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Monday, January 8, 2018

How Hollywood Views Conservatives

Last night the Golden Globes were on TV which is an award show of secondary importance but it fills some dead hours on NBC's Sunday night January programming schedule so it keeps getting aired every year as if it meant more than it did

We didn't watch a second of it but we imagine the 3+ hour affair went something like this:

 Two celebs stand in front of a podium, banter painfully for 30 seconds followed by 'Nominees for Best X are..' then  'The Winner is...'
The victor goes up on stage, thanks people no one in the TV audience has ever heard of, either makes attempts to be funny with inside-industry jokes only other celebs would get or preaches about the rights of women, gays and colored people.

Somewhere in the speech is obligatory Trump hate with maybe a Harvey Weinstein zing thrown in and then they walk away proudly holding a very large paperweight which cost $800 to make

So cliched..
It is times like this when it makes us wonder and try to understand why the entertainment industry is so disgustingly left-leaning and why the hate is so deep for those like us who keep their business afloat

There really is not one all-encompassing reason because the movie and TV business from producer to director to actor to the people behind the scenes are pretty diverse in background, religious belief and geography

Perhaps there's some elements of truth in the stereotype that politically and socially conservative people are not really drawn into the arts as much as in the world of business or other practical down to earth profressions
For the most part acting is a pretty vagabond vocation..  Constantly on the move..  No real job security..  Extremely narcissistic where fulfillment of 'self' by and large always comes before family

Historically acting is a profession for the lowest of the low and many of them were liberally dirty whores (male actors would please men too) who would have sex with anyone since acting in itself did not pay much when the caravans traveled from town to town

 and only when Hollywood came into creation and started calling their performers 'stars', did people from coast to coast start aligning more importance to them than what was ever deserved.

So let's move beyond that to try to understand why politically they're so out of whack
It is important to understand that acting is about experiencing life without limitations and then transferring those experiences on screen

Without getting too detailed, there was a profound change in acting and how those studied and prepared for the profession after WWII which is why the acting techniques of a Brando, DeNiro or Pacino are so different than a Cary Grant or Gary Cooper which seem so stoic and wooden in comparison

They were taught to experience life.. To try new things.. new drinks.. new drugs.. experiment sexually.. experiment with people of same sex..  The goal was to not limit oneself
Because of this mindset, they look at people who are everyday Americans, especially conservatives as very pathetic creatures; sheltered.. cloistered.. still clinging to the guns and their religion, as black bastard Obama once famously said during the 2008 campaign

They actually feel superior because they tried every illegal narcotic under the sun and had sex with every gender and socio-cultural background at least once while 'red state' America have to live their rotten common little lives

The entertainment industry is also very liberal because it is very global and the business model is do not offend or upset anyone because it will hurt the bottom line..  Well, don't offend anyone but people of faith and Trump supporters
The holy grail for Hollywood right now is access to the 1.2 billion people living in China..   Make programs that do not offend them and which will attract their audiences and US markets become secondary..  Everywhere else even lower

So any time a film offends a group with a large global population demographic like Asians, Muslims or Hispanics, they run the risk of it seriously hurting box office profits

Many films today are now getting secondary financing by Chinese and Middle East studios and investors so guess who the villains in films will never be?

That's why the vast majority of films, the baddies are either Russians or have British accents
Hollywood sees Republicans as socio-culturally backward rednecks who hate everyone who is not a heterosexual WASP, responsible for Every evil in our nation's history and would even go so far as to physically harm minorities if they meaning we could get away with it,

They as liberals on the other hand are cultured, enlightened, tolerant people who travel the world, accept people of all diverse backgrounds and to them are more godly than those who actually practice faith

This is why we are disparaged time and time again in film, TV programs, late night talk shows, visual & print interviews and award shows without any let up

The hatred is deep and especially with Trump as President, it just comes out of their mouths like projectiles of inflammatory vomit
There is also a guilt factor that takes place inside many people in that industry which pushes hard on their conscience

Most who came to Hollywood did not come from wealth and did not just become wealthy and famous on their own in a finger snap - for many it took many years of hard work, lots of menial jobs and struggles to pay rent or buy food. 

They may always have voted Democrat but more due to economic reality of their specific circumstances at the time than a need for us all to hold hands and sing 'We Are the World'

So there's a certain point when one of them is now wealthy and never has a sincere financial worry along the lines of most normal folk; there's the mansion, cars, private planes and the staff of housekeepers and nannies, etc..  And what does that person do..  Support tax cuts?
By rights they should be thinking like a fiscal Conservative but that brings many in that industry great shame

So instead they go dramatically the opposite direction and become even more extreme liberal to show themselves and friends that they're not the heartless, money-hungry hedonists which they really are

So they all support the same causes and candidates, attend all the gala benefits and $100k a plate fundraisers. 

Liberalism in the entertainment industry is like Scientology; you're either part of the team or shunned & ostracized from the community except you have a much better chance of going to heaven as a Scientology then one ever will as an extreme liberal hypocrite.
There's more reasons but we feel you got the gist..

You really need to understand how all those in Hollywood, especially actors and those who create the content of movies/TV shows look at us to understand why they so often disparage us, the values we generally possess and the people we like and/or vote for..

They think we're absolute scum.. 

Isn't it about time you saw them the same?