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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Who Was the Last Modern President Who Was Actually Brave?

We've been thinking a lot about our last post - Hong Kong, China and the NBA and how in the entirety of that rotten barnyard animal infested sports league, only one person attached to it possesses bravery..

Well semi-bravery since the Houston Rockets GM deleted the tweet upon threat of being fired which the parasite owner of the Rockets expressed he debated

And it made us realize that even semi-bravery on this issue is more than what Trump has displayed

For all his worthless, imbecilic and inconsequential tweets, well 99% of them, he has not once openly expressed support for the people of Hong Kong who are rebelling against the totalitarian rule of evil China

Not one word..
He like his predecessors don't even acknowledge Hong Kong as an independent nation, which is tacit acknowledgment that they belong to China and can do what they want with them

Trump is even scared like those who came before him to openly state that China manipulates and devalues their currency and when he does criticize them, its always with two caveats:

1) That he doesn't blame China for screwing us over on trade for decades, instead being our past leaders' faults

2)  That President Xi is a good man and a friend

Fuck him and Xi
Honestly it has been a very, long time since we had a President that was genuinely courageous - let's hop on the A&G Time Machine and see how far back we have to travel

Trump.. No, he is not brave at all.. has good qualities but he's really a bloviator; more bark then real bite

Obama?   Nigger, please!  As cowardly a man as they come - not even a real man and certainly nothing black about him other than the 50% negroid thanks to an African man fucking his white mother

Ordering the raid on Bin Laden's compound was not brave - those who actually did it were - he was safe in the White House munching away on bananas while it happened
W. Bush?   No he was neither brave or courageous - he was brazen and sloppy and thoughtless

We have been in a constant state of war for nearly two decades and its not because of 9/11 - that was the excuse

Saddam Hussein tried to kill W's worthless father Bush 41 - That was the catalyst for so much blood and money wasted

Clinton?  If one's definition of bravery is getting a blow job in the oval office by a average looking chunky intern and not caring where his ejaculate lands, then sure..

But as President, nothing about him was brave - he was a sex addict who would lob missiles to distract the public every time it looked like impeachment was imminent
Bush 41?  He was brave as a WWII combatant but not as President

Brave would have been to take on Saddam alone after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990; instead he seeks out a 'coalition of the willing' to use a political cover in case the invasion is doomed and politically blew back in his face

Reagan?  We like him overall but not brave or courageous as we define it though we give him borderline credit for leaving the Reykjavik, Iceland summit with Gorbechev back in 1986 when the Soviets wouldn't budge at the negotiating table

Carter?  ~laughs..

Ford?  Brave would have been not pardoning Nixon..  Cowards always seem to pretend that they make decisions for the greater good of the nation when its often really just a lack of desire to stand up and do what's right

Nixon?    Can't think of a single thing that was brave about him..  Perhaps if he had not resigned and faced Congress and ultimate removal to the final Senate vote, that would have been courageous

Instead like so many others, he took the easy way out and resigned based on a backdoor deal that if so, he would not face criminal prosecution
LBJ?   Even though we deeply despise the man, we give the devil his due and acknowledge passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, even though wrong to do so, was very brave and courageous

It faced a lot of opposition and it could have severely torpedoed his Presidency even before Vietnam escalated but he kept going n going and as horrible a law as it is, the Texas piece of trash stuck to his convictions

So in summary, it has been 55 years and 9 Presidents and counting since someone sat in the Oval Office with any balls

Maybe that is why at least partly why we're such a deeply fucked up nation socially, morally and ethically