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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Real Racism v Fake and the Need to Break Free from 'Group'

Yesterday we happened to come across a book via entitled 'A Ball Player's Career' from 1900, which is the first baseball autobiography ever written

The author was Cap Anson, a name probably 99.99% never heard of but when he played baseball back in the late 19th century, he was Joe DiMaggio or Mickey Mantle of his era; a star

Anson played for 20 years and though he died on April 14, 1922, almost a century after his death, he still holds Cubs career records for average (.339), runs (1,712), hits (3,081), singles (2,330), doubles (530) and RBI (1,879).

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1939.
Anson was also a vehement Racist and we mean capital-R, not this fake 'racism' that black people think they experience today and act in alternate fury and victimization over

When one uses phrases in an autobiography such as 'chocolate-colored' and 'little coon' to describe a black person described often in the book as the team's 'mascot' and does it so openly, you figure society at large back then thought the same way about them.

Odd thing is Cap Anson his whole life displayed the kind of despisal one often stereotypes to Southerners but Anson was from Michigan.
Life for a black person was pretty horrible back in the turn of the 20th century in the north as well as south; east as well as west - just points on a compass

Life for blacks in 2018 has never ever been better not just in the history of America but really the world and here in the US, they have more access to education and knowledge, more opportunities, more wealth then ever before..

Yet if there was such a thing as a pendulum to depict race in society, we went in the span of a century from looking at blacks with disgust to looking at all of them as exceptional and cool
And neither are correct because no group of people can be lumped into anything positive or negative yet that is what the 20th and now 21st century continually does because it is much easier for those in true control to push social agendas and social engineering upon masses

Truth is only the Individual matters; 'group' is mere baggage and breeds stereotypes which unfortunately many people embrace and find some perverse comfort in

Like when you look at all the stereotypes about blacks over the years, they whole-heartedly reject all of them except for one - having big penises, especially compared to whites... 

That one they absolutely love..
And yet really what is that stereotype saying?   Mainly they embrace the idea they're nothing more than big, stupid black breeding bulls and all they are good for is fucking

We'd much rather embrace 'stereotypes' of being intelligent, successful and great with budgeting money like Jewish people often are vs embracing the stereotype of being a big-cocked breeding animal, but to each his own

Blacks in today's society, especially the young will never experience true racism which is a good thing

However it is also bad because they still carry that attitude of defiance and vigilance as if at any moment someone is going to sign a bill into law or snap a finger and make them all slaves again or made to take a crap in a segregated toilet as once before
This is part of their paranoia about Trump - deep down they really think if they do not continually try to destroy him, that will be their ultimate fate under the President

There are still so many idiots that believe in 'Black Lives Matter' and as we've said repeatedly, no they absolutely positively do Not matter..   Not one God-Damn bit

Now an individual black life matters just like an individual white life matters and an individual Hispanic or Asian or homosexual, etc..

Individual lives matter
Black lives in the group sense mean Shit because white lives in the group sense mean Shit

And it is so frustrating that society is so indoctrinated to only think of themselves in group-identification ways..

When an individual human life is born and takes its first breath, it is probably the purest in mind and spirit it will ever be prior to all the contamination which comes from parents, peers, public education and the filth from Hollywood and Madison Avenue

And within a short period of time that precious innocent little infant is now a small child with brains full of garbage and so little of what he/she thinks and believes come from within
Why does someone like or hate a group or desire cheeseburgers..  They sure weren't born with it

So if a black child is born into the world and has to have his/her mind poisoned with 'black pride' and 'black lives matter' and that everyone is racist and out to get them, imagine how fucked in the head these people are by their teen years much less adulthood

And when a white child is born into the world and has to have his/her mind poisoned with 'its your fault there's racism' and 'you are a bigot' and that Caucasians are responsible for everything bad in the history of the world, imagine how fucked in the head those people will be; engulfed in white guilt and shame
That is the society the social engineers are constructing and while you may think you're too smart to fall for the mind-control (Ha! Quite smug to think that), believe us, your children and grandchildren are not too clever

We wish we had an answer to fix all this but we admit we do not - this has been going on for the last 50 years

The seeds germinating back with the radicals of the 1960's who by the early 1970's, put down their worthless peace signs and mind altering drugs, then what almost seems a calculated move, entered en mass the education profession to contaminate that
Our position has always been clear and unchanged from when we first started A&G over 7 years ago..

There is good and bad; wonderful and despicable in every group - it is all based on the individuals you encounter and experiences you have

But you do not embrace 'group'.. Ever! It is not to be celebrated or honored or admired in any way
Skin color like eye color or hair color is not an achievement and not deserving of any celebration by you or respect by others.

Embracing 'group' is embracing shackles around one's ankles; you end up carrying the baggage and pain and suffering of hundreds if not thousands of years which you did not personally experience, endure or create and which makes living a productive, positive life in the present so very difficult

And life is hard enough.