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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Who Has Been a Brave President in Past History?

In our last post, we made the point that the modern President possesses no bravery or courage and the last to do so was LBJ by pushing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which was Deeply unpopular in many segments and sectors of society to the point that by 1968, many changed allegiance to Republican to get even...

There's many reasons.. advanced polling, fear of not being reelected, the politician mindset of forever compromise, scummy people in power, bloviators and big-mouths whose bark is more then their bite

Believe it or not there was a time where pretty much every President exhibited some form of bravery and/or courage while in office so the voters just took it for granted that whoever would be elected of either party would possess those qualities

To be brave or courageous in office does not mean a President has to be correct in his decision; just possess the ability to pursue a policy goal with very minimal if any deviation in spite of the ultimate outcome.
So very briefly we're going to cover as many Presidents as we can from Washington to JFK to see how many have shown those qualities (demonstrating bravery or courage prior to becoming President i.e. former soldiers, etc does not count in terms of this exercise)

Washington - He was brave to trust Alexander Hamilton's economic strategy for US to incur as much debt as possible from Europe banks to establish line of credit and keep us out of a 2nd war with Britain which public was clamoring for  *Ultimately we fought them again in 1812

Adams - He was courageous albeit stupid to push for the wildly unpopular Alien and Sedition Acts which among other things put people in prison who spoke negatively about the President
Jefferson - Many examples of courage, the most obvious example being the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon prior to Congress' consent, an act that almost brought impeachment charges against him (not that impeachment holds any significance)

Madison - We don't see him as particularly brave but his wife Dolley certainly was as during the burning of the White House by the British, she directed staff to save as much as possible while the building was in flames including Washington's portrait

Wonder if any Democrats would make the effort or instead cheer the fire?
From the end of Madison's Presidency to James Buchanan, the 15th only a handful would be considered brave or courageous from our viewpoint

Certainly Andrew Jackson was - absolute guts to take on the evil banking establishment of the day even as behind the scenes they set off an economic panic to force Jackson to sign a law establishing a Bank of the US (a predecessor of the horrible Federal Reserve) - Old Hickory would not budge, thank God

John Tyler, our 10th President was also an extremely courageous President.. Would not accept that he was an 'accidental' President upon William Henry Harrison's death and successfully staved off a 2nd attempt by the soulless financiers of his day to push for a 'Bank'

Zachary Taylor, our 12th President was kinda brave to eat that bowl of cherries and glass of milk in the hot sun but we're sure he had no idea it would kill him
James Buchanan was also very brave though hated then and now for his refusal to attack the newly formed Confederacy before Lincoln took office...Whatever his reasons, he stood up to massive public pressure and that is admirable

Some may be surprised but we do not see Lincoln as brave or courageous in any way...  The Union had more manpower, superior military technology, more weapons, ships, etc. and he caused the deaths of 600,000 Americans because of a need to shotgun marriage force two sections who hated one another to live as a single nation

Even Emancipation Proclamation was not done out of courage but was a ploy to get Union soldiers to re-enlist under the guise of making a political and economic war something 'moral'
Andrew Johnson was far braver than Lincoln - he had fired one of Lincoln's Cabinet members and Congress said he did not have the power to get rid of someone appointed by a President who died in office so ultimately he was impeached and survived removal in the Senate by 1 vote

Unlike coward Nixon, he stood his ground, never sought to resign and ultimately was able to get rid of the Cabinet member

From Ulysses S Grant our 18th President until Teddy Roosevelt, we didn't really have a President that fits our definition of 'brave'..  A lot of graft and corruption back then, more so than even at present
Teddy Roosevelt is borderline brave - he pushed for the Sherman Anti-Trust act which was a big deal because no one before Teddy took on the corporate establishment so directly yet during the Panic of 1907, made an exception to allow a monopoly on train ownership as a means of calming the markets which we see as gutless

From William Taft to Herbert Hoover, no President in office was all that brave or courageous

Some may argue Woodrow Wilson was brave for leading us into WWI but that was more stupid and pigheaded and only done to help US banks recoup all the billions in loans they made to England and France

We really don't see FDR as a brave or courageous President - all his Depression economic policies he was able to pass because he had a Democratic Congress to make sure they did so didn't have to risk political ruin, and a truly brave or courageous President would have sought to enter WWII prior to Pearl Harbor

By the time of the attacks, everyone was onboard for war so how brave can one be to seek it
Truman most certainly was a brave leader

He will always get massive respect and lots of big dick points for dropping two bombs on evil Japan...  It was the right decision then as it is now in hindsight,,,

We can not imagine any President or really any politician on any level having the balls to do it today

Eisenhower was not brave in our eyes as a President but JFK, the last on our list before LBJ most certainly was; the way he stared down the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis - that was gutsy.

No wonder so many still admire him all these decades later.