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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Summarizing the Last Two Months in a Few Paragraphs


We're going to do a very simple, succinct summary of the last two month so even the dumbest of the dumb (liberals) get it..

In this country, the individual everyday person has no importance to those in power.. not one iota with a singular exception - voting

Every four years those who run the nation from behind the scenes must stomach an election and spend billions upon billions to manipulate people into believing we live in a democracy and you and we have genuine choice.

We have what is akin to deciding whether to buy Cheer or Tide or Gain laundry detergent when all three are owned by Proctor & Gamble but come in different color packaging

So we had an election..  Trump won and it was stolen from him in 5 states

Normally the entire Republican Party would rally around him like they did with Bush Jr in 2000 but Trump is not establishment and a power segment of the party wanted him gone worse than the Democrats so motivation for those with connections to work the backdoors

So the populist base rallied.. The power brokers kept quiet or sabotaged him

A conservative Supreme Court of establishment judges basically told Trump to fuck himself

Sen Majority leader Mitch McConnell did the same by acknowledging Biden as President-Elect and helping to speed up certification last night

Conservative media also abandoned Trump and turned on him very quickly so not to upset their new upcoming masters who would decide how much or little access they'd have at press conferences

Trump was pissed.. wanted to get even with his own Party so he comes out and pretends he's in favor of $2000 stimulus as if he's an outsider in the negotiations when it was his Treasury Sec and Pelosi who brokered the deal.

The effort was insincere.. he never wanted more than $600.. the GOP were furious he embarrassed them and in process sabotaged the chances for those two Georgia senators to win this past Tuesday

So Trump become more bitter.

Trump was rightfully frustrated.. His loyal die-head supporters were frustrated..  So they wanted to show they loved the President and make a physical presence in DC to demonstrate such

Also to show they were tired of being ignored, having their civil rights trampled upon by liberal Governors during this pandemic, tired of being told their evil by pieces of colored garbage who just want more political power than they deserve

Also helped the white cock suck cuckold Antifa members blended into the crowd and were the one to set off the violence as is their often used playbook M.O.

Then everyone from media to Dem leaders to never-Trumpers get nutty, whip everyone into a frenzy froth of empty vitriol. the social media companies block him to get even with the Donald for trying to repeal their protections from being sued and you got yourself the ultimate gang up

Trump right now has literally no political allies left.. he's toxic

And the strategy for GOP since he left was to abandon him and look to those Senare run-offs then 2022 when its  historical trend that the opposition party to the one in the Presidency wins a very large number of House & Senate seats?

Maybe enough to win back one of both Houses of Congress?

Trump was expendable.. He was the trash wrapper of a fast food sandwich the establishment Reps could barely swallow or stomach

Trump now is your modern Napoleon..

Only question left is does he have one more future Waterloo in him albeit with a better end result?

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