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Friday, June 26, 2020

Gotta be Thinkin, Stinkin'

Among all this black lives (do not) matter (not one bit) Bullshit, there is one thing you absolutely Must remember and to forget means you are of inferior mind:

An individual has the right to like, love, hate or loathe anyone or anything, whether it be a person, group or entity and to do so for any reason or no reason at all

That is your right.

If you think blacks are wonderful, then fine..  There are some individual blacks who actually are of high caliber

If you think blacks are shit and want nothing to do with them, that is your right as well, and neither I or anyone else has any right to manipulate you to thinking different

What a person does Not have the right to do is hurt another or impede in any way another's forward progress through life and interfere with one's pursuit of happiness

That is a specific line no one has the right to cross

But right now there is a constant deluge of Lies from corporations to media to the white-guilt liberal cock-suck cuckolds that you Must like blacks and you Must embrace their culture and history and identity and you Must treat colored people as exceptional..

Umm.. No.

No one.. Absolutely NO ONE has any power to tell you how to think or feel on anything or about anyone and NO ONE can control your private beliefs unless you willingly give up that power to another

All this sounds so obvious but this is how propaganda works and you're being hard-pushed from all sides to buy into black bullshit like an advertiser would sell toothpaste or a nation sells patriotism

You are being constantly manipulated to buy products, ideas and worldviews and this is no different;  absolutely no different than the tactics Nazis and Communists used

Gotta be thinkin', stinkin.. 

No one else is going to do it for you..  Oh wait.. yes they are