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Monday, February 5, 2018

The Dow Plunges over 1,000pts.. Ehh.. ~shrug~

~ 'I'm Prince Harry, I just married a colored mulatto, I am a disgrace to my lineage and am pretending this moment to be a stockbroker..  You should definitely buy buy..'

Here's Tuesday's posting a little early..

So the big 'news' today for Monday was the Dow dropping 1,175 pts to close at 24,345

Kinda wish it dropped another 10,000 because if the stock market was genuinely reflective of the US economy, it would be around 12,000 which is what the plunge we desire would take it

Of course mechanisms are in place to ever prevent that (true free market my tush-tush)
Everything above it wa based wholly on deception, trickery, deceit and confidence as in 'confidence game' as in a big Con

We're talking about the Obama years and we're talking about the first year of Trump

During black Obama's god-awful Presidency, the market continually rose because the Federal Reserve spent over $1.1 Trillion annually for 4-5 years to pump up stock valuations while keeping interest rates artificially at near zero so banks could borrow and invest in the market
So when people talk about Obama doubling the national debt in office, which he certainly did, it wasn't based on massive spending to help everyday folk..

A sizable chunk of that debt came from Fed Reserve spending; over $5 trillion spent so the wealthy could get wealthier and the common rube could see their 401k rise by a couple hundred dollars

Trump decided to trumpet the stock market rise the past year as if it was 100% due to him and his policies which it was not

Thus he has set himself up for a big fall when the market keeps going down
He then gave every fucking corporation savings of hundreds of millions in taxes under the guise of creating New jobs when all these bloodsucker companies have done is use a portion of that savings to reward those already employed

So if the market did crash beyond today, why should anyone be surprised

We've seen this happen so many times before, we can not get remotely impassioned about today's market drop

It is called a 'correction' in trading lingo
The Dow can only go so high for so long so traders and capital-I Investors determine when is a good time to do massive share selling to pocket profits which of course triggers others to do the same..

From that, you get the 1000+ pt drops

Figure it will drop more tomorrow then by Wed or Thurs, you will see a +700 point spike as the greedy scum who profit from Wall St re-buy the shares they sold at a lower price
Of course the media makes a big deal of it and lays the blame squarely on Trump because they despise him so much and to be fair, like we said often, he takes too much G-D credit for something he really has little to nothing to do with

And as stated earlier here, if there ever is a genuine crash followed by recession or depression, Trump through his needless boasts set it up so that only he can be blamed

We don't give a damn how much money individuals or corporations saved on the tax cuts or how many companies are coming back or how many factories are being built

Until real Americans - natural born and naturalized citizens are getting hired en masse and not illegals(especially those worthless 'Dreamers') or the workforce being brought in from abroad vis a vis work visas, we're not impressed by anything going on..
It's all bells and whistles

We've said it before and will keep saying it -- Corporations are evil, greedy soulless entities without morality or conscience that only care about making profit and pleasing shareholders..

That's it..

They're not altruistic and any display of caring for communities and people in time of need is based on financial ulterior motive..

They don't possess a heart and their economic success does Not translate to economic conditions improving for everyday folk
If corporations in America could get away with paying American workers 35 cents an hour like they often do abroad, they absolutely would do so

If it was possible for a company to be 100% automatronic without a single human employee to pay wages and benefits to, you better believe those at the top would make it so

So when stocks rise; the markets rise and these faceless-soulless corporations see their stocks rise, its nothing for you or we to root for
You really must stop cheering for the Dow to keep rising if you are not Directly benefiting from it

People are conditioned over many many decades to embrace and celebrate the success of wealthy people and powerful corporations..  Even liberals do it

Really sad
There are three ways you get people back to work and really only three:

The private sector, the public sector or a combination of the two

The private sector always has to be enticed or bribed by government to do what should be the right thing and still often they avoid hiring at fair wages as much as possible
The public sector will hire people and pay them generally better wages than the private which makes them despise 'bigger government' thus the fight to always shrink its size

A combination of the two is best for a functioning economy but each political party prefers one but not the other

Right now a lot of deeply despicable corporations got to save a lot of $$ which those struggling to find work will never benefit from and for those employed will see very minimal benefit since non-corporate tax cuts are temporary
So when you hear the market dropped 1100+ points, don't feel nervous..

These corrections are normal..

And please do not feel upset over such a drop..

Feel happy and wish for it to continue because  its not like you have benefited from Dow 25,000