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Friday, April 5, 2019

Mailbag: 4/5/19

It's Friday so time for another mailbag segment which we do from time to time and as a challenge, we will limit our responses to 25 words or less

Can we do it?  Possibly Maybe..

We start with the first question:

Q:  Can't figure out why Democrats hate Trump so much.  Yes, its irrational but just seems to go beyond sane.. Any ideas why?

A:  Trump fights back.  Calls them names.. Mocks and ridicules them.  All deservedly.   They can not handle that in a public official.. Very thin skinned.
Q:  President Trump said he's pulling healthcare off the table until the 2020 election - why?

A:  Trump could not even get a slave reparations or mandatory income redistribution bill passed through socialist Democrat controlled House if HE supported it

Q:  Who would be the best Democrat to run against Trump in 2020 so he'd win?

A:  Too early to say - they're all just such terrible people.  But don't assume anything.  That is what the evil liberals did in 2016
Q:  A&G is so correct when you keep pointing out how every aspect of pop culture entertainment is so liberal biased and intended to push social progressive messages.  Anything one can do to stop it or at least curb it

A:  Hardly.. Ship has sailed.  We suggest to fight back, discover your local library - get your entertainment there for free; Deprive Hollywood of your money

Q:  During the first year of Trump's Presidency you would give grades every so often as to how his performance was and they'd be high marks.  How do you grade him after a little over two years?

A:  Overall our grade has remained unchanged:  A-    If Trump stopped identity politics pandering and prevented illegals from entering, he would be Mount Rushmore worthy.
Q:  Trump has threatened to close the US-Mexico border or at least most of it - do you think he's serious or is it just posturing vs the Democrats?

A:  We hope he's sincere.  Can not say 100% - No one has addressed this issue in decades.  We hope he carries it through

Q:  A&G expressed defense for former VP Biden but I feel what he's done to women is just plain wrong.  How do you justify inappropriate hugs and touches.

A:  We do not defend the actions - we just will never validate the delayed objections or selective condemnation.  Dems indignation is strategic, not sincere.
Last question...

Q:  Now that the Mueller Report fully exonerated the President, do you think that will finally calm these liberals down and end the empty accusations of Trump - Russia collusion?

A:  Nope.  Must keep liberal voters angry and believing lies to ensure they will get to polls in 2020; Now they go after Trump's tax returns.

Enjoy your weekend..