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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

We Still Support Him But Sometimes...Ehh..

We still overall support Trump but we've been a bit miffed at him lately..

Obviously we're still annoyed at that tax bill passed before Christmas and how much he keeps touting it as something it is not i.e a benefit to working people when its corporate welfare with no conditions or strings attached as to expanding hiring as a condition for receiving the money

Trump keeps celebrating the stock market rising because believes it means more jobs for those out of work

Surprised in all his years of business deal making, he's never heard of something called 'restructuring' which is the corporate equivalent of 'downsizing' except done when economic conditions are good
But we're miffed beyond that..

Recently he said that the unemployment rate for blacks is at a 30 year low, which we actually think is a very good thing..

Problem is Trump did not use the word 'black'

Nope.. He like pretty much every other person who has bought in to the political correct double-speak called them 'Afr-Am'..   We can't even stomach typing the full term out
We're parrots on this but let us repeat again and as often as need be: 

When a group of people want and demand they be referred to by hyphenated names, they are demanding to be treated as exceptional rather than equal and wish to celebrate where they came from as more important than where they currently are

Blacks are not exceptional or superior or anything else that lifts a population of 14% over the other 86% of the nation..   

Never seen a group of people play the victimization-discrimination and power-dominance cards so well and at the same time
When its not good enough to be equal to others, there's a problem and no one ever has the guts to challenge blacks on this..  

Unfortunately this now includes the President who panders incessantly to a group that by and large think he's a bigot and will not vote for him in 2020 even if he gave these bitter people slave reparations

Seems we're heading into that window of time between Dr King's holiday and the entirety of February devoted to honoring that race; its sorta like Groundhog's day for colored people  -- 6 weeks of intense pandering demanded by all and whites continually acquiesce
Then you have this whole DACA situation, which was cleverly termed 'dreamers' which is framed as the unfortunate victims of parents, children who came to this country illegally and shouldn't be punished for the actions of others, etc..

Everyone loves making everything so over-complicated

If one is an illegal immigrant, they need to be gathered up and thrown out..  Period   
Some like to argue they're productive citizens and pay taxes etc..  That's bleeding heart liberal garbage at its finest..

Every job that an illegal holds in this country is a job that someone American (natural born or Legal immigrant) should have access to; especially important for those unemployed and struggling and currently nearly 13 million Americans still unemployed, which is double what 'official' statistics show

In addition, not a single penny of taxpayer money should be used to educate an illegal or provide medical care or receive any financial benefit for being here
But all we hear from Trump and every other worthless politician is how its important we take care of those affected by DACA and make sure they don't have to leave..

The only reason this is even faux-debated is because Trump is trying to use DACA as a bargaining chip to get funding for the wall which we could have sworn Mexico was supposed to pay for, but since based on his statements, he supports keeping the illegals here, then this is all theater
We want to go back to that rotten tax cut deal and very briefly present where we are financially so people understand that as good Trump has been in so many other areas, this tax deal is and will continue to be a word he loves using..  a disaster

Currently the national debt is at $20.6 Trillion and climbing..   

When Trump was inaugurated on 1/20/17, it was at $19.9T so it has increased by $700 Billion in one year and that's Before these tax discounts for corporations and the well to do take place
In 2017, Federal spending was just over $4 Trillion and even before the tax cuts were passed it was projected that all tax revenue taken in would add up to $3.37 Trillion

So before Trump signed what he called the largest tax cut in history into law, the nation was spending $630 billion more than what it was taking in..  Just for 2017

Now we've stated before that no nation will ever call in the debt because to do so would destroy their economy even worse if the US defaulted and more of our debt is held by the Federal Reserve than all lender nations combined
But it doesn't mean we don't suffer because national debt is no different than credit card debt - the more you owe, the greater the interest and larger the minimum payment which ultimately catches up with everyone

Because Trump is a businessman by nature, his mindset is you gotta spend money to make money..  Preferably other people's money so when something goes belly-up, you just declare Chapter 11 and start all over

So the naive mindset is by mortgaging the near future by expanding the debt and annual deficits so corporations can save money and the stock market keeps rising, somehow in the long term this will mean jobs and tax revenue streams that will allow the nation to pay its debts
Guess this is all to be expected since no person Republican, Democrat or Independent, insider or outsider can ever get elected with economic policies that put working and lower income people's interests before Wall Street's

We know its only been 10 days into the new year but so far we're giving low marks for the tail end of year 1 of Trump's Presidency..

His supporters did not vote for a man who would want to give amnesty to illegals or work across the aisle and make compromises with a most insidious enemy as liberals are and we absolutely did not want a pandering fool playing identity politics like the monkey who preceded Trump did

Plenty of time to improve and do things his loyal base elected him to do so let's just all hope