives of All Americans better without focusing on bettering one group more than another

That means no pandering!

But blacks don't like that..   They're used to getting handouts..

They used to beg and humble themselves.. Now they just demand and threaten

Blacks want that preferential treatment and exceptional status

And history has shown they don't value or respect any act of kindness a Conservative does..

Bush Sr selects Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice back in 1989...

"No No.. we want a Real black selected!"
Bush Jr puts Colin Powell and Condi Rice in high positions of power in Cabinet..

"No No.. We don't respect house niggers"

Colin Powell then endorses Obama in 2008..

"That Powell sho' is a great man!"
Shamefully Trump seems to give them far more respect then warranted and like so many other decisions he's made lately, it does not seem to make a bit of sense

Malcolm X's birthday is coming up on May 19th..  Had that rotten man lived, he would be turning 93 on that date..

Wonder if Trump will tweet something to celebrate it so all the militant black pieces of shit will feel good

Or will his pathetic pandering to people who will always hate him finally have some kind of limit?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Far Left are the Nazis of 2017 America

~ The Far Left would love to do this to Trump supporters if they could..

We read last night that the Anne Frank Institute was upset that actor Tim Allen compared the treatment of conservatives in Hollywood like it was 1930's Germany, expressing among other things that his comparison was highly inappropriate and offensive

Funny how they weren't offended in the least when every piece of shit political activist liberal actor compared Trump to Hitler repeatedly during the past election..,

'Trump-Hitler.. Trump-Hitler..'     Again and again and again...

Nope the Institute didn't seem bothered a bit..
Truth is that not only is the comparison Allen used very accurate but applies not only to the entertainment community but nation at large

Say something negative about a minority or against something the fringe believes in like gay marriage and you will most likely lose your job or if you have a business, you will be boycotted with the intent to put you into bankruptcy

If you place a pro-Trump sign on your car or home, expect it to be vandalized

Of course if you're a fucking liberal with a 'I'm with Her' pro-Hillary bumper sticker still on your car or an insipid 'Hate has no home here' sign on your lawn, no one will do anything to it
If you express any opinion that goes against social progressivism or political correctness, especially if you are someone who is known in your community, expect to be harrassed, bullied and of course ostracized

We've no doubt if the far left could get away with it, all conservatives would be forced to sew yellow 5 pointed stars with 'GOP' on clothing so they could know who to spit on and beat up on the street

For those who do not know their history, when Hitler came to power in Germany, he did not just immediately put all Jews on trains and ship them to their deaths..  That took place in the 1940s

In the 1930s Jewish people were made both by German law and the greater society around them to be made to feel and treated like 3rd class citizens and sub-human
And because Jewish people did little to nothing to fight it, mostly due to powerlessness and an assumption by many of them that it was temporary and things would calm, instead it got worse and worse until one day they weren't allowed to stay married to non-Jews or keep their jobs and were kicked out of schools then put into ghettos..

Now we are not saying that the fate of conservatives in this country will exactly mirror the fate of the Jews in 1930s Germany but we Are saying that if the far left Could do it, they Absolutelywould

Their hatred of anyone who is not on board with globalism, America-last and ashamed of being white or straight is that deep; to them,  we need to be wiped off the map
Understand we're not talking about moderates or even sane Democrats..  We're talking about George Soros backed far left and even in election defeat, they're more powerful and are more angry to act than you realize

They are used to being coddled by Obama, they want the country their way and have absolutely no tolerance for difference of opinion or desire for coexistence with those of the political right, in spite of their cutesy-cute bumper stickers

We thought when Trump won in November, he would use his power of the Presidency and especially the bully pulpit to go hard after the left and stomp them out with all legal resources at his disposal
We are believing now that instead, Trump wants those left-wing enemies of the State to be as vocal as they wish and deep down loves SNL mocking him because it creates the foil that he can use to rally his base around and blame if/when anything he does ends up not succeeding

Trump really has no clue how dangerous the left is, especially the Soros-backed leftist fringe of paid protesters and agitators who really are violent inside and not content with just anti-Trump marches and speeches
Presidents are really often isolated from the real world and are oblivious of the mood on the proverbial 'street', especially when another Presidential election isn't for 44 months

So Trump's focus is on dealing with rotten congressional Democrats, saboteur traitorous congressional Republicans, greedy self-serving corporate CEOs and world leaders with agendas of their own

So it really us up to us to stand up to outspoken liberals who seek to try to put us down and stifle our opinions, whether it be people we know in our day to day life or the bigger picture i.e. the media, entertainment community, etc..
Whether through galvanizing our own peaceful protests and boycotts to direct face to face confrontation with agitators, we as individuals and collectively must figure how to fight back in meaningful & forceful ways that have real impact

Otherwise we are going to become a 3rd class people in our nation regardless of whether the guy or gal we voted for wins the Presidency

Said it before. Say it now.. Will say it again later..

The greatest threat to this nation is not ISIS or Iran or North Korea..

It is from within.. They are called liberals..
They live and work among us.. They teach i.e. indoctrinate our students and control entertainment and news media by pushing constant propaganda as to how to think and act

In 2017 America, we are looked at similar to how evil Germany of the 1930s viewed the Jews

And if you can not see that, then you are an ostrich.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump: A Critical but Fair Two-Month Report Card..

Today marks two full months since Trump was inaugurated and since we gave him grades after two weeks and one month, we might as well do it for 60 days in office..

As we've stated often, we support Trump and have since he announced he was running for President back in 2015 but that does not mean we are suck-ups either..   

Where we feel there's warranted criticism, we will express it with of course the difference between us here at A&G and say the Crap News Network (CNN) is that we aren't doing it with sadistic glee and a desire to see him fail

Quite the opposite.. 
If we had to think of one word to describe Trump's Presidency thus far, it would be this:


It is just all over the place, with no clear contingency strategies when things do not go as planned, and he is just too easily distracted by people and things that really have little to no importance

The best example of this is the executive orders he has signed trying to block people from certain countries until a more efficient vetting procedure is in place
Let's give the benefit of the doubt that being a political novice, he did not expect the 9th Circuit Court in Washington State to block his first directive..   So what happened immediately afterward?

Well because the Supreme Court is 4-4 until his nominee is confirmed, it meant he could not take his appeal there because a tied vote would mean the 9th Court's decision was upheld..

So realizing there was no friendly court available to overturn the decision, Trump withdrew the first order and a couple weeks letter signed what he called a watered down version..
The question then becomes, "Why now?!"

Why not wait until late spring or early summer when his appointee gets confirmed, Then put the order into effect, knowing that any Circuit Court that appealed, he ultimately would get a victory by having it overturned 5-4?

It is called lining up your ducks in a row..

In the first year of law school you're taught never ask a question of a witness to which you do not already know the answer..  Never let yourself be blindsided or unprepared to where you can not follow up and re-direct questioning
This Presidency so far is just not thought out..  It is impulsive decision making from someone used to simply getting his way as CEO of a corporation

And it is really too much too soon.. a 4 year agenda of campaign promises packed into the first 100 days.

Then let's look at the diplomatic situation involving North Korea
Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson stated last Friday that basically diplomatic strategies were at an end and everything was on the table including the option of a preliminary strike

Seriously?  On North Korea?   

A preliminary strike on a nation run by a dictator who unlike Saddam or Ghaddafi actually Has nuclear weapons?  

Why say it openly and so cavalier?   Hasn't any consideration been given 2 or 3 steps ahead as to what their reaction might be to a strike or how it would effect the world?
Everything has consequences especially at that level and words have meaning..  Unless eventually shown otherwise, the perception just seems to be that he's making decisions without any forward thinking

It reminds us of a military General just itching for a fight so he sends masses of troops to meet the enemy so he can get this big overwhelming victory while not taking the time to focus on the logistics of how to get troops from A to B or how they are to be fed or supplied or given proper munitions or what happens next if the enemy doesn't fight exactly as planned..

Kind of like the potential for a political version of Napoleon in Russia

All that matters is the moment and when the slightest deviation occurs, that General is not prepared or capable to make adjustments
We hope Trump proves us wrong  because none of our criticisms are made with happiness but right now that's what we're sensing because this is how it is appearing..

We also can not stand how much race, gender and ethnicity pandering Trump is doing..  It is both disgusting and pathetic..

Can't think of any other President whether Dem or Rep who has gone out of his way to kiss the asses of so many groups of people that hate him..
The other day yours truly was driving home and the car in front had some bumper stickers.. One was the LGBT rainbow flag and the other was a sticker that said 'Love Trumps Hate'

Think he or she will ever change their view of the Donald?    So why bother??

Besides, lets be honest.. it was white working men that overwhelmingly supported Trump more than any other group and got him into office

Think Trump will ever honor them openly?
The last big criticism of Trump we have thus far is quite frankly, he bitches too much on things..

We don't mind venting..  We just hate bitching..

So what's the difference?

When you complain about things you can not control or are out of your hands, like bad weather, a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, why it costs so much to buy a home, etc.. that is venting
When you complain about things in life you Can control in some way like the price of movie tickets (you can always rent a movie at home instead)  or nothing ever good on the car radio (you could listen to CDs or just plug in your iPad), that is bitching..

And when it comes to things like the news media and SNL, Trump as the most powerful man in the free world Does have the power to make life hell for these entities if so choosing

He just chooses to play victim and gain sympathy points among a lot of his base..
There are ways a President can punish media without necessarily going the Lincoln route of shutting down their offices and arresting publishers and writers

He can prevent them access when giving news conferences and daily press briefings..  

He can deny them access to travel on Air Force One when he goes places to deliver speeches or meet with leaders..  

He can direct everyone working under him to not publicly grant any interviews or respond to any questions (and fire anyone who talks to unfriendly media off the record)
Trump also if he wanted could direct Congress to adopt legislation that breaks up media monopolies so that there were limits on how many TV or radio stations a corporation may own (something that was in place until scumbag Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act allowing this media behemoths to exist

He could also severe arm-twist NBC and parent company Comcast to either take SNL off the air or at least push considerable pressure upon them to change the tone of the skits so not so vicious and hateful

As said before, Trump just chooses to bitch
So because of all this, we are forced to give Trump a borderline grade of B- to C+ for his first two months in office..

He's done many great things thus far but there is a lot of room for improvement because right now things just feel very disorganized and lacking any cohesion or the sense things are thought out in regard to strategy or contingency..  

And if Trump thought the rejection of his second vetting order by the same 9th Circuit Court (this time in Hawaii) was unfair and unexpected, just wait until all the appeals over his overhaul of Obamacare
Those pieces of garbage on the left have enough made-up fake things to go after Trump (Russia & Putin for one) without him giving the enemy any additional ammunition..

We hope by the next report card period, we can give Trump a much higher grade..

It's still early but perception can quickly become reality