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Saturday, January 9, 2021

How Did We Lose 1st Amendment Social-Media Freedom? It Started With One Word


It's January 9th, 2021 and we live in a deeply social media addicted world where the tech powers are so powerful they can collectively boot and silence the President of the United Stated indefinitely just for disagreeing with policy or point of view

Doesn't give us peons much of a chance to keep our accounts does it?

Well unless all you want to use it for is triviality and banality

People may wonder what is the modern starting point for the slippery slope we all find ourselves in?

It started with one word..   Nigger

Gasp!  Shock!  Horror!  OMG, we said the (whispers) 'N' word..  We're not allowed.. the black race and white guilt shame cocksuck cuck liberals told us we did not have permission..

Yep...   That's where it began.

Prior to that we as people and as individuals could use any words we wanted in our daily communicative expression and even if some words or terms were offensive or in bad taste, we all possessed the Constitutionally protected freedom to utter them

If someone didn't like the word, they were perfectly free to call the other names back or kick the person in the crotch..  But it was the responsibility of the person called the name to toughen the fuck up

This generation is incapable.. just gentle soft snow flower black males..

Remember kids, the First Amendment is not about protecting the popular and non-offensive points of view; its about protecting the words and sentences that make others ill

And everything - we mean EVERYTHING is a slippery slope so you do not ever concede anything to the secular progressive Feces because their mindset is 'give us an inch, we're taking a mile'

So about a decade or two ago, complete strangers of tar pigment declared that Nigger was their word..  Blacks could say or rap Nigger all day n night long but Whites being evil could not with cuckold white liberals shaming other whites who did say it

And comment sections of newspapers and other websites through the Internet decided it was perfectly acceptable to delete comments and mute/block/boot people who used Nigger when making a point

From this, millions and millions of people with no principle acquiesced quicker than France to the Nazis in 1940 and started the slippery slope where people who are complete strangers could censor you and alter your freedom of word choice for a collective social-progressive 'greater good'

From there, non-serious threats and wishes upon others was censored.

For instance this cunt 'comedianne' on TBS named Samantha Bee had tweeted a few years back that she implored Ivanka Trump to take away Pres. Trump's twitter account but instead of referring to her as Donald's daughter, she phrased it so Ivanka and Donald were lovers

So in angry response yours truly tweeted that I wished Samantha get cancer

Guess which of the two had their account suspended?

Yep.. was told I had to delete the tweet to het my account back...   It's still permanently frozen

Worst part is Samantha Bee or any other Trump hater in the public eye does not have cancer or terminal CoVid..rrr..

Now when it happens to say the President, nothing happens..  How do I know this?  Simple.. I created a dummy twitter account and expressed the same sentiment to the Donald as a test..

That account is still active two years later...

It really bothers us deeply that so few people understand what freedom of speech is

We'll explain it like this..

If you rob a bank or assist in it taking place or know ahead of time one is going to take place or provide aid/comfort afterward, you are breaking the law and will go to jail, BUT..

If you talk about robbing one and tell your friends you are going to and/or make specific plans and preparations for such BUT never actually rob the bank, then you did not break the law

In other words, words are not automatic deeds.

Those evil fucks who control social media have decided when it comes to conservative and basically anyone who expresses anything they object to, that the words are not only equal to the deed but often worse in the same matter we've been brainwashed into believing a racist is worse than a rapist

But we have no more rights on social media platforms and comment pens of websites

Just the right to shut up and take it

And it all started with the word Nigger

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