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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How Brainwashing Occurs or '250 Pages of Hell called 'Elle''

~ October 2018 cover of 'Elle'

So in today's deeply messed up society, what constitutes beauty, attractiveness, sexiness and everything visually appealing about a woman?

We can tell you it isn't being Caucasian

Even though white women from all over the spectrum from America and Canada to Ireland and the British Isles to Continental Europe to Australia/New Zealand are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and smart and wonderful in every way..

To the liberal white guilt/shame world that controls every aspect of pop culture, only colored women are attractive
It really is sickening to pick up a women's magazine and be bombarded with this garbage because overall black women and mulattoes are really not all that attractive but shh, don't tell those who put out Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, etc..

Seems they're stunning and we're just blechh..

So rather than write and write on why it is absolutely 100% false that black women are 'beautiful' and how genuinely horrible this pop-culture hard-push is for you believe this lie, yours truly is going to go through my latest issue of Elle, the one with Selena Gomez on the cover
Every time a black or mixed-race female is in an ad or the focus of an article on style, beauty tips, etc we're going to point it out

At first I was going to make it a drinking game - a sip of wine every time I came across a black or mixed woman but I don't wish to get absolutely blotto drunk

So let's begin..
Page 2-3: Hermes ad.. 3 women in the ad, one black as coal

Page 18:  Fendi ad.. A bald-headed mulatto selling expensive handbags

Pg 20:  Valentino ad ..  Another black bald model with skin as dark as onyx selling expensive clothing

Pg 32:  Under Elle's 'Calendar' section, black singer Lauren Hill is shown hawking her new clothing line
Pg 38+39:  Calvin Klein ad..  A couple dozen vapid looking, emaciated young women and men with 20% at least being black or bi-racial

Pg 40: Coach ad..  Colored girl sporting expensive sunglasses she probably could not afford if she had to buy with cash only

Pg 56+ 57:  Maybelline ad.. Two black women of different color shades, one mulatto and the other octroon (1/8th black) used by company to depict 'beauty' to sell their product to white women

Pg 59:  Loreal Ad..  Black woman used to sell shampoo
Jesus, I've just about gotten to page 60! 

So many brands I need to boycott..  Continuing..

Pg 83:  Covergirl cosmetics:  A mocha skinned black woman with short hair is the model

Pg 86:  Tiffany and Co.:  They're marketing a new perfume that is supposed to be erotic, seductive and attract men (or dykes if one goes that way) so of course a trashy looking colored urbanite girl with tattoos is the 'perfect' person to choose to sell a $150 scent
Pg 89:  Neutrogena ad:  Kerry Washington, the liberal black bitch celebrity is the choice to sell makeup with sunscreen because we all know that of all the various races out there, blacks most need to worry about sunburn

Pg 91:  Kohls ad:  A nicely built white female and a black porker with stereotypical nappy hair frizz selling 'style' to women on a fixed budget

Pg 113:  BCBG Max Azria ad..  Two extremely thin women who look like they came out of a Concentration Camp, one white, one quadroon (1/4th black) used to sell very expensive clothing

Pg 115:  Timex ad..  Another black woman used as a model to represent all women with friz hair
Pg 123: G-Star ad.. A company I never heard of using two mulatto young women with extremely short hair to sell jeans

Pg 125:  TreSemme ad..  A girl who looks like she is mostly white with a few drops of black blood in her based on her hair and negroid nose is the model used to sell shampoo

Pg 126:  JC Penney ad..  A black family of 5 depicted, all smiles

Pg 129:  Pond's Skin Creme:  Black model once again used
Pg 135:  Photo of black runway model used for Elle's "The One On.." section

Pg 136:  Second Loreal Ad..  This time selling makeup sticks.. two models used; one white and the other..  well you know..

HPg 137:  A black woman in braids for Elle's "Beauty' section as they tell white girls how to make their hair look like a black woman..  On the following page are 4 more women, 3 black and one hispanic

God.. so nauseating..
When the fuck did 'Elle' become 'Essence'?!

No wonder so many emasculated metrosexual white loser men seem to want to date black girls.. It's all that is pushed in all segments of pop culture


Pg 140:  The 'Beauty' section continued with mulatto actress Zoe Kravitz as she tells whites and others how to look and feel beautiful and what products she uses; in photo she proudly displayes many classless and meaningless tattoos on her right arm and shoulder area

Pg 143:  A Third Loreal ad..  The Third G-D ad of theirs to have a black woman depicted, this time for mascara

Pg 148:  Continuing under 'Beauty', a segment called 'beauty secrets' with the black as tar actress Lupita Nyongo

Pg 151:  Pure Botanicals ad..  Of course purity along with freshness, cleanliness and everything genuinely beautiful is a white woman but nope.. they have a supremely pitch black skinned model smelling a white flower..

Pgs 156-160:  An Elle segment called 'Power Moves' as part of their Fall Beauty Report talking about vibrant hair, glowing skin, bold makeup..   Another fucking black girl, except this one is quadroon..
Rrrrrr...  Gawd I want to stop sooo much but I must finish this horrible magazine to get this point super-clearly made

Pg 175:  Toyota ad:  This is a Corolla ad and what's interesting is they have two young women jumping up in excitement, one white and one black with nappy hair frizzed out.

So the ad is positioned so white woman on left, black on right and above it the words 'Dirty > Clean' to imply the colored woman represents clean..  Absolutely laughable

Pg 190:  An article under the section called Perspectives of a woman who looks like she came from half black-half Muslim Arab parents depicting her as strong, successful...  Oy Vey!

Pg 193:  Breast Cancer Research Foundation ad..  So they show a woman who had breast cancer and survived it..  Guess no Caucasian woman of Western European ancestry has every survived the ordeal so they were 'forced' to put a god-damn black woman in the ad
So burnt out..  Determined to finish..

Pg 200-201:  Under a segment called 'The Elle Woman' you have ANOTHER black woman, some actress who did ballet and is going to be in an upcoming Disney film called 'The Nutcracker'..  (Can you guess the race of the love interest of the black woman will be?)

Pgs 238- 243:  After a very nice reprieve of no black representation (a lot of Hispanic but that is OK), we get to a 6 page fashion spread of a flat chested black licorice stick of a woman modelling beautiful clothing way above her status..  We're sure liberal women are loving this

And finally by page 250 the nightmare is over
This..  This SHIT is just one issue of one women's fashion magazine

They do know blacks Only represent 14% of this nation yes?! (1 in 7)

Are you beginning to understand how indoctrination and mass brainwashing in a democratic society works?

And who in this 'Emperor has no clothes' society has the guts, social status and bravery to stand up to it all?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Selling Beliefs and Worldviews like Selling Beer or Bread

If there is one constant in modern life besides death and taxes, it is that you are going to be bombarded with marketing to try to sell or push something onto you

We're not talking about cars, sneakers or soda though the techniques are essentially the same

More like ideas, beliefs, worldviews; very little do we actually formulate on our own
Some things are a bit obvious like what we're all experiencing now with run-ups to elections - political parties and candidates convincing you they're better and will do more than their opponent

Other things aren't - multiculturalism, racial integration, homosexuality, transgenderism, globalism, etc..

These are hard pushed into your conscious and subconscious on a daily basis and we're all bombarded by it to a point it really does take great strength to rebel and hold positions which differ from the contrived 'norm'
We've used this true example before..

Back at the turn of the century there was a man named Edward Bernays, known as the 'father of public relations' and nephew of Sigmund Freud

It was he more than anyone else responsible for using psychology and playing upon one's emotion and Id rather than logic to sell ideas and beliefs, both by using products and incorporating different components that had nothing to do with one another

This is what 99.9% of all advertising is currently based on.. 
So after WWI, Bernays believed that people's minds could be reprogrammed to never want to go to war again and this was the basis for his development for molding the mind to his purposes (or whatever the advertiser sought)

So anyways, back in the 1920s, cigarette companies were noticing that women just weren't smoking enough and getting addicted to their product so they sought the advice of Bernays to help create a marketing campaign

In short, he connected holding a cancer stick between one's fingers with women's equality and labelled them 'freedom sticks'
Basically the marketing campaign was 'Hey women, want to show your independence and you're not going to be a slave to your husband, then smoke cigarettes and make them gasp'

Of course it worked; tell any group all they need to do is eat or drink something and they can feel better about themselves or superior to another group, and by n' large that group will consume it

Same thing today.. 
Why is it you see so many blacks all over the TV screen especially in commercials..

It feels like an alien race or creatures from the black lagoon conquered the nation and forced everyone to put them in every single ad

No.. What happened is corporations and advertisers did research and found in the case of whites, especially liberals that they felt better about themselves when colored people were over-saturated in commercials, TV or film because it helped cloak their distorted race-guilt/shame
Didn't matter to white liberals if blacks actually had a higher quality of life than generations before; they just wanted to see the upward mobility depicted

In the case of blacks, they did not want to see themselves as they really are and happily embraced the fantasy that they are all intelligent, cultured, refined and mulatto

So advertisers saw that people were happier seeing a 100% black or interracial family than a Caucasian one and preferred seeing the customer with the purchasing power be negro and have the white sell to them

This mindset has been true for some time
Back in the late 1800s came the birth of the department store and in the south like everywhere else, some thrived and some didn't last but in that region of the country, there was a little clever trick that the successful businesses learned

Black customers did not want to be helped by black employees

They wanted to be served and waited on by whites so they could feel superior for a brief moment in time, so those stores in black areas who hired white employees fared much better and when blacks were hired to serve other blacks, those stores folded

So you see its not just that everything in advertising is a lie but has strategic purposes that go beyond you buying tissues or detergent
Belief systems are the same as products.. Thanks to collusion between pop culture and media and orchestrated through carefully crafted PR campaigns, lie upon lie is pushed upon you and all with clever slogans and catch phrases to get you to think in a liberal way

You're not supposed to judge others, not supposed to look at other groups or individuals in ways you are not told and supposed to look at life only as they project it should be perceived

Many fall for it due to the need to be popular and others are just beaten down by the message to the point, one figures.. 'Eh, fine.. i'll experiment with my own gender sexually or let a black person enter me.. love is love.. whatever!'
Fortunately due to good parenting and/or strong inner self, not all are susceptible to it

Even in a free society, everyone seems to want to control each other; their movements and their minds and reprogram how we all think

It is an exhausting fight for control of your mind and soul but we promise it is well worth the effort and energy when all said and done

Friday, October 12, 2018

10/12/18 Mailbag Q&A

Well its the end of another week and time for something we do from time to time when we have the time .. answer your Q's.. 

Here we go..

Q:  'Recently Kanye West along with Jim Brown visited the White House for lunch with Trump..  CNN had black panelists referred to him as a 'token negro' and other put downs while the host Don Lemon, also black laughed..    Think there will be any repercussions?'

Nope..  Nothing..  Even if Lemon was not black, he's homosexual so that's another untouchable group.

Even the two liberal black fucks who said their Kanye comments - if they were white, because they're liberal and Kanye supports Trump, nothing would happen

To best understand this mentality which completely poisons liberal America including the media, you need to think of it terms of a group, pack or gang that is kept in line only by fear and intimidation
The fear being if one person questions the leader or seeks to leave, others will follow so you have to do everything you can to prevent it

In Communist or Fascist countries like how Democrats seek America to become, you dissuade rebellion through physical torture and at worst gruesome death i.e. 'See what happens to traitors?''

In America, the tools of control are more verbal degradation and humiliation - putting down someone's color or their masculinity (or femininity in the case of Feminist Nazis), sexuality, etc..
So here's how it goes in the black community regarding anyone who supports Trump or the Republican party:

'X supports Obama and always votes Democrat and keeps all the blacks' skeletons and faults as a people quiet from white America - OK, he's cool.. 

'Wait, he likes Trump?   G-D house-nigger Oreo-cookie (black on outside, white on inside) race traitor Uncle Tom motherfucker...!'

'What's that.. X is liberal again?  Alright my brother!'
That's how Colin Powell was looked at by the black community when he served under W Bush and how opinion changed when he supported Obama in 2008..

That's how they treat anyone who steps out of line.. Too much to lose.. welfare checks especially.

Malcolm X and MLK, Jr both HATED and DESPISED white liberals.. Both saw right through them as using blacks for their own ulterior motives while keeping their people on a political plantation

Difference is MLK, Jr kept his thoughts on this mostly to himself so he's beloved by those rotten white Democrat fuckers; Malcolm X expressed open repugnance toward them whenever he could and he's not mentioned much by white liberals except as a negative.
Q:  'The stock market has dropped quite a bit in the last two days.. Is this something I should be concerned about i.e. a repeat of 2008?'

No this is what is called a correction based on stock values being too high since all its done since Trump took over is go up, up, up and at some point it needs to go down

Stock markets ebb n' flow so what usually happens is there's a big drop for a few days and stocks, commodities, etc lose maybe 2% to 3% of their valuation but what quickly follows are investors rushing in to buy at those lower prices i.e. 'buy on the dip'

If you were to see a genuine stock collapse, it would have to be triggered by a specific incident either here or abroad..
Remember what really triggered the full-fledged economic collapse of 2008 was the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns which shocked the financial system..

You need some catalyst to pull the market down to such a point where you should be concerned and while we do believe it will happen again, right now there is none which caused the market drop - this was just typical investor business as usual.

To quote from the 'Oracle' in The Matrix - 'Relax and have a cookie'
Q:  Any thoughts on how midterms will go?  Liberals seem so determined to get out and vote, I am concerned the President could lose Congress

A:  Honestly, no we are not thinking much on midterms because you're talking about worrying on 33 Senate seats (every two years 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election) along with 435 Congressional seats

The media wants to push the narrative that its going to be a glorious election night for Democrats but didn't they do that in 2016 too?
Truth is regardless of affiliation, the party that is in office tends to lose Congressional seats during mid-terms

Then again, for most of the 2nd half of the 20th century, Congress was Democrat and didn't seem affected when Dems were President

And we know that even those Congress has an approval rating around 10%, its turnover rate is even less and either the same people stay in power forever or they move on and the political party that controls that district retains it
Things can always change but based on some projections by Dick Morris, it seems if he is correct Republicans will retain both Houses but lose some congressional seats while perhaps picking up 1-2 Senate seats would be great if it ends up true

This is why Trump is flying around the country giving speech after speech.. He knows its important that his supporters get out and vote in a couple weeks and we fully agree with him.

Quite honestly Trump should be enjoying large victories based on all his successes if not for the fact we allow so many genuinely stupid people the right to vote, most have 'D' on their voting cards
Last question...

Q:  As you point out often, society overall seems to embrace the collective over the individual. I really do not understand why since Americans by and large aren't sheep.   Any thoughts why?

A:  No country, even the beautiful USA wants a nation of individuals who think for themselves and live their lives in alternative ways (we don't mean sexual alternative i.e. gays, trannies,etc) because who in power really seeks informed people challenging them?

Much easier to control people in the way one controls horses - keep them in stables.

We as a society don't know what true individualism is so we express it in the most stupid-idiotic ways..  tattoos which historically only sailors, whores and bottom feeders put on their skin,  piercings on the nose, tongue, tits, clit and anywhere else one can for shock
We are a people that expresses our 'coolness' and 'uniqueness' not in what we say or do but what we consume whether it be a $75 polo shirt because a stupid horsey is on it to proudly displaying a bottle of beer at a party or concert because Bud or Coors represents you

Just too difficult a topic to go into here but understand most of who you are as a person was not formulated by your parents but by the public school system which from K through 12 had possession of you for 2,340 days at 6 hours a day not counting lunch, recess or study hall

That equals 14,040 hours from the time you were 5 until you were 18 years old to mold and shape you and individuality was not a priority..
Mainly it was to prepare you to be productive citizens and employees

It is no secret math and science is so heavily pushed in the curriculum..

They will argue its because of technology and the need for today's young people to be successes in an ever changing world, etc

It is more like you can not question, debate or pontificate alternates to what 6 + 4 is or what molecules make up water...  The system likes people who think in life this way
Individualism has to come from within and no set way for it to burst out of you..

Just know if you struggle to break from the mold, its not an accident because you're fighting years of conditioning for you not to stand out and think for yourself

But be proud you're making the attempt

~ Enjoy your weekend everyone..

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Trump: So Close to Perfect if Not For...

Overall we are very happy with President Trump but some somethings he really is a most baffling bird

Personally we believe when one has enemies they should be punished and hurt at all opportunities and as often as possible

Trump seems to try to reward them.

So many examples over the last couple years..
Silicon Valley overall hates Trump and heavily supported Hillary with massive amounts of donations back in 2016

So he rewards them by getting tough with China to protect their intellectual property rights and flaunting Apple as a good company which it is absolutely not

Hollywood hates Trump even more to the point their brains are exploding in frustration they can't just openly wish him dead

So he rewards this parasitic industry by clamping down on movie piracy especially abroad which quite frankly he should be doing the opposite - openly encouraging others to copy/sell their product simply to hurt that evil liberal entity's finances
The music industry can't stand Trump either.. Even that little country music crooning cocksucker Taylor Swift can't bring herself to support the President on anything and openly endorses Democrat candidates this fall

So he rewards them today by signing legislation making it easier for them to collect royalties off their music so the rich will be richer

The NFL from Commissioner Goodell to the black barnyard animal players and white-guilt cuckold followers who middle finger the flag every week, openly despise the President to the point they brazenly brush off appearances to the White House after winning the Super Bowl

So Trump rewards these fuckers by making sure in his latest trade deal with Canada that the NFL can be able to advertise its product easier in their country and allowing the league to expand their profit even more
Goodell thanked Trump in a letter - how nice - no mention of putting down those black dog players who kneel and do the black so-called 'power' fist in the air

Speaking of blacks, about 90% of blacks voted for that rancid wrinkled dyke Hillary in the last election vs Trump

So he continually rewards them by signing executive orders benefiting black colleges, calls them that absolute bullshit hyphenated name so they can feel more proud of where they came from 300+ years ago then where they live at present, and works hard everyday to make their unappreciative asses better.'
Even Melania like her predecessor Michelle Obama, wastes millions in taxpayers dollars by visiting the African colonies (we don't call them that term anymore but economically they always will be that to the modern world) - so much expense to bring over secret service, the bullet proof transport vehicles, the large entourage... and for what?!

If it was to promote Trump's compassion, that didn't work since most media refused to cover it.. The First Lady can't even grace a magazine cover unless it was some story to hurt her husband; Gorilla faced Obama adored dozens of covers just for being liberal and colored

And if Melania wanted to hold little black n brown babies and see some giraffes and elephants, she could have visited the Bronx Zoo
The fuck-liberal establishment media hate Trump so much, if they could tie each of his limbs to horses facing different directions and watch them gallop, they happily would do so

Trump in spite of all his bluster rewards them by granting exclusive interviews as he did with the NY Times earlier in the year and stating he reads the paper daily, then calls them 'fake' and 'failing' (Huh!)

He also allows that despicable media to have the opportunity to ask questions daily to his Press Secretary Sarah Sanders when by now it would have been better if he stopped that altogether and just had her issue video briefings thus preventing them from getting to ask 'gotcha' questions
Some people including the President believe it is his responsibility to represent all of the nation no matter how many people voted against him or hate him

We've always seen it different.. When people put you into office, you represent Them, not everyone

You represent Their needs.. Their concerns..
Who knows.. maybe our way does not work in a democracy

Then again that's how Obama governed; he didn't give a damn about the needs of conservatives and he won two terms, though

To be fair Obama really didn't give a shit about anyone outside of his family regardless of party

So we still love n' support the President overall but there's just moments we think he'd be the greatest non-wartime President in our history if he'd just stop the pandering and giving goodies to the domestic Enemy of the State

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Professionally Paid Protester

The above photo is what professionally paid protesters look like

They don't always have to yell and scream and chant and attack in coordination but they're not really all that difficult to spot

For instance because protesting and stirring the pot is their profession - how these losers make money to pay their bills and feed their faces, it really doesn't matter to them if the issue is big or small, winnable or a losing cause

Just get to 'work' on time so to be bused to the location they need to be and like good employees, do what their bosses, the 'community organizers' tell them
That was once Obama's job before he ran for public office

Speaking of the poo-colored pretzel stick, ever wonder why these same despicable far-left loons never protested his horrible Administration?

They tried at the beginning of his administration to get Obama to stop the Middle East wars but his people threatened to cut off funding which the DNC provided (and still provides to activist groups) if they didn't stop..

They stopped.
Also you can spot paid protesters because they will keep protesting something after the issue is resolved, especially if not in their bosses' favor i.e. George Soros the fuck who constantly meddles in our politics and finances most of these bottom-feeders

In the photo at the top, these women perfectly representing different races, ethnicities, religions and ages are protesting the Supreme Court - that's the new Dem strategy

What they ultimately want - 9 Justices all carbon copy of that despicable old ultra-liberal cunt Ruth Ginsburg they will never ever get
Even something potentially realistic as one day holding a 5-4 liberal majority is not going to happen for another few years at the very least

And yet they keep protesting

Why not.. Sorta like those who work at fast food restaurants - what do they care if they have to prepare 3 cheeseburgers or chicken sandwiches to fill a customer's order.. 

It's their job - they just do
They're also extremely coordinated..  They are trained and given preparation for any/all contingencies and are brazen to get arrested knowing that all bail will be paid by their employer and will never have to actually serve any jail time

You can be arrested hundreds of times for protesting and not ever be sincerely punished - all law enforcement cares about taking control of the situation, not deterring future disruptions

Another way to tell its paid protesters vs real people with genuine conviction on an issue is very often the signs are professionally made as are the t-shirts, which are basically their uniforms
It's funny the things one remembers - on the night in early July when Kavanaugh was officially selected by Trump, there were hundreds of women on the steps of the Capitol protesting him with professional signs and everyone wearing pink t-shirts with the same words on it, even little children

We didn't know one could print out hundreds upon hundreds of anti-Kavanaugh signs in 30 seconds then transport to the protest site

So either the organizers were clairvoyant, decided Kavanaugh was the only nominee on Trump's short list worth protesting Or...
Yes - they paid for hundreds and hundreds of signs against all 4 Judges on Trump's short list then bought hundreds and hundreds of t-shirts in all sizes for the females from children's sizes to XXXL to give to the hundreds and hundreds of paid protesters they bused to that location

That kind of thing is not cheap.

If these common nothings were told to stand out in the middle of the desert to protest the existence of the sun, and there were getting paid and there was enough bottled water provided, they'd all happily take their caravan ride to nowhere
That's not to imply they don't believe what they protest - These ultra-liberal losers really believe America is evil

You will never find any conservatives among the paid flock, but then again people of conservative values tend to hold Real jobs

We just know what the protesters do is a very pathetic way to make a living..  At least prostitutes give some kind of pleasure or positive feeling in their profession

What do these fugly women give to the world besides anger
Sometimes we find ourselves getting very tense over these rotten people which of course is their point and then we feel kinda sick at ourselves that we allow it to happen

The passion that liberals express over absolutely nothing would be almost admirable if their beliefs weren't so absolutely dangerous to the stability of this society

And perhaps we would have felt a teeny-weeny bit of respect for their intensity regarding the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation (lie) if they weren't aggressively protesting Kavanaugh's confirmation for two full months before the world ever heard of that ugly Professor that everyone referred to as 'Doctor'
Academia are not 'Doctors' - if you believe different, try going to a Professor of Sociology or Women's Studies when you have a heart attack or need a colonoscopy

It really is a shame that American History is taught so absolutely G-D awful in both public schools and at the college/university level

Most people would be able to see these protesters and the tactics they use as old hat; the same used by socialist Communists and anarchists back in the 1890s-1920s
They wanted to overthrow the US government and install a Marxist system in its place and while often it was confined to protests, demonstrations and trying to provoke police to roughing them up, it also led to grave violence including pipe bombs in government officials' mailboxes and the assassination of a sitting President (William McKinley)

The worst part about our nation has always been how continually throughout history we do not act preemptively to get rid of genuine threats from within

We wait for domestic terrorists to strike first usually meaning the needless loss of life of innocents by zealots - only then does law enforcement get aggressive
So many dangers to this nation and they're not coming from abroad

We can only hope those empowered to protect us, can see the same dangers and know where to find them when ultimately they cross the line