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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Democrat Daydream of Oprah for President

~ "I'm thinking for running for President..   And everyone gets a car!!"

The big news-filler story of the day yesterday was chatter about Oprah thinking of running for President in 2020

Obviously its not news in a traditional sense but is this even news-filler worthy?

Any person and wish and think and daydream about being President one day..  Everyone pretty much has those moments at one time or another
The difference of course is if you or we expressed it publicly with a straight face, we'd be laughed at with a response like 'get outta here!'

Oprah says it in jest or semi-seriousness and people are supposed to care.

But she's used to that kind of ego-juice. 

Back years ago on her afternoon talk show, she would peddle books or know-nothings like Dr Phil and every woman in America was suppose to take their cushy-tushy, jump up from the indented chair and gulp it up because it had her seal of approval
Will she seriously make a run?   ~shrugs~

Let's put aside the fact that if she did, the first Democrat primaries would take place 24 months from and the way people's attention spans are, most could not even remember 1 week after last year's Super Bowl who lost, much less recall at present..

There's not a chance in hell she wins the party's nomination much less the big prize
First, there are a lot of Democrat politicians who feel very annoyed at themselves they succumbed to Hillary-fear and did not make an effort to run in 2016 so to pave the way for her supposed anointment

They're not going to do this again and certainly not for Oprah

Secondly, all politicians whether it be their true nature or not, are very mean and vicious on the campaign trail especially when an election is close

We're sure Oprah would have no problem disparaging Trump but could she do it to candidates in her own party?  Would she have the courage?   How desperate would she be to win and would that turn off voters?
Democrat voters were used to Hillary being a vengeful cunt.. That really is not Oprah's reputation even though she is in reality just as much one (and of course both also have the mutual closet lesbian thing in common - remember Gayle King, Oprah's 24/7 companion/friend?)

Plus the whole black President thing is all played out..

Many people, including Democrats were sick of that bastard Obama by the time he left office, especially the racial divisions that he created and/or exploited as part of his political divide and conquer strategy
America can not stomach another black President.. Not for a long time anyways

When JFK won the Presidency in 1960, Catholics thought this opened the door for them to win future Presidencies..  So how many Catholics have sat in the Oval Office since JFK?    Zero...

As for the whole glass ceiling for women nonsense, assuming Pocahontas runs (Sen Elizabeth Warren) and all indications is she will, that would be 2 women at very least running in Dem primaries that would split the gender vote with white Dems looking at Oprah and going ugh..
So just basic math shows even among Democrats, you can not win anything nationally just by the colored people vote..  Remember those people are only 14% of the nation even though we're all supposed to be conditioned to think of them as the majority.

What all this brouhaha over corpulent Oprah says is the Democrat party is absolutely leaderless right now and there's no one for them to galvanize behind

Many would like to go back to the past and rally behind Obama but he can never run for President again so its a bit wasted energy.. 

There's Hillary but how could she ever get the nomination competing vs others when she couldn't win the Presidency after all the money and resources and media propaganda foot soldiers at her disposal?
So who else is there? 

Bernie Sanders is old and getting older by the day.  Plus he's a socialist-communist and an atheist so we don't see that playing well in the heartland

A month or so ago, liberals got excited for 20 seconds when actor-former wrestler 'The Rock' said he was considering a 2020 Presidential run and articles were actually written on this

Pretty desperate to report it and pretty desperate for anyone to care
Ultimately we believe unless there's a genuine scandal or Trump does something that causes his base to erode, he will ultimately win in 2020 no matter who the Dems put out there

Their party is deeply divided between the extremist left fringe and the more moderate liberals who feel their platform is a winner; it was just the last candidate who was flawed

Those deep divides in the Democrat party are real and they're not going away just under the bumper sticker mantra of 'anyone but Trump'

The Dems could position themselves to be very strong by 2024 but that's a long time away and we're not going to worry on it or what Oprah says or thinks on anything