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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More Banning of the Beautiful Confederacy to Pander & Patronize

We read today the state of Florida will no longer celebrate or honor Confederate Memorial Day which they and other states hold during the fourth week in April even though no one's really made any official big-deal about it in decades

How nice..

Now all black problems, mainly caused by themselves will be solved.
You can take down all the statues and flags and wipe all historical memory of the beautiful Confederacy and it won't change a simple truth:

Blacks will be Blacks..

Literacy rates for more than half of black children in the fourth grade nationwide was below the basic skills level and far below average; for ninth grader nationwide, the rate is below 44

But now that we don't honor the Confederacy with a state holiday, now all those black children will soon be able to read just as well as Caucasians
According to the latest report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education, 40% of black males drop out of high school.

Thanks to the banning of the 'Stars n' Bars' and places like Wal-Mart & Amazon refusing to sell the image of it, we are sure all blacks will now have the self-worth and academic confidence in themselves to stay in school until graduation.

According to the FBI’s uniform crime-reporting data for 2016, 90.1% of black victims of homicide were killed by other blacks

Now that statues of General Lee, General Forrest, Jefferson Davis and other great leaders of the cause are taken down and schools/streets renamed, we're positive those rates will soon drop to zero and no black will ever commit another crime or die at the hands of one of their 'brothers' or 'sisters'
Blacks are 4x more likely to use and be addicted to drugs than whites.. A greater statistical number of them live in poverty compared to whites and their mean income is $10,000 less than Caucasians

We expect that all to quickly change for the positive now that history is completely revised so that anyone/everyone connected to the Confederacy is made to be evil and of course worse than any Nazi (blacks love pretending they have suffered more than Jews and of course being white-guilt, Jews allow it)

All this political correct bullshit and the lives of blacks as a group has not improved one damn bit

To improve anything in your life, you have to identify it, take full responsibility for it and make the commitment to fix it for the better

As individuals, many blacks do this in their personal lives

As a group, blacks especially the political activists are Pathetic; those people will never admit anything - always whitey's fault or the System working to keep them down
You hear 'Black Lives Matter' white which the white guilt liberal fuck media promoted incessantly..

We will Never believe black lives matter until they believe white lives matter as well and you know they don't so we don't and neither should you...

You hear those people talk about unity and coming together

Yet just the other day how many worthless despicable football players on the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles said they would not attend any White House ceremony because of Trump, a man who continually needlessly panders to those bastards
That really was what the whole NFL black-idiot kneeling was all about.. 

Only other males we know who kneel are shoe shine boys and male prostitutes orally pleasing their Johns

It started with one idiot protesting what he perceived to be racial injustice because to him every time a black was hurt by a white law enforcement officer, it was a travesty while completely ignoring the countless times white officers treat whites like shit

And from there it copycatted
Didn't matter if blacks provoke police or have repeatedly shown to be more violent and criminal than whites  (Remember 37% of all colored people are in jail even though they're only 14% of the population)

In the new world order, just like whites willingly conceded power of language to blacks by agreeing only they can say Nigger, whites are not allowed to hurt a black..

If a white hurts a black its time to riot..

Black hurts a white -- good;  Black hurts another black --  Shhh...  Don't want to give whitey ammo
It is absolutely rotten society we've devolved into and it is 100% whites' fault; some did it out of good intentions and others out of complete fear

But like the saying of 'give an inch, take a mile', what once started as a noble desire to give blacks a seat at the 'table' and a piece of the pie is now where blacks sit at the head of it, take more and more slices for themselves and call anyone 'racist' who challenge them on it

So history has to be completely blackwashed to appease their delicate, weak-minded sensibilities
The statues and flags must come down; the streets and schools renamed; the holidays and any official observances of the old south obliterated while every inconsequential black celebrated on Black History month and for what practical purpose?

Blacks will still be Blacks and whites will be as secondary as they are in South Africa and Zimbabwe

The colored PC radicals are gunning for the US flag and all people, things and historical symbols you all hold dear..   Washington.. Lincoln..  Just you wait..

Wonder what the line in sand will be where the majority stand up and really fight to take back all they've voluntarily given up to the other side

Just wondering