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Monday, October 7, 2019

China, Hong Kong, NBA and Hypocrisy

~ Chinese letters on NBA Houston Rockets jerseys..  pathetic

Big hellos to all.. We're baaackk..

Took a few weeks away to refresh the mental batteries as it were and sometimes the priorities of offline life take precedence over the mostly nothingness of politics

And absolutely no way are we going to waste a second of our energies covering the complete farce which is the Democrats i.e. Fake Americans in Congress seeking to impeach Trump 

Besides, just like black lives, impeachment does Not matter - it is merely a step in the removal process, not the act itself.
What specifically motivated us to return to A&G was an article we skimmed today on a sports site where the GM of the NBA's Houston Rockets sent out a tweet in support of Hong Kong's protesters vs the the evil which is China

It was quite brave especially within the corporate control framework which is professional sports

But unfortunately the GM himself couldn't sustain it because ultimately the tweet was deleted and later an apology for offending the Chinese

The owner of the Rockets tweeted that the NBA is not a political organization so his GM's tweet was inappropriate

HA!  Big fucking Ha...
The same NBA that allows its barnyard animal players carte blanche to criticize Trump and for champion teams to snub White House visits with impunity

NBA stands for 'National Basketball Association' but the 'N' really is another N word..

OK, you arm twisted us..  Nigger.

A vile, despicable sports league controlled by the most bottomfeeder elements in our society and like everything else which is liberalism and social progressivism,  in only goes in one direction
Rockets' players were also apologizing to China in behalf of the league

Guess having one year of college education at a university fronting as a basketball factory makes one an expert on international politics

Seems when a corporation is so heavily dependent on international money to exist, especially a Communist nation that censors, silences and represses its people and whoever is under its dominion, they're the good guys
Funny how those black pieces of shit who play in and control the NBA believe their colored lives matter but not the 7.8 million people who live in Hong Kong

You didn't think the NBA bent over backwards and spread their figurative anus in the air a couple decades ago over Yao Ming because the league was desperate for a center who could put a ball in a hoop, did you

The money the league made by promoting and exploiting the situation was ungodly with of course evil China getting a big cut of Yao's earnings
But that's the world we live in..  

Corporations control everything and where there's money to be made, they will go in that direction

No different to us then all the corporations in the 1930s who eagerly sought to work with Hitler while knowing full well its ethnic policies and hatred toward Jews..

Corporations are devoid of morals and ethics and only responsibility is to shareholders

In the case of the NBA, their fiduciary is to helping the team owners and advertisers connected to them make as much ungodly profit as their dirty souls can siphon

Everything is selective and everyone is a hypocrite.
So as for the future of A&G, we carry on and keep desperately trying to wake people up from this Matrix-like mental slumber that most possess

Sometimes we will write daily; other times maybe once or twice a week

We will never just write nothing for the sake of writing and absolutely will not give this impeachment bullshit any validity unless we're writing from a historical context rather than current events

One day people will wake up to the reality of things and we won't be needed anymore

Until then, 9+ years and counting, we keep on going.