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Monday, February 28, 2011

How far does $7.25 go?

The minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hr.  And though the vast majority of workers make above that figure, there still are Americans earning that amount if not maybe a few cents more for every hour of work.   But how far does $7.25 go?   What can you really buy?  Let's see...

* For example purposes, none of $7.25 is taken out in federal/state taxes --

Product or Service                                  Is $7.25 enough?

Gasoline @ $3.40/gal                           Yes - 2.13 gallons of gas

Movie theater ticket/ night                     No - movie costs $7.75+

Movie theater ticket/day                       Yes - costs $5.75+

Book of stamps @ .41 ea.                    No - book/stamps is $8.20

Music CD                                            No - CDs are $7.99+

Case of Beer                                        No - 12 pack is $10.99+

Pack of Cigarettes                               Yes - smokes are $5.75+

75oz of Tide Detergent                         No -  Tide is $8.99+

15 oz box of Wheaties                         Yes - cereal is $3.99

Wheaties & gal. milk                            No - total would be $7.50

2lb chicken br. (uncooked)                   No - total would be $7.98

2lb chicken leg (uncooked)                  Yes - total would be $3.18

6 pack-Bounty paper towels                 No - Bounty is $7.50+

Dinner at a semi-nice restaurant            No - Entrees start @ $8.99
   (Olive Garden, Red Lobster)

Toothbrush, paste & floss                    No - Total would be $7.50+

KFC - 4 piece w. side & soda              No -  Total would be just over

McDonalds Angus meal                       Yes - Total would be $6.59

~  $7.25/hr = $290/week --  $15,080/yr.  Even for unskilled labor, its not enough

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photos: Ronald Reagan & celebrities

~ Marilyn Monroe w. Reagan

Since 2011 marks the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan and the Academy Awards are on television this evening, I thought this would be a good opportunity on this lazy Sunday to blend the two themes together in an enjoyable photo collage of Reagan with various celebrities.  With one or two exceptions, I tried to avoid still shots from movie clips or promo posters.  But instead I found photos that showed the President in a more relaxed, sociable setting.  Hope you enjoy~

~ George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jane Wyman (Reagan's first wife), Reagan

~ Judy Garland w. Reagan

~ George Murphy, Gene Kelly, Reagan & William Holden

 ~ James Dean w. Reagan (still shot from GE Theater TV show)

~ Lana Turner w. Reagan

~ Ginger Rogers w. Reagan

 ~ James Cagney w. the Reagans

~ Barbara Stanwyck & Charlton Heston  w. Reagan

 ~ Elisabeth Taylor w. Reagan

 ~ Shirley Temple w. Reagan

 ~ John Wayne, Bob Hope, Reagan, Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

~ Jane Wyman, Henry Fonda, Reagan, Boris Karloff & Gene Kelly

~ Audrey Hepburn w. Reagan

 ~ Christopher Reeve, Frank Gifford w. Reagan

 ~ Kirk Douglas & wife w. Reagan

~ Michael Jackson w. the Reagans

~ Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. w. Reagan

~ James Stewart & wife w. Reagan

 ~ Rock Hudson w. the Reagans

 ~ Arnold Schwartzenegger w. Reagan

 ~ Tom Selleck, Lucille Ball, Dudley Moore w. the Reagans

~ Sylvester Stallone and Bridgette Nielsen w. the Reagans

"Worse than..."

Thought it would be interesting to keyword the phrase "worse than" on the Google news search engine to see what would pop up over the last few days..  This is what I found...

Bank of America's legal woes from Countrywide worse than expected (LA Times)  2/25/11

UK economic contraction worse than thought (AP)  2/25/11

Libya’s Bloody Uprising Worse Than News Media Reports (Charisma News)  2/24/11

Monsanto tactics: Even worse than you think  (  2/24/11
   ** Monsanto is a corp that holds patents and licencing agreements on seeds

How America Is Worse Than Egypt (Motley Fool)  2/24/11

Illinois bonds worse than corporate junk (ChicagoNow)  2/24/11

Air pollution worse than cocaine for triggering heart attacks (Guardian UK)  2/23/11

Housing crash may be much worse than thought (MSN Money)  2/22/11

Saturday, February 26, 2011

News of the Day- in Haiku (2/26/11)

* A haiku is a poem of 3 lines; 5-7-5 syllables...

Finance news of day:
'Libya- how to play it?'
Do bankers have souls?

Gaddafi fights on
While the world watches and waits..
And Wall St. profits.

Oil goes up; stocks down;
Investors flee like vermin
To commodities.

Wisconsin battle;
The impasse continues on..
Stay strong union, Stay Strong

USDA says:
'Food costs will spike 4 percent';
People keep on taking it.

Government shutdown
Is not a 'shutdown' at all';
One more news non-story.

Twenty-three banks closed;
Only two months into year...
On pace: one-fifty (150).

Charlie Sheen goes nuts.
Raves and Rambles and Rantings;
Glad to see him 'clean'.

Twenty years today...
Hussein pulled out of Kuwait;
Cheney- well liked then.

Eighteen years today...
World Trade Center first attacked
Bet you forgot that.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tale of Two Nations

~ President Obama greets the Saudi King submissively

Let's compare two nations...

Nation #1 - Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian people are deeply unhappy- vocally so, and there's fear of revolt within the nation like in Egypt. Bahrain, Tunisia, Iran and Libya.  So what does the Saudi King do?   He listens to their needs by announcing an unprecedented economic package that will provide Saudis interest-free home loans, unemployment assistance and sweeping debt forgiveness.  The total cost estimated to be at 135 billion Saudi riyals or $36 Billion US dollars.

The most prominent step was the injection of 40 billion riyals (US$10.7 billion) into a fund that provides interest-free loans for Saudis to buy or build homes.  Other measures included a 15 percent cost of living adjustment for government workers, a year of unemployment assistance for youth and nearly doubling to 15 individuals the size of families that are eligible for state aid. The government also will write off some individual debts.

~ President George W. Bush greets the Saudi King w. a smooch

now.. Nation #2 - USA

The people are unhappy but barely make a peep.  Too busy watching TV and playing video games.  The middle class is being decimated.  The poor are poorer. The elderly are in horrible financial shape, and Wall Street &  corporate America are stronger than ever... yet  the American people for the most part don't complain. Sure, a few protest a few hours each day when unions are being threatened with extinction but then immediately offer concessions.

Most Americans complain about other Americans- they got themselves into their own mess.. they should work harder.. longer.. take two..three jobs if need be..  "I" don't have a union protecting me so you shouldn't either..   A sociologically warped 'Stockholm syndrome' of blaming the victim rather than those entities responsible., while cheering and giving 'respect' to greed.

~ President Clinton greets Prince Bandar ibn Saud with a hug

So what does the US govt do in response to the needs of the people?   Does the government offer zero-interest loans?   No.  It wants indebted Americans to get into more debt.   Does it offer credit card & mortgage debt forgiveness?  No.  Well it offers bankruptcy but you lose your worldly possessions then have a Black mark on your credit for 7-10yrs.  Does it make any effort to create good paying jobs while curtailing outsourcing?   No.  Absolutely No incentive to create jobs.  Example- the latest budget by President Obama- not a single penny towards a job creation program.  And no, Republicans don't care about you at all.

Fed Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke recently said that unemployment would not reach pre-recession levels until late 2015-early 2016.   That's another 4+ years folks.  Can you survive another 4 years without work?  Could you survive with no steady income and no more nest egg?

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. What does that mean?   Simple-  those who complain the loudest and most vociferously get noticed and get helped.   The quiet, stoic people end up losing everything.  And because Americans refuse to stand up for economic justice & their survival, government is not afraid or concerned about the populace. Thus, there is Zero incentive to help the bottom 98% and nothing gets better.

~ President Reagan greets Prince Bandar Ibn Saud properly

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Short Quiz: What does inflation mean?

Prices of food and gasoline, among other essentials is going up.   But what does that really mean in dollars & cents terms?  Here's a short quiz to see if you can guess how much more you'll be paying for basic items once prices increase.  No calculators- try to do it in your head

Answers will be below pictures of celebrities born today, 2/24:

1) A lb. of chicken breast costs $3.79.  The supermarket has to raise price by 6%.  You buy 1lb of chicken breast weekly. Prior to increase, you paid $197.08/yr. for chicken.  How much will you be paying now over a full year?

a- $199.25
b- $202.77
c- $208.90
d- $213.19

~ Adm. Chester Nimitz, Amer. commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet-W.W.II.

Answer:   c- $208.90;  6% incr. on 1lb = $4.02/lb; Yearly increase of $11.82

2) A gallon of milk costs $3.55. The supermarket has to raise the price by 5%.  You buy 1 gallon every week. Prior to the price increase, you paid $184.60/yr for milk.  How much will you be paying now over a full year?

a- $187.99
b- $193.83
c- $196.50
d- $200.10

~ Edward James Olmos - "Miami Vice"

Answer:  b- $193.83;  5% incr. on 1 gallon= $3.73  Yearly increase of  $9.23

3)  You have basic cable which comes to $47/mo. including taxes. That comes to $564/yr.  The cable company needs to raise its rates by 5%--  How much will you be paying for a full year of cable?

a- $577
b- $592
c- $602
d- $613

~ Billy Zane - "Titanic"

Answer:   b- $592; 5% incr. on 1mth cable = $49.35;  Yearly increase of $28

4)  You fill your vehicle with gas once a week- 16 gallons.  Normally you paid $3.05/gal which meant over a full year ($3.05/gal x 16gal. x 52 weeks), you would have paid $2537 for gasoline.   Now gas has risen to $3.30/gal.  With same weekly fill-up, what will you be paying now over a full year?

a- $ 2590
b- $ 2611
c- $ 2635
d- $ 2745

~ Abe Vigoda - "Barney Miller"

Answer:  d- $2745; ($3.30/gal x 16 gal x 52 fill-ups) Yearly increase of $208

5)  Your electric bill on average comes to $300/month which for a full year adds to $3600.  The electric company will be raising its rates by 5.5%.  With no alterations to your energy usage, how much will you now be paying over a full year?

a- $3650
b- $3724
c- $3798
d- $3822

~ Barry Bostwick - "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Answer:  c- $3798;  monthly: $300 x 5.5% = $316.50;  Yearly increase of $198

6)  When you add up the cost in all the expenses in questions 1 through 5, your old total yearly expense would have been $7083.  Seeing the prices increase with inflation, what would your new total yearly expense be?

a- $7288
b- $7403
c- $7538
d- $7723

~ Honus Wagner, Hall of Fame Shortstop- Pittsburgh Pirates

Answer: c- $7538; you will be spending $455 more out of pocket over a year's time on nothing more than chicken breast, milk, basic cable, gasoline and electricity.

~ This is what the Federal Reserve wants- a devaluation of the dollar so exports are cheaper for corporations i.e. bigger profits, while actively pushing inflation so money has less worth domestically and prices of goods and services become more expensive.  When commodity prices like corn, wheat, soybeans, oil and electricity go up, Wall St is happy but ultimately is is All of us who lose.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Audio: Wisconsin Governor caught speaking candid

We all know pretty much all politicians are liars and filth.  Doesn't matter the nation, the party or political persuasion- its just a fact.   Usually its something we have as a gut instinct or through observation.  And then on occasion, a politician slips up and states how he/she really thinks and feels.

I discovered this item via 'The Atlantic' today.  Thought it was pretty interesting because its a window into the mind of the piece of garbage that is Scott Walker, the current Governor of Wisconsin. He wants to destroy the unions by denying them collective bargaining rights under the guise of a faux budget crisis which he created by giving tax cuts last year when the state had a Surplus budget.

From 'The Atlantic':

"Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had a candid 20-minute conversation with billionaire Republican donor David Koch (sounds like 'Coke'), or so he thought. In reality, the caller was Buffalo Beast reporter Ian Murphy, who recorded the call and posted it online. Walker is battling Democratic state legislators over his plan to curtail the power of state government workers' unions; thousands are protesting in the capital. The call reveals him to be at turns sympathetic and a jerk.

Murphy, noting a state senator's complaint that Walker is "just hard-lined--will not talk... will not return phone calls," decided to test just how hard it is to get the governor on the line. So he pretended to be Koch, and a receptionist immediately transferred him to Walker's executive assistant."

~ Gov. Walker pt. 1  10min long..

~ Gov. Walker pt. 2   10 min long..

More AP News Propaganda

They never stop..  the lies.. the need for you to believe things are better so you will go out and shop.  The mainstream media (MSM) just will not stop writing lies.  Don't know if its the writers themselves or the editors who are insistent on this tone but it is incessant.  

I thought I would present two more examples of pretend 'recovery' propaganda- both articles from the Associated Press but instead of me commenting on the preposterousness, I will display comments from people in the Yahoo! community who read the articles and are expressing their individual opinions.  This way readers of A&G will be able to see that there is a 'silent majority' of people who also find the MSM to be complete liars.

Article #1 :

Consumer confidence at 3-year high on job optimism - "Americans are feeling more chipper about the economy than they have in three years.  The Consumer Confidence Index rose to 70.4 this month, up from 64.8 in January, as Americans expressed more optimism about their income prospects and the direction the economy is headed, a private research group reported Tuesday... A robust stock market and falling unemployment are lifting Americans' spirits in spite of rising food and energy prices and a still-weak housing sector. In addition, a cut to the Social Security tax meant Americans started seeing more money in their paychecks in January, which may be boosting consumer spending."

~ Ok, what do Yahoo! readers think?

"I may not be smart enough to write an article that the AP would publish, but i am smart enough to know that there isn't any reason to be "chipper" about our economy..."

"I think some of these stories are written to elicit a lot of outraged commentary. This seems to be the only explanation for this one. Otherwise AP is outsourcing to some high school journalism class."


"A BIG part of the problem is that we dont know the truth. in fact from the media we keep getting lies."

"Job Optimism????????? These people at AP never cease to amaze...........they start with their conclusion and work backwards. If they can't find any facts, well, just make it up. Their organization is simply disgraceful and helps destroy people's faith and trust in "journalism" on a daily basis."

"More $hit from the Associated Propaganda"

"Whats with this? Late last week they said retail figures figures are down and the outlook is bad. And some 3 days later, its better? AP are true idiots."

(There were 370 more comments like this on the message board under the article)

Article #2 :

In sign of growth, businesses are borrowing again - "Now that demand is up and business is finally improving for many companies, they're doing what they always do at the beginning of an expansion -- calling the bank and asking for a loan.  And in a stark contrast to the depths of the financial crisis, the banks are saying yes... Loans are one of the best gauges of economic growth. Small and midsize businesses that form the backbone of the U.S. economy take them out to pay for business needs -- unlike big corporations, which go to the bond markets for low-cost debt."

~  Ok.. do Yahoo! members agree?  Let's see...


"They are borrowing to pay their bills, not create jobs."

"Of course business can borrow.....all you need to do is have $200,000 in collateral for a $100,000 loan...a no-brainer.....but here in Fort Lauderdale...all I see are MORE business closings and a LOAD of vacant commercial stores"

"Neither a person nor business entity can borrow their way to prosperity. This just goes to show that some did not learn from the last 3 years"

"I truly would like to believe a story like this and hope that small mom & pop businesses were making a comeback, but I see no truth in this story!...........Everywhere I look, I see signs that indicate just the opposite! Americans have been "sold out" by self centered, greedy elitists & our government!....."

"I don't think anyone buys the trash the media is spreading. The economy can't recover until something is done about outsorcing our jobs, importing other countries rejected products, the huge salary cuts for people seeking employment..."

(and another 100 similar opinions on the Yahoo! message board)

The big question is this-  if people know what AP and other MSM sites write is total bunk, then why do they bother doing so in the first place?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ignorant beliefs

If you want to really understand why there is no change for the better in America..  why people are victimized by the system and yet keep taking and taking it while people in other nations rebel, its because we as Americans have a very ignorant belief system when it comes to the economy and finance.  Among popular misconceptions and outright misguided beliefs people hold dear:

"I only care about topic "X" if I am affected directly.  If not, I tune out"

"If others' are in a financial bind, it Has to be their fault- they spent too much."

"If someone is unemployed is Has to be because he/she is "Lazy" "

"A strong Wall St is good for everyone"

"It is important that corporations are strong and vibrant"

"US corporations care about Americans and provides good paying American jobs."

"The more money someone makes, the more I admire and respect them because that means 'success' and he/she is obviously better than I"

"My elected leaders care about me and this nation."

"The political party I belong to cares about me and this nation"

"If costs go up and I am paid less, I shouldn't complain- just work harder and longer."

"When victimized by the system, its best to take it stoically"

"Christmas time means I must shop and shop no matter my financial situation."

"It is wrong to declare bankruptcy- even though businesses do it all the time, I'm straddled with high interest, and I barely have enough $ to survive...  all banks and credit cards deserve to be repaid"

"It is important to make as many 'contacts' as possible, not because I actually want to be friends and know them as people, but through networking, I can get ahead easier."

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one"

* "Evil" Spock

~  That last one was from Mr. Spock i.e. "Star Trek".  He's still wrong...

The needs of the Individual- to survive and have a future is Important...

In Europe.. In Africa.. In the Middle East.. they are understanding this.

We in America.. not yet

A good Tuesday

~ Prince Charles seems happy...

Today was a good day in the US Markets...

"Wall St. Sinks as Libya Unrest Rattles Markets" - AP   3:00p EST

4:00p--  Dow at  12,212.79 (-178.46)

~ Some may think that's bad..  It isn't.   While the reason for the drop may be bad- Libyan Unrest and increased oil prices, otherwise its good that the very wealthy lose some money.  Since Wall St's success means Nothing to the health and vitality of Main St and the nation as a whole, and its a rigged game, then today was a good day.

Look here's the truth everyone needs to understand-  The Federal Reserve gave Wall Street trillions of dollars to prop it up as well as the global markets.  NONE of this money went to help the bottom 98%...  NONE of this money was used to make your life better.  NONE.  In fact, it is this free money (Quantitative Easing 1 & 2) which is the Primary reason businesses aren't hiring.  If unemployment goes down, the Fed will stop the free money.  Thus, no incentive to hire.

And lately, Wall St. decided it would ignore bad US unemployment figures..  decided it would ignore the housing market's double-dip into depression.. decided it would ignore Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain...  guess the Greedy couldn't ignore Libya

The Dow should be at the 7500-8000 range if it was an accurate reflection as to the Real state of the US economy,   That means it is inflated 50%.  So A&G will continue being happy when it drops because it means banks, corporations and professional capital-I "Investors" lose money.

10 awful rationales for 'Recovery' & the Truth

~ "Hey did you hear the recession is over?   Hey... Hey..I'm talking to you!..  No respect.. I get no respect..."

I've said often that many financial articles are empty-optimistic.  That is to say, the articles say a lot of words but because it is all propaganda and lies, not a single thing of importance or value was actually written.

Found a good example of this on Yahoo! Financial, originally written by which is a financial investing website.  The article was entitled '10 Signs the Economy is on the Upswing'-  here were their reasons, and yes, they were serious...

Sales of Boxers, Briefs Leveling Off - "When it's tougher to find jobs, men wait longer to replace their underwear, and sales -- usually very stable -- fell nearly 2.5% in 2009. Now they've started to stabilize."

Desserts Are in Again - "The National Restaurant Association says more customers are splurging on the sweet endings again. That's a sign that they aren't as worried about losing their jobs."

Less Sorrowful Searching - "Internet searches for "unemployment benefits," "Social Security," "unemployment office" and the like spiked in July 2010 and has been trending down since."

The Venti Latte Makes a Comeback - "One of the first little luxuries that consumers find worth shelling out for when they start to feel more comfortable with the direction of the economy."

Box Rebound Reflects Rising Demand - "Higher prices for boxes and other shipping needs point to more consumption."

Fewer Urban Dwellers Are Hoofing It - "During recessions, more folks in cities resist the urge to hail a cab, opting to walk or take public transit... But in recent months, business has started looking up for cabbies."

Duffers Returning to the Greens - "As the economy picks up, golfers, good and bad, dust off their clubs and head back to the courses they shun during recessions."

Faces, Other Parts Getting a Lift - "American Society of Plastic Surgeons says the number of patients who chose to undergo the knife for a better look last year rose by more than 13 million."

More Willing to Play Their Hand - "Even gamblers get more risk-averse when the economy is in a slump... The house's take increased slightly last year and will head higher this year as consumer spending racks up about a 3% gain this year."

More Couples Are Calling It Quits - "Many divorce lawyers saying they've got more business than they can handle -- a backlog of pent-up demand. In part, that's because credit has started to loosen up."

~  Absolute Total Complete Bull-Bleep... No other way to say it folks...

Meanwhile on planet Earth---

Here's some signs the US Economy is Still in Horrible, horrible shape...

Illinois slashes ALL state funding for drug and alcohol abuse treatment in massive cuts program (DailyMail UK) -- "Tens of thousands of Illinois residents are expected to be affected when drug and alcohol treatment and prevention centres across the state have their budgets cut from March 15. The harsh budget cuts... will mean that from next month, all state funding will be cut.  After that date, only federal (national) Medicaid dollars will be available to fund the state's drug and alcohol treatment and prevention programmes, which means that some centres are facing closure."

Neither side budging in Wisconsin union fight (AP) -- "No resolution appeared imminent Monday to the stalemate over union rights in Wisconsin...(Governor) Walker's plan would allow unions representing most public employees to negotiate only for wage increases, not benefits or working condition... The plan would also require many public employees to cut their take home pay by about 8 percent by contributing more of their salaries toward their health insurance and retirement benefits"

Michigan orders DPS to make huge cuts (DetroitNews) -- "State education officials have ordered (Superintendent) Robert Bobb to immediately implement a financial restructuring plan that balances the district's books by closing half of its schools, swelling high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidating operations."

* DPS is Detroit public schools

Gasoline prices march higher  (Phila. Inquirer) -- "Gasoline prices at the pump rose over the weekend, and world crude oil prices surged today in the face of escalating Libyan violence, which has raised concern that oil supplies could be disrupted."

Fear of 'Catastrophic' Crash Rising Despite Bull Market (CNBC) -- "In an unprecedented move, the number of investors fearing a catastrophic stock market crash is rising even with the stock market at 2 ½ year highs.  The unusual dislocation comes from two distinct reasons: a lack of trust in the U.S. financial markets following the so-called Flash Crash last May and the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2007."

~ You get the point...  If the economy Does improve, its not going to be because morons are celebrating getting divorced by buying more boxers and briefs to wear while playing 18 holes of golf, then engorging themselves on pastries and sweets at their local restaurant.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cheat Sheet: The US & Global Economy; one word answers

The US and global economy can explained in two ways..  First, is to write a lot of detailed analytical postings filled with statistics and charts and graphs with the ultimate goal of being confusing and indecipherable.  A second means is a 'cheat sheet'.. Simple one word responses to capsulate the global recession here in the US and abroad.  Some may find this a bit too simplistic or generalized, but it certainly cuts through the BS

Without further ado.. One-word responses- the US & Global Economy:

US Economy (Main Street) -  Struggling

Us Economy (Wall Street) -  Booming

US Economy (Banks/Finance sector) - Profiting

Ability for people to get credit (loans/mortgages) - Difficult

Employment situation - Brutal

Government's focus on fixing unemployment - Nonexistat

Morale of those Unemployed - Scared

Morale of those still Employed - Dejected

Business' decision to not hire the unemployed - Disgraceful

People's belief in government - Disillusioned

People's belief in media - Cynical

Wealth Gap - Horrific

The "State of the Union" - Precarious

The state of Unions - Weak

Republicans (economically) - Heartless

Democrats (economically) - Corrupted

US Dollar - Depreciating

Housing Market - Doubledipping

Housing prices - Falling

Home Sellers - Nervous

Home Buyers - Salivating

Real Estate Agents - Scrambling

National Assoc. of Realtors - Liars

Prices of Food, Gas, local taxes, etc - Increasing

Decline in standard of living? - Assuredly

Chance that markets crash again - Good

Chance that US bails out "Too Bigs" again - Affirmative

~ And Now..  one-word responses- National economies (overall):

USA - Difficult

Great Britain - Overstressed

Ireland -  Depression

Iceland - Rebuilding

France - Struggling

Germany - Vibrant

Greece - Abused

Spain - Tumbling

Portugal - Adrift

Japan - Stagnant

China - Illusionary

India - Blooming

Brazil - Blossoming

Egypt - Nonexistent

~ Now that you don't have to read the financial news for another few weeks, what will you be doing with all your extra free time?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photos: Baseball- 1911

~ Ebbits Field

Its a Sunday so that means no financial news to get ulcers over.

And because its mid-February, that means Spring Training for Baseball in the US..  I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at some photos of the game of baseball played in 1911. The world was quite a different place back then as were the ballplayers- tough, rugged and with a take no nonsense attitude- the "Dead Ball" era at its finest. Notice how different the players looked then compared to today's multi-millionaires.

All photos are specifically from 1911.  Enjoy~

 ~Grover Cleveland Alexander

 ~ "Chief" Albert Bender

 ~ Christy Mathewson

 ~ Ty Cobb & "Shoeless" Joe Jackson

 ~ Ed Walsh

 ~ Eddie Collins

 ~ Eddie Plank
 ~ Frank "Home Run" Baker

 ~ Hal Chase

 ~ Johnny Evers

 ~ Connie Mack

 ~Napoleon Lajoie

 ~ President Taft- 1911 First Pitch

 ~ 'Taking a photo'

 ~ Ty Cobb

 ~ Walter Johnson

~ 1911 Coke ad- "5 cents Everywhere"