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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Liberal Libertines

 ~ Nope that is not tobacco between the CNN reporter's fingers..

If 2017 showed anything when it comes to journalistic ethics and integrity, it was that by and large it possessed none..   This trend will not be changing any time soon

The Clinton News Network (CNN) of course being among the very bottom of the barrel and probably most dangerous since their audience is international, decided to cover the celebration of 2018 not only at Times Square but in Colorado
Why send reporters to the Rocky Mountain state?

Drugs of course... Specifically to celebrate marijuana..

More specifically to have an excuse to smoke marijuana on TV so all the potheads and snowflake Millennials could think they were 'cool' and be more inclined to watch vs their main competitor in the battle of bullshit news - MSNBC  (calling it 'fake news' is just too G rated) 
The CNN reporter is smoking a bong on air with the network's blessing

Shame one can not OD from pot..

Not sure which is more disgusting and stomach churning - stunts like this or CNN promoting and celebrating homosexuality and interracial co-mingling at every opportunity

Yes that is CNN news anchor Don Lemon, the colored one kissing his man while an imbecile behind him smiles like he's witnessing something beautiful

When you watch or read news, its through ideological filters..  

No information is simply presented for you without being manipulated in some way to push that network or newspaper's social political agenda
And what is liberal media's agenda?

They want a 'one-world' open-borders society with one global currency, one global tax, one centralized global government (the UN) and one global set of laws..

They also want America to 'admit' its "racist" and evil and knocked down to equal political/military footing with everyone else.. 

Most important to them. no moral/ethical judgments made on any individuals or groups no matter how deviant and/or repulsive the behaviors
As long as children aren't hurt and its consensual, people can go to full extremes and its completely fine since to them there's no such thing as a Creator and so really what does it matter what or who you have enter your various holes

There is a historical term for people like this..   

The definition of libertine is:  1)  a person who behaves without moral principles or a sense of responsibility, especially in sexual matters..  2)  a person who rejects accepted opinions in matters of religion; a supposed freethinker.

These are people who do not possess any sort of moral or ethical compass unless of course a conservative Republican dares to have a smidge of libertine in him/her..  Then its Destroy! Destroy!

CNN wants to have its cake and eat it too..  

They want desperately to attract young people to watch its shit network as the place to go for breaking news by glorifying and celebrating drug use and then pretend to be concerned and compassionate when reporting about drug related deaths, the violence it brings into communities and the opiate epidemic this nation has
It is much like how many wealthy people on the left have bitched and complained about Trump's tax cut when they will be greatly benefiting and should actually be thanking him..  We've yet to hear a liberal piece of garbage celebrity offer to pay more taxes for this upcoming tax season

Or how they accuse Trump of being a war-monger with North Korea yet have done everything possible to incite another Cold War between us and Russia

Everything about liberals is two-faced and insincere
But the bigger fault in all this where drugs are concerned is the various state and local governments that have made marijuana legal - states like Colorado, Oregon and now California

Let's see these decisions for what they really are - desperate moves by various extreme liberal governors and state legislatures to generate tax revenue by taking the place of the scumbag on the street corner to be your children's pusher man

Politicians love to campaign on morality but outside of being re-elected, all they care about is money so every vice to man will ultimately be legalized if it means revenue to deal with budget shortfalls
At one time alcohol was illegal back in the 1920s - we know it as Prohibition..

The 18th Amendment was not ultimately overturned by the 21st because of the crime and violence of gang wars, bootleggers, etc and it wasn't overturned because a lot of people thumbed their noses and found ways to get alcohol in their system

In 1929 the Great Depression hit and by the time FDR became President, unemployment was at 25% and tax revenue for Federal and state government was desperately needed..

Had there been no economic crisis of the 1930's, there would not have been a repeal of banning alcohol consumption
State lotteries are also a big financial windfall for states' coffirs and more casinos were approved and built in various state & local governments in the 5 years after the crash of 2008 than the last 3 decades..

All this legal sanctioning of an addiction -- statistically 15% of Americans gamble at least once a week and at least 3% have what would be considered a serious problem

The last time yours truly stepped foot inside a casino was 9 years ago and it was such a depressing sight..  
Elderly people, some with their oxygen tanks by their side with the tubes attached to their nostrils just putting quarter after quarter into the slots like zombies with no emotion if they won or lost..

Other people, many obviously on welfare just throwing their precious money away in the hopes that they can get the big payday or sitting at the bar just drinking their troubles away watching closed circuit horse racing and Jai Lai

But what does government care as long as they get a cut of the casino's profits

We don't elect governors and mayors and legislaturers..  We elect enablers
The only vice we as a nation seem to still have a problem with is the one that would statistically cut down on rape, sexual assault and domesticated violence

Yes, we mean prostitution

We as a country don't seem to mind addiction, destruction of the self, the family and home and all the repercussions that go along with everything we're told to tolerate and hold back judgment on..

We as a society just have a problem with heterosexual men seeking a face to face non-committal human contact sexual release that does not involve the dating process or looking at pornography 
Who knows..  Maybe after the next crash, state and local governments will admit they are on the same level as pimps and just accept their status for the ultimate good of the balance sheets

And maybe once whorehouses are legal, maybe that female CNN reporter will volunteer herself to satisfy customers sexually to celebrate the new year on air; a doobie in one hand and a client's member in the other while homosexual anchors Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon look, smile then french kiss each other

That is after-all the caliber of journalist that CNN and other liberal news outlets employ

Yep..  Doesn't seem to matter who is President - society just gets worse and social progressives keep winning..